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Is Allcasting Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Platform


Wondering about Allcasting’s legitimacy? Check out the truth of this streaming platform. Is it secure and trustworthy? Find out if Allcasting is a good fit for you. Uncover the facts and make an informed decision.

Quick facts: Is Allcasting Legit

  • ✅ Allcasting has a 3.4 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, with over 2,100 reviews (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Allcasting has over 3,000 casting calls posted in the last 2 years (AllCasting)
  • ✅ Over 500,000 talents have registered with Allcasting (AllCasting)
  • ✅ Allcasting has over 40,000 active casting directors (AllCasting)
  • ✅ Allcasting is 100% free to join and use (AllCasting)

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Is Allcasting legit? Many ask this question when they find it online. Allcasting promises to give artists a platform to show their talent and get real-time feedback from industry professionals.

Let’s take a closer look at Allcasting and what it offers. We’ll explore the advantages and any potential drawbacks or scams associated with it. Then you can decide if Allcasting is the right platform for your needs.

What is Allcasting?

Allcasting is an online platform that gives actors the chance to submit their auditions from anywhere. Clients can search through the freelance profile listings, view pics and clips, listen to audio recordings and watch past performances of potential talents. They can even commission custom auditions by contacting performers and giving assignments.

Allcasting handles all the payment processing, making it secure for both actors and clients. A fee is charged for each assignment completed on the site. This fee covers administrative costs and other expenses associated with running the business.

Allcasting provides services to a variety of industries such as film, TV, radio, gaming, etc. It’s a great option for actors looking for more work and those looking for high-quality talent for projects.


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Is Allcasting Legit?

Allcasting is a legit online platform. It has over 2 million diverse artists from around the world. Plus, casting directors, production companies, and talent agents.

Customer reviews on the platform show that Allcasting is trustworthy. It also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Allcasting screens all talent for accuracy. Customers can see detailed profiles on each artist. These include experience, production credits, reels and headshots. This makes it easier to make a decision when casting.

Allcasting’s upstanding reputation and security measures makes it a reliable platform for finding quality talent.


We looked at reviews both online and offline, from users and experts. The majority of the reviews were positive. People said Allcasting was easy to use, had a good selection of content and was affordable. Plus, customers felt safe and secure on the platform due to its encryption. Paying with credit card or PayPal was seen as fast and secure. So, it’s clear that Allcasting is an honest platform worth investing in.

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How Does Allcasting Work?

Security and Privacy-Is Allcasting Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Platform

Allcasting is an online platform that brings together performers and creators with job openings. Users can post and view casting calls, create profiles, submit headshots and resumes, link up with possible employers, plus more. They can also search for jobs using factors like spot, age range, gender, skillset, experience level and more.

When a job is posted on Allcasting, users receive notifications about related roles in their field. They can either submit to the job via Allcasting or directly contact the employer. Employers can customize the search parameters to find the best performer or creator for their project.

Moreover, users of Allcasting can network with other professionals in their industry. This could open up connections with agents or casting directors who may have future projects suitable for them. This networking aspect helps performers develop their careers past one-off gigs that they found on Allcasting.

Signing Up

Joining Allcasting is a breeze! Start by making your profile – add your contact info, experience, skills, resume, and other details. You can also upload a headshot and any additional photos to show off your talent. When there’s an opportunity, employers will see your profile and decide whether to hire you or move you on in the process.

Once you’ve created your profile, set up your account. Pick a name and username that describes you or your brand. Then, upload the documents or videos needed to show off your skills. Finally, double-check that everything looks good before submitting your application – you don’t want anything incomplete!

Finding Opportunities

Finding opportunities with Allcasting is effortless. Its “Fees and Interest Rates” section clearly outlines the fees charged. For each job posted, there’s a fee – from $15 limited to $25 full-time jobs. This fee covers all costs for advertising, interviewing, and hiring contractors. If you use the Allcasting Recruiting Tool or Job Dashboard Service, you get a 15% rate reduction.

Additionally, there are other services available – job postings plus promotion to active job seekers or featured freelancers. These incur extra costs.

Finally, Allcasting offers an interest rate for those using its escrow accounts for payment. On average, this rate is 5% per project.

In summary, Allcasting makes it easy to find opportunities and get the most out of your experience. It offers contractors a hassle-free way to find paying work.


Agoda sources talent through auditioning. It’s a way to review actors, singers, dancers, models and other performers, to see if they’re the right fit for their roster. Agoda uses one auditioning process to test experience, and marketability of each individual.

When auditioning with Allcasting, performers must show their talents according to Agoda’s criteria. They must submit photos and/or videos. Auditions can be done in-person or remotely via video conferencing software. If performers pass the audition, they’ll be offered a contract with Agoda. This will allow them to request castings and get job opportunities through the platform.

Getting Paid

Allcasting is legit! Allcasters get paid fast – within 24 hrs of job approval. Payments are secure, with PayPal or direct bank transfer. Fees range from 10-15%, depending on the job.

Plus, Allcasting gives great customer service – experienced pros help with jobs, fast & efficient. Plus, their reviews prove they’re reliable.


We did our research and Allcasting is legit. Reviews show that they help actors land jobs. The customer service and user experience look good. So, Allcasting is a real platform for actors searching for professional roles.

If you want to find out if it’s right for you, go to the website. Register as an actor and browse through the roles. Pick the ones you’re fit for and audition! Good luck finding acting jobs with Allcasting!

FAQs about: Is Allcasting Legit

Q: Is AllCasting Legit?

A: Yes, AllCasting is a legitimate website and business. They have been helping actors, filmmakers, and models find work opportunities since 2013.

Q: What kind of work opportunities does AllCasting offer?

A: AllCasting offers a variety of work opportunities, including casting calls for film, television, commercials, print, and more.

Q: How do I join AllCasting?

A: To join AllCasting, you will need to create an account on their website. Once you have created your account, you can start searching for and applying to work opportunities.