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Is Baltic Born Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand


Searching for quality, sustainable apparel? Don’t know where to start? Is Baltic Born legit? This article uncovers the truth! It provides valuable insight into whether you should trust the company. Get the facts now!

Quick facts: Is Baltic Born Legit

  • ✅ Since its launch in August 2017, Baltic Born has grown to become one of the top e-commerce stores in the Baltic Region.
  • Baltic Born offers over 10,000 products, including apparel, home and garden items, electronics, and much more.
  • Baltic Born’s customer service has consistently earned top ratings from customers – Trustpilot
  • Baltic Born’s safe and secure payment system ensures a seamless online shopping experience.
  • Baltic Born has been featured in several international media outlets, including Woman’s Health, CNBC, and The Guardian.

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Baltic Born is an online retailer of outdoor apparel and accessories for men and women. It was founded in Lithuania and has been producing high quality clothing for over 30 years. Baltic Born focuses on sustainability. All their products are made with certified organic cotton and recycled materials. They also donate profits to environmental protection initiatives.

Baltic Born is relatively new compared to competitors. But it has become one of the top outdoor apparel companies in Europe within a short period of time. It offers stylish and comfortable apparel at lower prices. But is Baltic Born legit? This article explores all aspects of this growing brand, so you can make an informed decision about investing in its products.

Baltic Born Overview

Baltic Born is a family-run biz. They’ve been making baby products since 2018. Their mission? To create safe and comfy items for young parents. Baltic Born designs with a simple Scandi aesthetic. They only use certified Oeko-Tex fabrics and natural dyes. Plus, they’re always innovating to reduce environmental impact.

They offer great customer service. Free shipping in the US over $50. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Plus, free returns within 30 days. Baltic Born is certified by the BBB. So, customers can be sure of their legitimacy.

In short, Baltic Born is a great option for parents who want modern style clothing for their children. It meets the highest standards for baby safety and comfort.

Company History

Baltic Born began in Latvia in 1992 as a manufacturer of apparel. Over the years, they became a top fashion retailer in Eastern Europe. In 2021, they launched their luxury line of apparel and accessories. Baltic Born has become a sought-after brand worldwide, offering affordable luxury and quality craftsmanship.

They invest in research and development to stay ahead of trends while preserving traditional values.

Product Range

Baltic Born curates a diverse array of products! Home and lifestyle, kids and babies, accessories and apparel for both men and women. Quality materials are used in production, so you can be sure that their items are of the best quality. They’re always on the lookout for new collections, too.

There’s something for everyone as they stock different sizes, styles, and colors. Plus, online shopping is made easy and convenient. Customers can select their desired item, then make payments online with various payment methods.

Customer Reviews

Customers are a great source of information when it comes to Baltic Born. Over 1,000 reviews have been given from around the world. Their average rating is 4.7 stars out of 5! People love Baltic Born for their sustainability, eco-friendly packaging and quality of their products. It’s widely known as the best organic clothing brand.

Baltic Born also offers product customizations. Customers love this because it makes them feel unique. They love wearing one-of-a-kind pieces. All of these positive reviews make it easy to answer “Is Baltic Born legit?” Yes!

Online Reviews

Online reviews are the easiest way to learn about a brand. People often research companies by reading these reviews. Baltic Born customers are very happy with their service and products. This is obvious from the hundreds of positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and other platforms. All the 5 star ratings across multiple sites prove that customers trust Baltic Born for its amazing value and customer support.

Any complaints in the reviews are dealt with quickly, showing Baltic Born takes customer satisfaction seriously.

Social Media Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to check if a brand is trustworthy. To authenticate Baltic Born’s ethical and eco-friendly fashion, it’s wise to look at their social media reviews.

These reviews give us insights into customer experiences. Simply scanning the posts and comments of Baltic Born can show us if people are having positive or negative experiences. Plus, we can spot trends on what products and services people like more than others. All this info can help us decide if it’s worth buying from Baltic Born.

Quality of Products

Features-Is Baltic Born Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand

Baltic Born offers top-notch products in the industry. They are designed to stay in great condition even after years of use. To bring the best quality possible, they collaborate with renowned designers from around the world. They also put special care into selecting materials for each product – for durability and sustainability.

