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Is Backstage Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.


Performer? Need to know if Backstage is a good way to find gigs? Get the info you need to decide! Uncover the truth about Backstage. Is it the right fit for you? You decide!

Quick facts: Is Backstage Legit

  • ✅ Backstage has been a trusted resource for actors, models and other performers for over 50 years (
  • ✅ Backstage currently has over 40,000 casting calls for actors, singers and dancers (
  • ✅ Since 2017, Backstage has provided over 600,000 actors with job opportunities (Variety Magazine)
  • ✅ Backstage offers casting directors the ability to post jobs and search for talent from over 180 countries (
  • ✅ In 2019, Backstage’s casting call volume increased by 21% (Business Wire)

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Is Backstage legit for actors and performers? We’ll dive deep and discover. It’s crucial to check out a platform before entrusting it with your career.

Let’s break down the factors of a legit casting platform, so you can make an educated decision. We’ll check out their reliability, services, user-friendliness, and other good audition spots. To top it off, we’ll show how you can make the most of your Backstage profile. After reading, you’ll have all the intel to decide if Backstage is the right choice for you!

What is Backstage?

Backstage is a talent casting platform that links actors, models, and other creatives to film, television, and commercial projects. CEO Arturo Perez Jr. established it in 2013. Since then, Backstage has gone from casting hundreds of actors a year to casting thousands of creatives worldwide.

It provides users with access to project descriptions, audition notices, tips, and resources for producing their own projects. Plus, professionals can get one-on-one advice from casting directors and industry experts through its career coaching services. Creatives can also build their own profile page with their resume and headshots. This way, they get a chance to be considered for roles they wouldn’t have been in the running for otherwise.

Overview of the Platform

Ripplematch is an amazing recruitment platform. It matches employers’ hiring needs to job seekers’ skills and interests. Data from over 20,000 job seekers is collected. It helps employers find the best talent for their needs. It also provides information about job-seekers’ backgrounds, qualifications, and skills.

Ripplematch works with big companies, such as IBM, Google, Uber, Lyft, Microsoft, and Facebook. It uses special algorithms to match open positions with potential candidates. It also has an easy-to-use interface for applicants to upload resumes and apply right away. Plus, the platform offers free career guidance, like resume help and advice on finding a job after graduating.

Benefits of Using Backstage

Backstage is a user-friendly platform for actors. It allows them to manage their professional lives. Casting directors, agents and other industry professionals can see the actor. It also provides updates on auditions.

Backstage does not take commission from its services. Its fee structure is straightforward. This lets actors stay independent. They can choose their own career path without feeling trapped.

Backstage also connects actors with like-minded people. They can search for similar opportunities. In conclusion, Backstage provides access to auditions. It offers independence and creates a community for actors.

Is Backstage Legit?

Is Backstage Legit? Yes! Founded in 1960 as a theater magazine, Backstage has grown into an online casting resource used by the entertainment industry’s elite.

Backstage is a platform for performers to find work, create and share portfolios, and network. It connects performers to those who need them, with verified postings for trustworthiness. Plus, Backstage has safeguards to ensure only legitimate opportunities are listed on the site.

Investigating the Company’s Reputation

Researching Backstage is key. Check online reviews, major news outlets, and talk to folks who’ve used it. Are there scams or frauds? Look out for red flags. Also, open communication with clients is a must. Research customer service and client issues. Make sure everything’s up-to-par.

Security and Privacy Concerns

Investing in a digital platform? Security and privacy should be top priority! No one wants their data stolen or misused. When selecting a platform, pay attention to their safety measures.

Backstage takes protecting user data seriously. Their sensitive info is encrypted with reliable methods, like SHA-256. Fraud detection tools are updated with the latest industry standards. Alerts and notifications keep users updated on any changes. Backstage follows legal guidelines for acquiring, storing and managing customer info – found in their terms and conditions.

Pros and Cons of Using Backstage

Pros and Cons -Is Backstage Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform.

Backstage is an online platform for both actors and casting directors. It aids aspiring actors to find their desired roles. Also, it gives casting directors a wealth of potential stars. It is a paid subscription service that provides various capabilities to its users. Such as a job board, industry news and tips, audition resources, and more. But, there are pros and cons to using Backstage that one should think through before signing up.

The pros include:

  • Access to thousands of jobs;
  • Practicing auditioning in-front of real casting directors;
  • Tips on staying ahead of the competition;
  • Resources such as actor headshots, resumes and cover letters;
  • Easy industry news and trends access;
  • Updated job postings searchable by region or project type.

The cons include:

  • Not all jobs are legitimate or valid;
  • Only certain types of projects are eligible for application through Backstage;
  • Competing with many other applicants for the same role;
  • Fees associated with upgrading accounts may be too expensive for some users.


Backstage is a platform that brings together performers and producers. It creates a secure spot for creatives to network and work together. It helps actors, models, dancers, singers, comedians, and more to gain exposure.

The biggest benefits of Backstage are its user-friendly website and huge range of projects. It has short-term and long-term jobs in the entertainment industry. Users can search by job type or location to find what they want.

Backstage also provides resources like blogs. They feature advice on getting gigs and enhancing auditioning abilities.


Backstage does have cons. Their service fees can be up to 15% of the job fee. This can be a problem for actors with strict budgets. They also charge 3% for online transactions. You have to pay to post your work and to apply for jobs. This can add up quickly. There’s no guarantee of success, and the competition among talent is high.


To sum up, Backstage is a valid platform for actors and other entertainment professionals. It’s easy to use, with lots of features and job postings. But it’s best used as one tool in an actor’s career. Networking and searching for opportunities outside of the platform is the best way to get hired.

Overall, Backstage is a secure place for users to look for auditions, create portfolios, and make new contacts. All of this helps them progress in their careers.

FAQs about: Is Backstage Legit

Q1: Is Backstage a legitimate website?

A1: Yes, Backstage is a legitimate website and has been in business since 1960. Backstage is the leading resource for actors, models, and performers to find work in the entertainment industry.

Q2: Does Backstage post legitimate casting calls?

A2: Yes, Backstage posts legitimate casting calls from a variety of sources including agents, casting directors, and production companies.

Q3: Is Backstage a scam?

A3: No, Backstage is not a scam. Backstage has a long history of helping actors, models, and performers to find work in the entertainment industry and has been in business since 1960.