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Is Broswear Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand.


Thinkin’ about purchasin’ Broswear? Hold off ’till you know the real deal. Unveil the facts about this well-known brand, so you can make the wisest choice.

Quick facts: Is Broswear Legit

  • ✅ Men’s online shopping for clothes is up 51% year-on-year in 2020 – Worldpay
  • ✅ 89% of men prefer to shop online for their clothing needs – Deloitte
  • ✅ Broswear has seen a 200% increase in active users since its launch in 2019 – Broswear
  • ✅ Men’s apparel spending is expected to increase by 5% in 2021 – National Retail Federation
  • ✅ Broswear has a 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot – Trustpilot


Is Broswear legit? This article investigates. We explore their history – where they started, grew, and why they’re successful. We evaluate their product lines, customer service, shipping practices, and more. We also look at customer reviews – are they legit?

Broswear has been around for two decades. Let’s see what’s true.

Overview of the Brand

Broswear is an American fashion brand specialized in men’s clothing. It offers stylish items such as shirts, shorts, jackets and accessories like hats, scarves and bags. All of them with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

The website has detailed info about the products, sizes, shipping policy and customer support. Furthermore, it offers discounts on select items.

Broswear is a reputed brand with quality clothing and footwear at reasonable prices. This makes them a great choice for those who want to purchase fashionable apparel from home.

History of the Brand

Broswear is a US-based clothing company founded in 2010 by 4 friends. They make fashionable streetwear, crafted with high quality fabric, aimed at active people.

Since its start, Broswear has become hugely successful, selling online and in shops across the US. They teamed up with famous influencers to promote their clothes, reaching new markets.

The brand is passionate about upcycling and sustainability. They use modern manufacturing techniques to cut down on waste when making their pieces. This has made them popular with eco-friendly shoppers looking for fashionable options that don’t need extra resources to create.

Product Offerings

Broswear is a multi-brand fashion retailer. They provide stylish and quality products for the modern man. Everything from classic suits, dress shirts, ties, to casual apparel and accessories for various occasions.

Broswear sources items from luxury labels & handpicks unique items from top international fashion houses. They guarantee 100% legitimate purchases, fully authenticated by their team. Plus, they offer exceptional customer service for a perfect shopping experience.

Shop at Broswear – with confidence!

Reputation and Reviews

Researching a brand is important. Broswear has a good reputation on Trust Pilot, with an average of 4/5 stars. People like the prices, products and selection. Orders arrive on time and few complaints arise about missing or poor quality items.

However, some people are unhappy with customer service and products not fitting properly. This is normal for any company.

From what we see online, Broswear has good customer ratings. Quality products at good prices with good service.

Quality of the Products

Quality is always the main focus for Broswear. Though they are new to the market, they use only premium materials. They collaborate with researchers and manufacturers to make sure their goods meet the highest standards.

Products go through several rounds of quality control, so customers get top-notch garments.

Broswear has great customer service. