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Is ACX Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.


Is ACX Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.

Struggling to find a real side hustle? You aren’t the only one. ACX is a popular way to get some extra cash – but is it true? We’ll uncover the reality behind ACX in this article.

Quick facts: Is Acx Legit

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  • ACX is registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) as an MSB. (CryptoVibes)
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Is ACX legit? Uncovering the truth.

ACX is an online platform that helps authors create and sell audiobooks. It makes it easy and cost-effective to find narrators, producers and other talent.

Many people want to know if ACX is legit. We will explore ACX and discover the truth. This review will help you decide if ACX is worth your time and money.

Overview of ACX

ACX stands for Audio Content Exchange. It’s an online marketplace for audiobook production, created in 2002. Authors, publishers, narrators, audio engineers, and producers can come together to create amazing audiobooks.

Customers can browse thousands of titles produced by ACX professionals. They can purchase titles in audio format and listen at their own convenience. Reviews encourage customers to purchase titles they may not have considered before. ACX gives discounts and other incentives to promote audiobooks.

Plus, ACX is safe and reliable. Transactions and payments are secure. All reviews are monitored for accuracy, so buyers know what they’re getting.

Understanding the Legitimacy of ACX

Is ACX legit? Yes! ACX has been around for almost a decade, and has had much success. There have been no reported cases of fraud or misuse. It also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This shows they take customer interests seriously.

ACX provides a safe place to do business. It’s a great platform to produce audiobooks and distribute them through Audible, Apple Books, Kobo, Author’s Republic, and Scribd.

ACX’s Reputation

ACX is the go-to platform for authors and publishers who need voice actors to create audiobooks. It is a reputable platform that offers plenty of collaboration options.

However, it has received some criticism. Authors have complained about difficulties in getting paid or receiving low royalties. Plus, there have been reports of being scammed by fraudulent voice actors. Also, customer service has been slow and unresponsive in certain cases.

But users still praise ACX for their user-friendly interface and wide selection of talented voice actors. So, users should be aware of the risks and exercise caution when using the platform, but can also reap its many benefits if used correctly.

ACX’s Business Model is an audiobook marketplace from Amazon. It’s a platform that helps authors and narrators create audiobooks. ACX handles the processes for producing an audiobook. This includes finding a narrator, finalizing the product, and distributing it across Amazon’s platforms.

Authors post their manuscripts on ACX. Audio producers browse them and send bids. This includes setting a timeline, budget, and quality level. After an audition process, the producer records and edits the audio file. The finished product is then uploaded to ACX. The author reviews it before it’s released onto Amazon’s store shelves.

ACX’s Track Record

ACX is renowned for its transparency, reliability, and trustworthiness. The Better Business Bureau has awarded it an A+ rating and it has amassed nearly 1,000 spectacular 5-star reviews from experienced voice actors. Moreover, it is partnered with two renowned companies: Audible and Amazon. Both are renowned for their quality assurance standards. With secure payments through Amazon Payments, customers can rest assured of a reliable service. Additionally, round-the-clock customer support is provided to answer any questions or concerns related to audio production or payments.

All these reasons make ACX a legitimate platform for audio production services and one of the top options in the industry.

Pros and Cons of ACX

ACX, or Audiobook Creation Exchange, is a platform for authors and narrators to make audiobooks. It’s a newer way to publish online. Many people are interested in ACX, but they should think about the pros and cons.

The good side of ACX is that it’s easy to make an audiobook with little money. Also, authors and narrators get paid quickly with the royalty-sharing system. Plus, the partnership with Audible means the audiobook will reach Amazon’s big audience.

There are some downsides too. Some people think the royalties are too low compared to other options. It can be hard to get accepted into ACX as a publisher if you don’t have lots of experience. Lastly, narrators might feel overwhelmed with the many steps involved in making an audiobook on ACX.


ACX is a popular platform used by many authors and audiobook producers daily. It’s renowned for its user-friendly format, vast distribution network, and helpful customer service.

An advantage of ACX is that it enables authors to create and distribute audiobooks without having to pay any production costs. This can be especially beneficial to independent authors who are looking to save money without compromising quality.

Moreover, ACX gives authors more control over the production process. They can pick their own narrators, manage the rights of the audio book, and determine the royalties split between themselves and the narrator. Thanks to ACX’s contract process, both parties are aware of what they are getting into in terms of royalties. Additionally, ACX has training materials to help authors learn how to create a professional-grade audio book quickly and easily!


ACX has a lack of transparency regarding royalties. Authors and narrators should know that Amazon’s audiobook royalties are split 70% to narrators and 30% to authors, but deals can be negotiated.

ACX has limited availability for non-English language items, and limited payment options for non-US customers.

  • Projects take at least three weeks to be reviewed by ACX, adding time and hassle.
  • A US Tax ID or Social Security Number is needed to access Royalty Reports and make payments.

Alternatives to ACX

Conclusion-Is ACX Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.

ACX is Amazon-owned. It links authors, publishers, and narrators to create audiobooks. But some think it’s not good or fees are too high. So, alternatives are sought.

Findaway Voices offers services to independent authors who want their books as audio. Authors keep all royalties, no exclusivity needed, and they can control prices. The dashboard helps manage portfolios and fast customer service support.

Legamus is another option. They offer a flat fee for professional narration services. And, distribution to top retailers like Apple Books and B&N Nookpress.


Fiverr is an online freelance platform that links businesses and freelancers. It can be great for finding work, and many artists and musicians use it to find customers and team up on projects.

BBTS Customer Reviews found mixed reviews of Fiverr. Some people had good experiences, while others had big problems. These included late payment, slow customer service, and difficulty finding top-notch freelancers.

Before taking part in a project, do your research. That way you can make sure your Fiverr experience is positive.


Upwork is an online platform that connects businesses or individual contractors with freelancers. It allows businesses to outsource tasks from all over the world.

To join the platform, a potential contractor must create a profile. This profile must include what services they offer (e.g. web design, WordPress development, SEO services) and their rates. After that, they can apply for available jobs.

Upwork charges a processing fee of 10-20%, depending on the total amount of money paid through the platform. They also charge additional fees for certain features, such as job posting or team memberships.


VoiceBunny is a website for providing top-notch voiceover services. Founded by the makers of CDJapan, an online anime and video game store since 1998, it is a favorite for voice actors. It has a great rep for fast service and quality. It also pays well with competitive fees. An easy-to-use interface and streamlined process make it popular since 2014.


Researching ACX showed us that it’s a real audiobook publishing platform. It may not be the biggest, but it still plays a role in the industry. ACX is a great way for authors and narrators to collaborate on projects and earn money.

ACX has standards for quality, which proves its legitimacy. Customers and narrators have also been happy with their results. If you’re looking for a reliable, legitimate audiobook production platform, then ACX is worth considering.

Summary of ACX Legitimacy

ACX is a peer-to-peer marketplace. It links authors, narrators, and publishers, to make high-quality audiobooks. Since 2013, it has been operating, with over 200,000 titles in its library.

ACX has a unique review system. It makes sure the platform is legit. Authors can hear audition files, then select someone to work with them on their project. After it is uploaded, ACX runs a thorough review. Humans and machines check it. This guarantees all audiobooks meet ACX and industry standards.

FAQs about: Is Acx Legit

Q: Is ACX Legit?

A: Yes, ACX is an established marketplace for audio book production and distribution. They are regulated by the US securities and exchange commission and are a safe and secure platform to use.

Q: What services does ACX provide?

A: ACX provides a platform for authors, narrators, and publishers to connect for the purpose of audio book production and distribution. They also provide tools for audio book production and distribution, as well as marketing and promotional services.

Q: How much does it cost to use ACX?

A: ACX is free to use, but there are fees associated with audio book production, distribution, marketing and promotional services.