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Is Appen Legit? Find Out Here!


Thinkin’ of workin’ with Appen? Not sure if it’s the real deal? Look no more! In this article, you’ll get all the facts you need. Find out if Appen is a legit way to earn cash online. Get the scoop!

Quick facts: Is Appen Legit

  • ✅ Appen has a 4.6 star rating on Glassdoor with 1,800+ reviews (Glassdoor)
  • ✅ Appen was ranked #3 in the list of the 2019 Top 100 Global Companies to Watch by Insights Success Magazine (Insights Success)
  • ✅ Appen has acquired over 20 companies since its founding in 1996 (Crunchbase)
  • ✅ Appen has over 700,000 registered workers in over 130 countries (Appen)
  • ✅ Appen had a revenue of $604.4 million in 2019 (Statista)

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Welcome to Is Appen Legit?

We’re here to uncover the truth about Appen, the global leader in data annotation services. What is Appen? How does it work? Is it a legit biz opp? We’ll answer these questions and more.

We’ll also talk about the different types of jobs available on Appen, customer reviews & testimonials. Finally, we’ll give you resources to learn more about Appen and its services. So… Is Appen legit? Read on to find out!

What is Appen?

Appen is an AI-based tech provider for language services. They specialize in natural language processes, speech recognition, and machine learning. They offer human annotation services for data sets. Appen has a network of over 1 million crowd-sourced contributors from 130 countries who provide labeled data for ML models. They partner with big brands like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and Apple to supply training datasets.

Appen also owns Figure Eight (previously CrowdFlower), which is a search engine evaluation platform. On the platform, verified workers annotate large volumes of data for labeling. Appen has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website and is a legitimate business.

What Type of Work Does Appen Offer?

Appen is legit. It gives tasks to people around the world. Artificial intelligence is improved through Appen’s micro-tasks. They get knowledge from their workers.

AI-based projects aren’t the only thing Appen offers. There’s also

  • categorizing images,
  • transcribing audio/video files,
  • moderating social media content and
  • search engine optimization.

Your pay depends on the task and how well you do it. It also depends on your location and the type of task you take on. Certain tasks pay more than others.

How Much Does Appen Pay?

Legitimacy of Rack Room Shoes -Is Appen Legit? Find Out Here!

Appen is a legit firm offering flexible work chances. You can get paid for different tasks like data annotation, transcription and social media evaluation. Payment for each job varies based on difficulty, type of activity, and duration. Appen pays every two weeks through PayPal or sometimes directly into your bank. The hourly rate is from $7 to $16 depending on the task and your skillset. Some jobs pay a fixed rate, e.g. recognizing objects in an image. It starts at $10/hr and can reach $25/hr with increases depending on the ratings by customers.

Moreover, Appen has an A+ rating from the BBB with verified reviews. It’s one of the few genuine work-at-home opportunities. So if you’re looking for extra income while working from home, Appen is worth considering!

Is Appen Legit?

Appen is a tech services provider that specializes in crowdsourcing solutions for multinationals. It connects customers to over a million professionals for data-related services, such as labeling, sentiment analysis and speech recognition. Recently, its popularity has grown due to the quality of its services and easy to use platform.

Questions have been raised about the company’s legitimacy. To answer these, two factors must be looked at: customer reviews and their business model.

  • Reviews from across the web show Appen is a legitimate source for data-related services. Many say their projects were completed successfully and within budget.
  • The company also offers a flexible pricing structure – customers choose how much they are willing to pay based on their needs without extra fees.

It appears that Appen is a real company, providing quality data services.

Pros and Cons of Working with Appen

Appen is a legit work-from-home gig with great potential to earn money. Flexible hours and working from home – nice! But wages are low and projects can be boring.


  • High flexibility.
  • Easy to find projects.
  • Variety of tasks.
  • 24/7 help.
  • Payments to PayPal every quarter.


  • Low pay.
  • Tedious long-hour tasks.
  • No feedback on performance or progress.
  • Tough competition for higher-paying projects.


Appen is real! They offer many chances for people who want to start their own businesses or do freelance work. They provide search engine/website evaluations, data annotation, transcription, translation, digital marketing and more. It seems like Appen is run by a great team of professionals who are passionate about helping others.

They have a broad range of services, and a worldwide presence, making it a great prospect for those looking to launch their own biz!

FAQs about: Is Appen Legit

Question 1: Is Appen Legit?

Answer 1: Yes, Appen is a legitimate company that provides legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

Question 2: How do I get started with Appen?

Answer 2: To get started with Appen, go to the website and create an account. From there, you can apply for specific job opportunities that you’re interested in.

Question 3: What type of work does Appen offer?

Answer 3: Appen offers work-from-home opportunities in the areas of data entry, transcription, social media evaluation, translation, and more.