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Is Barrel Ammo Depot Legit? Get the Facts Here!


Wary ’bout buying ammo from Barrel Ammo Depot? Fear not! Here’re the facts to make sure you’re doing business with a legit provider. Your purchase will be secure – rest assured. Read this article to get all the info on quality and legitimacy.

Quick facts: Is Barrel Ammo Depot Legit

  • ✅ Barrel Ammo Depot is one of the few online stores that has consistently been given a 5-star rating for their customer service, according to
  • ✅ The company has over 2,000 positive customer reviews, demonstrating the reliability and authenticity of their products, according to
  • ✅ Barrel Ammo Depot has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which indicates the company has a high level of customer satisfaction, according to
  • ✅ The company is an authorized dealer of many major ammunition brands such as Federal, Remington, and Winchester, according to
  • ✅ The company offers free shipping on orders over $99, demonstrating their commitment to customer service, according to their website.

Overview of Barrel Ammo Depot

Barrel Ammo Depot is a famous online store and auction website for ammo, firearms, and related accessories. It is the most reliable platform for fire-arm fans looking to buy or sell weapons, ammo, and related gear.

They have an easy-to-use user interface and great customer service. There is a big selection of items to choose from, like:

  • Long range shooting accessories;
  • Rifle scopes;
  • Reloading components and supplies;
  • Ammo in various calibers.

The prices are also competitive compared to the market rate. That’s why it is one of the top sites for purchasing firearms and ammo.

The website offers secure payment options like credit cards and PayPal, giving customers peace of mind when buying online. There are lots of reviews confirming its legitimacy, so buyers can be sure they are dealing with a reliable vendor.

Company History

Barrel Ammo Depot is a family-run business. It was established by a Marine Corps veteran in 2014. At first, they sold ammo and shooting supplies online. Now, they are one of the leading suppliers in the US.

Their mission is to provide quality products at fair prices and great customer service. To expand their product line, they have teamed up with respected manufacturers like Sierra and Winchester. This means they provide ammo for almost any shooting application.

Product Offerings

Barrel Ammo Depot is an awesome choice to Money Mutual! For customers around the globe, they offer a wide variety of products:

  • Ammunition
  • Reloading components
  • Gunsmithing supplies
  • Fishing & hunting gear
  • Optics
  • Air rifles and pistols

All of these and much more! Barrel Ammo Depot values customer service, quality products, competitive pricing and superb support. Plus, they offer discounts for military personnel and veterans! And, as a bonus, their rewards program gives customers points for each dollar spent that can be used for future purchases.

Customer Reviews

Reviews of Barrel Ammo Depot are useful for understanding the trustworthiness and quality of this online ammo shop. Many reviews praise the variety, price, and fast shipping. Plus, customers can order easily from the shop’s user-friendly website or by phone.

However, a few reviews have mentioned late delivery or bad product quality, but these issues are rare.

It is important to remember that customer reviews are opinions based on experiences. Read through a few to get a better understanding of the good and bad of Barrel Ammo Depot, then you can make an informed decision.

Positive Reviews

Gun owners are giving Rently positive reviews. They find it convenient and cost-effective. You only pay for what you need. No extra features. Searching and renting is easy. Getting help is easy too. People are satisfied with the service they get from Rently. It’s great value!

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews were frequently seen when researching Barrel Ammo Depot. Customers reported not receiving their ammo, or it coming late. Customer service was slow to respond and orders were late to arrive. Some even questioned the authenticity of certain brands on the site.

Thus, research is key before buying from an online store or website you don’t know.


Pricing is a big factor when it comes to knowing if a company is real. At Barrel Ammo Depot, we want to make sure our products are fairly priced. We want to give you the best for your money. We offer a variety of prices. From cheap target loads to expensive hunting ammo. Plus, many products have free shipping! We even have wholesale pricing for bulk orders.

Our quality products and good prices make us a trusted source of ammunition.

Comparison to Competitors

At Barrel Ammo Depot, we know competitive prices and dependable shipping & returns policies are important. We compare our policies to other leading ammo retailers and search for the best deals & offer discounts for bulk orders.

We provide free shipping on orders over $99. Customers in the US can use our flat-rate ground shipping for smaller orders. There are restrictions, but we keep the prices low.