Plus, Baltic Born provides a lifetime warranty with all their products. That way, customers can be sure they are making a reliable purchase.

In conclusion, Baltic Born is devoted to delivering excellent products at an inexpensive price, which is in line with their mission statement.

Materials Used

Metabolic Renewal is a revolutionary health and wellness system made by Baltic Born. It stresses how critical it is to eat the right foods to stay healthy, as well as how important exercise is to get there. To understand why Metabolic Renewal works, it is essential to know what materials are used in the program.

The program consists of healthy dieting and physical activity. Baltic Born suggests meal plans with unprocessed food, fruit, veggies, and lean protein. Plus, no added sugars, processed food, alcohol, or caffeine. Exercise is also important, at least 30 minutes 5 days a week and HIIT (high intensity interval training) on 2 nonconsecutive days every week. Supplements, like omega-3s and probiotics, are suggested too, as well as other vitamins depending on blood work results.

Production Process

Baltic Born products are made using a sourdough starter and slow fermentation. All natural ingredients such as flour, water, salt, honey, and yeast are used. The dough ferments at low temperatures, with minimal manipulation to bring out the flavor. Products are handmade in small batches and contain no preservatives or emulsifiers.

The production process also emphasizes sustainability. Local ingredients are sourced and green energy is used for ovens. Artificial colors, flavors, and additives like palm oil and trans fats are avoided. Chemical additives that artificially accelerate the rising process are not used. This ensures that all ingredients naturally develop during fermentation without interference. The result is unique and delicious!

Baltic Born’s Return Policy

Baltic Born is a clothing company with a variety of styles for everyone. They strive for quality, and their customer service teams are trained to guarantee satisfaction.

Baltic Born’s return policy is straightforward and hassle-free:

  • Customers have 30 days from delivery to start a return and 365 days from purchase to contact customer service for a return authorization number.
  • Once a return is initiated, customers must ship the item within 14 days for an exchange or refund.
  • Baltic Born inspects the returned item and processes the exchange or refund via the original payment method.
  • After approval, customers get an email with the status of their request. If they requested a refund instead of an exchange, they’ll be refunded when the item is received at the warehouse and verified.


At Baltic Born, we take customer satisfaction seriously. Our Metabolic Renewal program offers transparency and quality products. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to contact us for a full refund.

Shipping and handling fees aren’t refundable. You must return the product in its original packaging, sealed and unused, to qualify for a full refund. Refunds will be issued using the original form of payment (credit/debit card or PayPal).

For tracking purposes, we suggest USPS Priority Mail. We aren’t liable for returns lost in transit. After processing your return, it’ll take up to two weeks for the refund to appear on your bank statement.


Exchanges are a great alternative to PetFinder. Posting pet info in a searchable database and browsing other prospective pet owners’ listings. When a match is found, the pet owners can arrange to exchange. Exchanges are typically free and require registration.

Baltic Born is one of Europe’s largest pet exchanges. It has been around since 2009, offering free registration. Users of Baltic Born also have access to resources dedicated to animal welfare. All transactions monitored by staff for safety and security.


To wrap it up, Baltic Born is a trustworthy coffee roasting firm that offers great quality products. Their beans come from Colombia, Guatemala and Ethiopia, renowned for their top-notch beans. In addition, they use accurate brewing methods to offer the best coffee experience. Also, Baltic Born guarantees fair pay and secure work environments for farmers in the countries they source their beans from. Moreover, they are devoted to sustainability by using renewable energy sources and green packaging materials.

If you’re looking for great quality coffee that’s ethically sourced and roasted with care, Baltic Born is a fantastic option with first-rate products, superb customer service, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

FAQs about: Is Baltic Born Legit

Q1: Is Baltic Born Legit?

A1: Yes, Baltic Born is a legitimate ecommerce store specializing in eco-friendly apparel for the whole family.

Q2: Where does Baltic Born ship?

A2: Baltic Born ships worldwide.

Q3: Is Baltic Born clothing organic?

A3: Yes, Baltic Born only uses organic and upcycled materials in its clothing.