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Is Avas Flowers Legit? The Definitive Answer Revealed.


Curious about Avas Flowers? You’re in luck! This article gives the definitive answer. Get all the details to make sure your flowers arrive safe and sound. Get informed now!

Quick facts: Is Avas Flowers Legit

  • ✅ Avas Flowers has been in business for over 30 years and is an award-winning online florist offering flowers and gifts – National Retail Federation
  • ✅ Avas Flowers offers same-day flower delivery service nationwide – BestReviews
  • ✅ Over 10 million bouquets have been sold through Avas Flowers – Avas Flowers
  • ✅ Avas Flowers is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Avas Flowers is the top rated online florist in the USA – Thumbtack Reviewers

Overview of Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers has been delivering fresh, quality flowers for over 25 years. They serve over 30,000 customers in the US. Customers love them for their premier level of customer service and quality. They offer a wide selection of bouquets, roses, plants and gifts for any occasion. Their flowers can be shipped domestically and internationally. Local florists also make on-site arrangements.

Avas Flowers provides fast delivery service wherever customers are located. They have secure website with SSL encryption technology. Moreover, their customer service team is available 24/7 to answer questions and take orders over the phone or via email. Avas Flowers guarantees that orders are received on time.

History of Avas Flowers

Zapaka Loprino, founder of Avas Flowers, started his journey in the late 1990s. He had experience running multiple flower shops around the world. So, he decided to use his knowledge to build one of the first online flower delivery servicesAvas Flowers.

The business spread quickly in the United States. Zapaka made sure no detail went overlooked when it came to his business or customer service. Avas Flowers is now a well-known business across the US with great service.

Services offered by Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers offer a variety of products and services, like fresh flower delivery, gift baskets, gourmet foods and more. Bouquets boast guaranteed freshness, with roses, lilies, daisies, carnations and more. Same-day delivery of plants is also available. Plus, chocolates, stuffed animals and candles come in different colors. Also, wedding decorations, sympathy items and corsages are on the menu.

Trust Avas Flowers for reliable delivery, on time and in perfect condition.

Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews is a great way to decide if you should buy a product or service. For Avas Flowers, you can search online to find reviews. It’s important to look for patterns in the answers. Positive reviews usually mean the company’s goods and services are good. If the majority of reviews are negative, this could be a sign of problems. Also, look for a balance between positive and negative. If all are overly positive, it could mean some reviews were written by employees of Avas Flowers to affect the public’s opinion.

Overview of customer reviews

We studied customer reviews to verify the legitimacy of Avas Flowers. The reviews were mostly positive! Customers liked the bouquets and prices. They commended the attention to detail and quick delivery. Some reviews mentioned poor customer service and late or incomplete shipments.

Avas Flowers appears to be a trustworthy business. Most customers had great experiences with the bouquets arriving on time. Although there were some negative reviews, they seem to be exceptions. We are confident in recommending Avas Flowers for quality flower arrangements!

Positive customer reviews

Avas Flowers has a great standing. Customers state they have unbeatable prices and top-notch flowers. Plus, their customer service has been highly praised. People report they are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

If you’re seeking a dependable florist to send flowers or brighten your day, Avas Flowers is a super option. Their customer reviews are always positive!

Negative customer reviews

Vitacost is an online retailer of health, wellness and beauty products. They offer thousands of products from over 2,000 top brands at discounted prices.

However, customers have reported some bad experiences. These range from long delivery times to wrong orders and even no orders arriving. Additionally, customer service has not been helpful or quick in responding to queries. Because of this, Vitacost has received many negative customer reviews from unhappy customers who feel ignored or not taken seriously.

Legitimacy of Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers are a top online florist. With 35 years in the flower delivery business, they’re a popular choice for customers sending flowers worldwide. Local florists deliver fresh bouquets across the US, UK, Canada and other countries.

Avas Flowers’ legitimacy is backed by The Knot Wedding Network and BBB (Better Business Bureau). Their A+ rating from BBB shows great customer service and premium products. The Knot Wedding Network have recognised them as a trusted vendor with quality products and excellent customer care.

Qualifications of Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers are an online floristry service. Quality arrangements for special occasions is their focus.

Is Avas Flowers legit? It’s important to look at their qualifications.

  • Since 2006 they have been running their business. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.
  • They have a huge fifty-year expertise in the flower industry. This means they can guarantee their products.
  • They have a wide-reaching network of florists in the US. Fresh flowers wherever orders come from.
  • Customers can call or email for help and advice. There is a team of floristry professionals available.

All of this shows how trustworthy Avas Flowers are.

Business practices of Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers is a flower delivery service across the US and Canada. They have had negative reviews, but are usually reliable. Let’s look at 3 sections – customer service, delivery policy and payment options.

  • Customer Service: Avas Flowers provide phone and email help for customers. They also have a FAQ page for self-troubleshooting.
  • Delivery Policy: Avas Flowers do same-day deliveries before 1 pm EST on weekdays and sometimes Saturdays. Standard ground shipping and express shipping with guaranteed arrival times are available.
  • Payment Options: Avas Flowers take Visa and Mastercard, as well as PayPal and ApplePay.

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Customer Service -Is Avas Flowers Legit? The Definitive Answer Revealed.

The answer is clear: “Yes!” Avas Flowers have been supplying customers with stunning blooms for over 15 years. The Better Business Bureau certifies them with an A+ rating, and there have been zero grievances in the past three years. Plus, their customer service is helpful and their prices are fair. Navigating their website is easy, delivery is dependable, and they even guarantee 100% satisfaction.

All in all, Avas Flowers offer quality products, superb service, and great value.

Summary of findings

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Recommendations for customers

Avas Flowers recommend insured shipping and payment options. Standard shipping is insured in case of damage. Secure payment methods include PayPal, credit/debit card and Apple Pay. All info is encrypted during the checkout process. Plus, we offer international delivery.

Avas Flowers are committed to providing a safe and secure experience for customers, so they can shop with confidence that their info is secure and their purchase will arrive perfectly.

FAQs about: Is Avas Flowers Legit

Q1: Is Avas Flowers a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Avas Flowers is a legitimate company that has been in business since 2003.

Q2: Does Avas Flowers offer same-day delivery?

A2: Yes, Avas Flowers offers same-day delivery for orders placed before 1pm in the recipient’s time zone.

Q3: Does Avas Flowers offer international delivery?

A3: Yes, Avas Flowers offers international delivery to select countries.