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Is Books A Million Legit? Uncovering the Truth


Legit? Is Books A Million? Are they safe and trusty? Buy books from them? The truth is here! This article reveals the genuineness of Books A Million. Plus, how to guard yourself when buying online.

Quick facts: Is Books A Million Legit

  • ✅ Books-A-Million is the second largest book retailer in the United States, with over 260 stores and an online presence. (Statista)
  • ✅ In 2018, Books-A-Million had $647 million in revenue, which made it the third-highest revenue-generating bookstore chain in the US. (USA Today)
  • ✅ Books-A-Million has been in business since 1917 and is owned by the Jim and Clyde Anderson Family. (Books-A-Million)
  • ✅ Books-A-Million was the first US bookseller to offer online ordering in 1992. (CNN Money)
  • ✅ Books-A-Million offers more than just books — they also sell music, movies, toys, e-readers, and more. (Books-A-Million)

Overview of Books A Million

Books A Million (BAM) has been around for over a century. It has stores all over America and also an online store. BAM sells new, used, and discounted books from multiple publishers. Customers get access to many books at reasonable prices. Besides books, BAM also provides toys, games, and puzzles. It also offers services such as book clubs, memberships, and rewards programs.

BAM always tries to give customers value. People can leave reviews on their website or in store if they are unhappy with any product or service they got from BAM. Most reviews are positive. Customers praise the customer service and professionalism they got at the store. This proves that BAM is reliable. It shows its customers that it can be trusted for books, sales, services, and other products.

History of Books A Million

Clyde W. Anderson founded Books A Million (BAM) in 1917. It all started in Florence, Alabama after he returned from World War I. Anderson initially sold used books and magazines left behind by the soldiers. Then, he began to offer new books too.

BAM became the second-largest retail bookstore chain in the U.S., behind Barnes and Noble. Their selection is huge, with books on fiction, non-fiction, children’s literature, audio books, DVDs, and video games. Plus, they sell magazine subscriptions, stationery supplies, gifts, and toys. Plus, there is a café with specialty coffee drinks and pastries. Customers can relax and enjoy while shopping or reading in store.

What does Books A Million Sell?

Books A Million, or BAM, is a bookstore chain with over 250 stores in 33 states in the US. It has books, magazines, e-books, and toys. Plus, an online store you can buy items not available in store.

BAM offers services like book clubs and other promotions. They also have e-gift cards for the website and store locations. BAM has competitive prices, with savings of up to 80%. It’s a great Ashley Madison alternative for gifts and for finding the latest products from authors at discounted prices!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for deciding if a business is trustworthy. Positive reviews, both online and offline, can help you learn about a company’s goods and services.

When looking into Books A Million, customer reviews give a wide variety of experiences. Some customers had no problems, yet others faced long shipping wait times or were unhappy with their orders. Generally, customer reviews are a great way to see how well a company is doing with customer satisfaction and dependability.

If you want to know more about Books A Million’s standing, it’s smart to read reviews from customers who have used their services before you choose to buy something.

Overview of customer reviews

Jewlr is an online jewelry shop with a huge range of custom pieces. It has been running since 2003 and customers have mainly praised it for its quality products and customer service. But, some reviews have highlighted issues with delivery and customer service. So, we have listed the pros and cons of shopping with Jewlr.

  • Pros:
    • Quality product selection
    • Great customer service
    • Good return policy
    • Easy to customize
    • Fast delivery
    • Secure payment processing
  • Cons:
    • Long wait times for some shipments
    • Unreliable customer service responses
    • Non-refundable custom pieces
    • Shipping fees for US orders

Overall, customers appear satisfied with Jewlr’s products, pricing, and customization options. However, some customer service and delivery problems need to be taken into account before buying from Jewlr.

Positive reviews

Most reviews for Books A Million are positive. Customers love their customer service, competitive prices, and plentiful titles. They also appreciate the staff’s knowledge and friendliness. The team goes above and beyond to make customers happy.

  • People usually get their orders on time or early.
  • They say the quality is great – the books and their packaging. Orders usually arrive undamaged and securely packaged.
  • Finally, customers can join their book clubs and loyalty programs for extra benefits.

Negative reviews

Negative reviews of Books A Million have been shared. Some customers have complained of long waiting times to receive service. Others said that staff weren’t attentive. The store was said to be overcrowded. Some people had a good experience, but others had orders that were damaged or not as advertised.

People are unhappy about the lack of an online presence and resources for tracking or canceling orders. Potential customers should be aware of this before considering making a purchase from Books A Million.

Pricing and Shipping

Is Books A Million legit? Uncovering the truth can be done with this guide.

  • Competitive prices and shipping costs are explained. Factors like size, weight and distance affect the cost. Plus, free shipping is offered on orders over $35 in the US. Discounts on international purchases are available, too.
  • Membership programs like Club BAM! give additional discounts. And exclusive content can be unlocked.
  • Having a good returns policy is important. Books A Million offers a generous 30-day period for returns. This allows for hassle-free returns if expectations are not met.

Overview of pricing and shipping

Books A Million is an online book retailer. Customers should be aware of their pricing and shipping policies. Prices vary, but are generally competitive. Shipping rates are based on package weight, with a standard rate for packages under 3lbs. Book orders over $35 get a shipping discount. Readers Advantage program members get discounts on all purchases, plus free shipping on orders over $25.