Our returns policy enables you to return items in their original packaging within 30 days. Read our Returns & Exchanges page for more info. Our pricing, shipping & returns policies make us a reliable retailer. If you have questions or concerns about your order, contact us!

Shipping and Delivery

Quality of Products-Is Barrel Ammo Depot Legit? Get the Facts Here!

Shipping and delivery is a crucial thing to think of when buying products from Barrel Ammo Depot. All orders are sent as per the company’s delivery times. Usually, shipping times in the U.S. are one to five days, depending on the item purchased and the recipient’s area.

Clients of Barrel Ammo Depot can be sure that their orders are monitored carefully by professional carriers for a quick and safe delivery. Delivery is based on both product availability and customer location. Customers can track their orders online at Barrel Ammo Depot or use third-party tracking sites like UPS or FedEx.

Delivery Times

Delivery to customers is a big deal when seeing if a business is legit. Barrel Ammo Depot delivery times vary by location. In the US, orders come within 2-7 business days. International orders depend on the country, taking 10-20 business days.

They offer free shipping for orders over $150. To get orders fast, they have expedited shipping options, like USPS Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail. These delivery times show Barrel Ammo Depot is legit and trustworthy for ammo purchases online.

Shipping Costs

Ordering from Barrel Ammo Depot? Shipping cost is based on order size and weight. Different shipping options at checkout:

  • Standard Ground Shipping
  • 1-3 Day Shipping
  • 2-Day Shipping
  • Overnight Shipping

Some options may be more affordable than others. Signature Confirmation is needed for delivery. P.O. Box or Military APO/FPO address? Standard Ground Service only.

Customer Service

Customer Service is very important in business, especially in online companies. Having helpful customer service staff to answer questions and solve problems is super important for customers to have a great experience. Barrel Ammo Depot has top-notch customer service. Our solutions are quick and accurate.

We have 24/7 customer service through live chat, email or phone. Our team knows all about our products and services. You can rely on us for helpful answers and fast orders. We also give you shipping information and help with returns too. Our aim is to make sure you get the best service every single time!

Contact Options

Barrel Ammo Depot provides various ways to contact them. These include:

  • an online chat
  • a toll-free number
  • an email
  • a physical address

Plus, customers can reach out via social media profiles, like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, customers can leave an anonymous review on the website to share their experience with others.

These various contact options show that Barrel Ammo Depot cares about their customers and offers reliable customer service.

Response Times

Response times are an important way to measure Barrel Ammo Depot’s legitimacy. We were pleased with the quick turnaround. We received answers within 24 hours and never waited more than a day. This is great, as most gun-related companies take much longer. Usually, you can count on a response in 1-2 business days.

We found Barrel Ammo Depot’s customer service to be on point. They answered all of our questions with patience and detail. This is a good sign that they are legitimate, not just another fly-by-night operation.


Barrel Ammo Depot is legit! Their ammo is top-notch and their prices are great. Customer reviews are positive, checkout is secure, and their shipping is quick. Plus, loyal customers get extra discounts. It’s clear Barrel Ammo Depot is a great choice for ammo needs. Their website has a customer service team ready to help with any questions. Experienced shooters and new hobbyists alike can depend on Barrel Ammo Depot for quality products and services.

Summary of Pros and Cons

Barrel Ammo Depot is legit. They sell rifle, handgun, shotgun, 22 LR, 17 HMR, and 22 Magnum ammo. Prices are competitive and they have discounts for bulk orders. Many customers are happy with their purchases and customer service.

But, there are some cons. Their website is outdated and hard to navigate. Shipping costs can be high, so factor that into the price. Also, their selection of ammo may be limited.

So, Barrel Ammo Depot is a good choice to buy ammo online, but check shipping costs and selection first.

FAQs about: Is Barrel Ammo Depot Legit

Q1: Is Barrel Ammo Depot Legit?

A1: Yes, Barrel Ammo Depot is a legitimate business. They offer a wide selection of ammunition and firearms at competitive prices and have excellent customer service.

Q2: What Payment Methods Does Barrel Ammo Depot Accept?

A2: Barrel Ammo Depot accepts payments via major credit cards, PayPal, and Amazon Payments.

Q3: Does Barrel Ammo Depot Offer Free Shipping?

A3: Yes, Barrel Ammo Depot offers free shipping on orders over $99.