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Is American Financial Network Legit? Find Out Here.


Have you been looking into American Financial Network (AFN)? You’re in luck! This blog will investigate the advantages of AFN and if it’s a safe network for investors. Everyone is interested in finding a secure financial network. Let’s find out the truth.

Quick facts: Is American Financial Network Legit

  • ✅ American Financial Network has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. (Better Business Bureau)
  • ✅ American Financial Network is a multi-state licensed mortgage lender with branches in over 40 states. (American Financial Network)
  • ✅ American Financial Network has been in business for over 10 years and has originated over $100 billion in mortgage loans. (American Financial Network)
  • ✅ According to reviews, American Financial Network offers competitive rates and great customer service. (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ American Financial Network is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association and is an approved lender with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. (Mortgage Bankers Association)


Is American Financial Network legit? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world of AFN, and all the services they offer. Plus, we’ll discuss if they are legit.

AFN was set up in 2002. They are a mortgage lender that specializes in providing mortgages to people and businesses. Their loan products range from conventional loans to jumbo loans. Through their alliances with real estate agents, homebuilders and other lenders, AFN have created an extensive network. This allows them to give borrowers the best deals. Furthermore, AFN has a team of experienced loan officers who can answer any questions about the mortgage process.

What is American Financial Network?

American Financial Network, Inc. (AFN) is a mortgage banker with connections to correspondent lenders, servicing companies, and investors. It was founded in 2003 with the mission of offering sound mortgage solutions. AFN is located in Brea, California but services customers in the whole US.

The organization offers numerous loan programs, such as FHA, VA, Conventional Loans, Conforming Loans, Jumbo Loans, USDA Rural Housing Programs and HomePath Financing. It provides credit counseling for borrowers to better manage their finances.

AFN has years of experience in the mortgage industry and strives to help customers find the right financing solution. Their aim is to provide an honest assessment each time so that customers make the best financial decision for themselves or their family’s future.

Company Overview

American Financial Network is a mortgage lender founded in 2003. Based in California, they have branches across the US. They offer flexible home loan and refinance options, with competitive rates and personalized service.

Their mission is to make the mortgage process easy, straightforward and stress-free. To do so, they provide top-notch customer service, innovative technology and exceptional loan products.

Their team is made of experienced loan officers who are dedicated to helping customers make the best decisions for their individual financial needs. They also have online tools and resources to simplify the process.

American Financial Network has earned an A+ rating from the BBB and the highest level accreditation from the MBA. This shows their commitment to providing knowledgeable advice and quality services to borrowers nationwide.

Services Offered

American Financial Network (AFN) is a top-notch mortgage lender in the United States. They offer a variety of loans to meet customers’ financial needs ranging from conventional, government backed loans to refinancing, reverse mortgages and more.

What sets AFN apart is their honest and straightforward approach. They provide clear explanations for their loan products so customers can make an informed decision. Plus, AFN offers dedicated service and quick turnarounds to get customers the best outcome.

AFN’s credibility in the industry is further proven by its years of experience and commitment to honest services. It’s clear AFN is a legitimate source for mortgage loans.

Is American Financial Network Legit?

Is American Financial Network legit? Many potential customers wonder this. AFN states they are the top provider of financial services in the US, offering over 40 services from investments to retirement planning. They’ve operated since 1996 and have an A+ rating from the BBB.

To check if AFN is legit, it’s best to investigate customer feedback and ratings from independent sites like JD Power & Associates. Research the company’s history of regulatory compliance and legal action, including their membership with bodies like FINRA or CFTC. Taking these into account will help determine if AFN is a valid provider of financial services.

Licensing and Regulation

When assessing American Financial Network (AFN), it’s important to look at their licensing and regulatory info. AFN is licensed to operate in many states across the US and beyond. They are certified by NMLS which verifies their credentials. They are licensed in all 50 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

AFN has multiple lending licenses, such as retail and wholesale mortgages. This enables them to provide mortgage financing in various markets. They can offer government programs and jumbo loans. Lastly, AFN is certified by the Department of Veteran Affairs to service loans for veterans through special programs like VA loans.

Customer Reviews

Reviews from customers are very important when deciding if a business is trustworthy. People who have done business with the company share their experiences on websites like Yelp and Google Reviews.

American Financial Network (AFN) has mostly positive customer reviews recently. However, some people were disappointed with the deal they got from AFN. Other reviews say that AFN is friendly and responds quickly to customer needs. Their loan advisors are also skilled and knowledgeable in the industry.

All in all, AFN appears to be a reputable company for those seeking advice with their finances or a loan.

Pros and Cons

Litfad Reviews-Is American Financial Network Legit? Find Out Here.

Investing and finances – is American Financial Network legit? Here’s what you need to know!

  • Pros: they offer expert advice on financial matters, a variety of products and services, such as retirement and investment advice, tax planning, and estate planning. Plus, their customer service is top-notch.
  • Cons: fees could be higher than other firms, and their selection of mutual funds and retirement accounts is limited. Also, customer service may not always be responsive.

Consider all the pros and cons to make an informed decision about American Financial Network.


American Financial Network (AFN) provides mortgages, lending, and brokerage services. They offer a range of solutions for those buying, refinancing, or accessing home equity. AFN is a trusted company with years of experience in the field, and has streamlined the loan process for customers.

The benefits of AFN include:

  • Their customer service.
  • A wide selection of loan solutions.
  • Access to local lenders.

Customers report being treated respectfully, with clear communication from application to closing. AFN also offers competitive rates and fees, and a dedicated team to help customers along the way.


Researching a company’s reputation and reviews is important. With American Financial Network, there have been reported cons. Customers have found customer service not meeting expectations. Responses are slow, leaving customers feeling frustrated. Also, hidden fees have been complained about when signing up for services. Thus, customers must read contracts before signing them to avoid unexpected charges.

Reviews of American Financial Network are mixed. Some people praise their services, but others feel they do not keep their sales representatives’ promises.


Research shows American Financial Network is legit. They provide various services, like mortgages, refinancing, business loans, and home insurance. Customer reviews are mostly positive, which means they offer great products and services. The company is BBB accredited with an A+ rating, so they’re trustworthy.

Overall, American Financial Network is legitimate and has a good reputation. Customers can rely on them to meet their financial needs with quality services and products.

FAQs about: Is American Financial Network Legit

Q1: Is American Financial Network Legit?

A1: Yes, American Financial Network is a legitimate mortgage lender offering a variety of services and products to customers. The company is a direct lender, not a broker, and has been in business since 2001.

Q2: What Services Does American Financial Network Offer?

A2: American Financial Network offers a variety of services, including residential and commercial mortgages, refinancing, debt consolidation, and home equity loans.

Q3: What Types of Loans Does American Financial Network Offer?

A3: American Financial Network offers a variety of loan types, including fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, and FHA loans.