Books usually ship within 1-4 business days. Books A Million’s policies are straightforward and competitive, helping customers make wise spending decisions.

Shipping options

Book-A-Million offers customers in the USA and worldwide various shipping options. If a customer has a US address, they can choose Standard Ground Shipping or Free Pickup Available. Plus, if their order is over $35, they get Free Ground Shipping (excluding Alaska & Hawaii). Customers with an 855 area code get Free Ground Shipping when they buy over $25 of items on the website. Customers in other areas will have standard ground shipping rates displayed at checkout, based on their address.

Return policy

Books A Million has a return policy. Customers can get a full refund for items not satisfactory. They must return the item within 30 days of purchase, with proof of purchase. Customers need to keep their receipt too.

Refunds for damaged or defective products are available within 14 days, even if the product is not in its original packaging. Exchanges are possible for both damaged and undamaged products. Customers may have to pay shipping costs to send back an item they bought.

Security and Privacy

Introduction-Is Books A Million Legit? Uncovering the Truth

Online shopping requires secure personal info and payment details. Books A Million, like many other retailers, uses cybersecurity measures to protect data. This includes encryption technology for sending data over the internet, and securely storing this info on servers with restricted access. Furthermore, Books A Million is compliant with PCI DSS. This establishes security standards for storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data.

The company also takes customer privacy seriously. Personal data collected from customers is protected from unauthorized access or alteration. Books A Million also complies with all relevant national legislation, including GDPR. All customer activities are monitored for suspicious activity or unauthorized access, keeping customers safe when shopping online.

Overview of security and privacy

Tvidler is the best for online security and privacy. Their security protocol includes SSL encryption and “Secure Store“, their proprietary system. It protects customers from malicious attacks and theft.

They offer money-back guarantees, trusted payment gateways and data encryption for stored info.

Tvidler take customer info seriously. They only keep what is needed for transactions. They don’t share data without permission from customers.

Customers can opt-out from promotional emails or newsletters from Tvidler. This way, customers decide which communication they want to receive.

Payment options

Books A Million has made it simple to pay for your purchases. You can pick from Visa, Mastercard credit/debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Cash, Google Pay, Chase Pay®, physical/online gift cards, cash in-store (at selected locations), electronic check and EBT (if qualified). Prices are listed upfront on their website. They even give special discounts for regular customers. Get a 5% discount for orders over $50 or free shipping on orders over $25!

Data protection

Data security is a priority when it comes to VitalChek. This online vital records ordering service lets you buy birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates from home. The VitalChek database is secure and regularly updated. Customers may still worry about their data though.

VitalChek takes data security seriously. Hard copies of documents are stored safely once processed. Credit card transactions use encryption tech for customer privacy. VitalChek also meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) for payments. So customers can trust their data is safe with VitalChek.

Final Verdict

Books A Million? Legit? Yes! It’s a real retailer! For more than 20 years, they’ve been selling books and more. Their website is easy to use. Shopping is convenient. Plus, their customer service team? Helpful. Friendly. Dependable.

Excellent choice for book lovers! Prices are great, too! Shipping is reliable. Returns are reasonable. Customer service is top-notch. Trustworthy when shopping for books online!

Summary of Books A Million

Books A Million (BAM) is a legit site to buy books and other media. Many customers use it instead of VitalChek when shopping online. The website has over 6 million titles. Plus, free shipping for orders above $25. And rewards points for every dollar spent. Plus, BAM sells movies, music, toys, crafts and games. Prices are competitive. Plus, the company has a price match guarantee. And you can return items within 14 days for a full refund or exchange.

So, BAM is legit. It offers great products at competitive prices with friendly customer service. It’s an ideal alternative to VitalChek.

Pros and cons of Books A Million

Books A Million is a US retail chain of bookstores and an online store selling books, magazines, music, toys, and games. It is one of the biggest book retailers in the US, with over two hundred stores across the country. Customers have given reviews and feedback from other consumers on the web. There are various pros and cons to consider before you shop from Books A Million.

Pros include a wide selection of books (new & used), a rewards program to save money, a convenient return policy, free shipping online, free returns in-store, and discounts.

Cons include items being shipped late or not at all. Some customers have also had problems returning items. Customer service agents have been reported as unhelpful or unresponsive when people contacted them.

Take all these pros and cons into account before you buy from Books A Million.

Final verdict on Books A Million

Books A Million is legit! It’s been providing books, toys, games and more for years. You can find new and used items at affordable prices. They offer digital copies too, e-books. If any issues arise, the customer service team can be contacted through the website.

It’s a great source for book lovers, physical and digital selections at competitive prices. Plus, they take customer service seriously, making them a reliable choice to buy books, toys, games and more.

FAQs about: Is Books A Million Legit


Q: Is Books A Million Legit?

A: Absolutely! Books A Million is a reputable business and has been in operation since 1917. The company is a member of the American Booksellers Association and is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Q: What Services Does Books A Million Offer?

A: Books A Million offers a wide range of products and services, including books, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, toys, games, music, movies, and more. The company also offers online ordering and fulfillment services, as well as in-store pickup and delivery options.

Q: Where Is Books A Million Located?

A: Books A Million has over 250 stores in the United States, as well as an online store. The company is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and has locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.