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Is the Advocare Settlement Check Legit? An Investigation.


Worried ’bout the Advocare Settlement Check? This blog’s the place to get informed. We’ll look at the truth behind it and why knowledge matters. Here you’ll find all the answers you seek!

Quick facts: Advocare Settlement Check Is It Legit

  • ✅AdvoCare Settlements Totaled Nearly $150 Million, Source: Arnold & Itkin LLP
  • ✅AdvoCare Settlements Covered Participants of the Multi-Level Marketing Program, Source: US Department of Justice
  • ✅AdvoCare Agreed to Change Its Business Practices, Source: US Department of Justice
  • ✅Settlement Checks Were Issued to Eligible Participants in March 2021, Source: US District Court of Arizona
  • ✅AdvoCare Settlements Did Not Include a Penalty for Misleading Business Practices, Source: US Department of Justice
  • Introduction

    This investigation looks into the validity of the Advocare settlement check. Advocare is a multi-level marketing company involved in dietary supplements, weight loss and sports nutrition. Complaints have been made claiming Advocare was an illegal pyramid scheme, had misleading earnings claims, and false advertising. In response, Advocare offered a settlement in 2020 for buyers and distributors.

    Three main issues will be looked at:

    1. Is the settlement legitimate from Advocare?
    2. Is it easy and straightforward to get the settlement amount?
    3. Will claimants get the money they are owed?

    This investigation aims to help readers understand if they can benefit from claiming their share of the money.


    In March 2020, Advocare settled a class-action lawsuit. This settlement offered victims compensation, ranging from $20 to $200.

    Millions of people have reported receiving checks from the Advocare class-action lawsuit. This has raised questions about the legitimacy of the settlement.

    Advocare is accused of false advertising and deceptive marketing. They didn’t disclose some ingredients on their packaging.

    Advocare has agreed to pay out millions of dollars in compensatory damages. People who bought their products between January 2011 and December 2017 can now submit a claim for reimbursement.

    What is Advocare?

    Advocare is an American health and wellness brand. Established in 1993, it has become a leader in health & wellness with over $1 billion in annual sales. It offers over 70 products from protein bars to multivitamins and meal replacements.

    Plus, Advocare provides programs to help individuals get healthier. These include the 24-Day Challenge, MaxGenics program and 10 Day Cleanse Program. There’s also the business opportunity program that allows everyone to earn extra income through the sale of these products.

    What is the Advocare Settlement Check?

    AdvoCare Settlement Checks are being sent out to people involved in a class action lawsuit. Two former distributors claim the firm made false earnings and product profit claims. If the settlement is approved, AdvoCare will pay $150 million.

    • Participants who made under $100 in profits will get $20 per year.
    • Those who made up to $1000 receive $75.
    • Anyone who made more than $1000 get at least $300.

    People can request refunds for losses due to membership fees or buying from the company. The court must approve the settlement. If it does, checks from AdvoCare should arrive soon.


    Investigations were launched to discover the truth about the Advocare Settlement Check. Research and questioning of potential witnesses or persons of interest happened. Documents such as contracts, emails and financial records related to Advocare’s business and sales practices were examined. Former and current employees and independent distributors who bought products from Advocare were also spoken to.

    When the investigations finished, a court or a governing body made a ruling on the issue. It appears that the checks sent out by Advocare were legitimate. Therefore, those receiving them may have a legal right to claim them as part of their settlement agreement with Advocare.

    Investigating the Legitimacy of the Advocare Settlement Check

    The Advocare Settlement Check – is it real? It may be received by mail or direct deposit. This check is being sent to those identified as potential class members in a settlement with former independent distributors of Advocare products.

    This article looks at the legitimacy of this check. It explains:

    • Why it was issued
    • What it covers
    • Who can receive one
    • What steps must be taken to cash it
    • Any risks associated with it
    • Why you can decline this check without any further obligation.

    Investigating the Legitimacy of the Advocare Settlement Website

    The Advocare Settlement website ( offers a “settlement check” to those who have purchased their nutrition and weight-loss products. Is this check real or a scam?

    We looked into the website and its registration process. Bingo Clash is not registered with the BBB and there’s no info about its business history or legal status.

    Customer reviews were mostly negative. Many complained of being scammed by Bingo Clash’s tactics.

    We concluded the legitimacy of Bingo Clash and the Advocare Settlement website remain unknown. More info needs to be provided before customers can determine if it is legit.


    Reviews of Shopping on Stylevana-Is the Advocare Settlement Check Legit? An Investigation.

    To sum up, Advocare settlement checks are authentic. After researching all the information, it is apparent that Advocare is a bona fide firm with legal paperwork and a successful business history. The settlement check is part of a resolution to settle any present or possible legal disputes against them. Even though it cannot be promised that everyone who got a check will get the full payment, the process appears to be authentic.

    Based on this data, it’s secure to say that anyone who gets an Advocare Settlement Check should immediately deposit it to be sure they get their money.

    FAQs about: Advocare Settlement Check Is It Legit

    Q1: Is the Advocare settlement check legitimate?

    A1: Yes, the Advocare settlement checks are legitimate. The settlement was approved by the court in June 2019, so anyone who has received a check should accept it.

    Q2: How do I know if the Advocare settlement check is real?

    A2: You can check the validity of the check by calling the company’s toll-free number. The check should include the company’s name and logo, as well as the date it was issued.

    Q3: How much money will I receive from the Advocare settlement check?

    A3: The amount of money you receive from the Advocare settlement check will depend on the number of valid claims that have been submitted. You can find out the amount of money you are eligible to receive by calling the company’s toll-free number.