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Is Aptive Pest Control Legitimate?


Pondering if Aptive Pest Control is a dependable option for getting rid of pests? You can count on them! They are the leading pest control company in the nation. Their solutions are highly effective and customer service is top-notch. Get the facts and discover why Aptive is your best choice for a pest-free life.

Quick facts: Is Aptive Pest Control Legit

  • ✅Aptive Environmental is an award-winning pest control company – Source: Aptive Environmental
  • ✅Aptive offers a money-back guarantee for all services performed – Source: Aptive Environmental
  • ✅Aptive’s highly trained technicians specialize in green solutions – Source: Aptive Environmental
  • ✅Aptive has received numerous awards from Angie’s List and Home Advisor – Source: Home Advisor
  • ✅Aptive has grown to become the third largest pest control service in the US – Source: PCT Magazine

Overview of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Pest Control is a legit and reliable pest control provider. They offer top-notch services to protect homes and businesses from pests. These services are available all over the US, including rodents, spiders, bed bugs, and termites.

Aptive mainly follows Integrated Pest Management principles for the best customer satisfaction. This means that their pest control treatments are safe for people and animals, and tailored to the customer’s individual needs and preferences. This includes assessment of the level of infestation, trapping or baiting, exclusionary treatments to stop future infestations, monitoring, and education.

Aptive offers free estimates and follow-up services to ensure success in eliminating pests!

What is Aptive Pest Control?

Aptive Pest Control is an US-based professional extermination business, owned and operated by a family. Starting in 2009, they now provide services in 33 states. They promise to use eco-friendly products. Plus, their pricing is always transparent and re-treatments are free if needed.

They also offer:

  • Attic insulation/ventilation
  • Mosquito misting systems
  • Bird control
  • And more

In all, Aptive Pest Control is a reliable company with years of experience and customer satisfaction.

What services does Aptive Pest Control provide?

Aptive Pest Control is a company that offers residential and commercial services for pests. These include ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and rodents. In addition to traditional extermination and homeowner preventative plans, Aptive also offers environment-friendly options. These are traps, baits and sprays that are biodegradable. All their products are EPA approved and safe.

Additional services include:

  • Attic insulation removal and installation.
  • Wildlife trapping and removal.
  • Bird control services to get rid of pigeons and other birds causing damage to your property.

Reviews of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Pest Control – a top provider of residential and commercial pest control services. They offer extermination, termite control, rodent control, mosquito control, and more.

Reviews of Aptive are mostly positive. Customers report their technicians are knowledgeable, fast, and the prices are competitive. They also praise the quality of service, and the follow-up from the customer service team. It’s clear Aptive Pest Control is legit and can get rid of pests quickly and efficiently.

Customer reviews of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Pest Control’s customer reviews are a great way to get an overall picture of the company’s services! Reviews can help you decide if a pest control company is real. You can find reviews for Aptive on Google, Yelp, and the BBB. Customers give Aptive ratings from 1-5 stars. Each review includes the author’s name, location, and their experience with Aptive. The star rating indicates the service level.

People seem to say that Aptive provides good services at competitive prices. Positive comments mention effective treatments and customization. Negative comments are often about scheduling visits or payment plans. With so many great reviews, you can conclude Aptive is a legitimate business that provides quality pest control solutions at reasonable prices.

Professional reviews of Aptive Pest Control

Across the web, you can find professional reviews of Aptive Pest Control. The Utah-based pest control firm. These reviews differ, depending on who is writing them and what they are reviewing. Generally, the reviews are good, with many people praising Aptive’s services. Customers have praised their customer service and quick responses to problems.

Generally, reviews of Aptive Pest Control are positive. People like their no-obligation free trial period and their complete approach to pest eradication. It offers many treatment choices, from chemical treatments to more organic ones, such as diatomaceous earth.

Legitimacy of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Pest Control is a legit service, one of the biggest in the US. They have over two decades of experience protecting homes and businesses. Their certified technicians use integrated pest management (IPM) methods to control pests.

Aptive is licensed, insured, and certified by Quality Pro. They offer free estimates for prospects, financing for customers, and satisfaction guarantees through their “Service Assurance Program”. This program also offers free follow-ups if there are any problems. Aptive is a reliable source for quality pest solutions.

Is Aptive Pest Control licensed and insured?

Yes, Aptive Pest Control is licensed and insured. They exceed industry standards when it comes to protecting customers and their technicians.

Aptive offers licensing in all states they work in, and have a $2 million professional liability insurance policy nationwide. This safeguards you from any financial loss due to mistakes, omissions, or negligence from Aptive or its technicians.

Also, each state requires registration from pest control service providers before they can offer services. Aptive follows these requirements strictly, and is properly licensed in each state they work in.

Is Aptive Pest Control a member of any professional organizations?

Aptive Pest Control is a part of several pro organizations, such as the National Pest Management Association, the NYPCA, and InterNACHI. These memberships require Aptive to follow high standards and practices when it comes to pest control. This includes following local, state and federal regulations, using up-to-date tech, and always striving to make customers satisfied.

Plus, Aptive is BBB Accredited and certified by Bayer Advanced. This shows that Aptive only uses Bayer products when handling pest issues.

Alternatives to Aptive Pest Control

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Aptive Pest Control may not be the best fit for you, depending on your budget and needs. Luckily, there are other legit companies that offer better pest control solutions. For example, Home Pest Control and Orkin.

They provide a variety of services for both residential and commercial settings. These include monthly/quarterly packages and one-time visits when needed.
Plus, they may offer specialty treatments for bed bugs, termites, rodents, and other pests. Local technicians, who are experienced in the local environment and the pests found there, are employed to make sure the treatments are effective.

What other pest control companies are available?

Pest control has many options. It depends on the type and severity of pests. You might want to hire a professional. Aptive Pest Control, Terminix and Orkin are popular companies. They provide treatments and service plans. Local companies are available too. Research to find the best provider for your situation. Make an informed decision.

What advantages do these other companies offer?

Comparing pest control companies? Aptive Pest Control has its advantages. They provide a wide range of services for residential and commercial needs. Plus, their customer service is great and they respond quickly. And their online presence is strong with positive reviews.

Other companies may offer different advantages.

  • Flexible service plans
  • Organic solutions
  • Free quotes and inspections
  • Experience in treating certain pests
  • Warranties

Consider these factors when deciding.


Research shows Aptive Pest Control is legit. It’s been in business 10+ years and is the fastest-growing pest control provider in the USA. Plus, its BBB accreditation means it’s reliable. However, its reviews on places like Yelp and Angie’s List aren’t the best. Not all bad reviews are true so use those sites as a guide, not an exact assessment of Aptive’s services.

Summary of Aptive Pest Control

Aptive Pest Control provides pro services to both homes and businesses. Founded in 2008, they’ve become a trusted name in the industry. Aptive stands out with eco-friendly solutions that are safer for people and animals. They also provide warranties, free inspections, and personalized packages. Aptive is licensed, insured, and certified to all laws. Giving customers peace of mind when partnering with them for pest control!

Recommendations for choosing a pest control company

Pest control companies need to be checked out carefully. Make sure the company’s license and insurance are valid. Ensure their technicians have certifications from a well-known organization. Also, investigate their current equipment. Read reviews from customers, both online and in print. See if they provide a satisfaction guarantee. Check their customer service policies too. Lastly, ask how long they have been in business. This will give you an idea of their stability and experience. Choosing a reliable pest control provider is essential for safeguarding your property.

Here are some tips for choosing a reliable pest control provider:

  • Check the company’s license and insurance.
  • Ensure their technicians have certifications from a well-known organization.
  • Investigate their current equipment.
  • Read reviews from customers, both online and in print.
  • See if they provide a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Check their customer service policies.
  • Ask how long they have been in business.

FAQs about: Is Aptive Pest Control Legit

Q: Is Aptive Pest Control Legit?

A: Yes, Aptive Pest Control is a legitimate pest control company that provides quality and professional services. They are known for their innovative approach to pest control and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Q: What Services Does Aptive Pest Control Provide?

A: Aptive Pest Control provides a variety of services including residential and commercial pest control, termite control, and wildlife removal. They also offer preventative services such as exclusion and baiting programs.

Q: Is Aptive Pest Control Safe?

A: Yes, Aptive Pest Control is committed to using the safest, most effective products to ensure the safety of their customers and the environment. They are also certified by QualityPro, the leading organization for professional pest management.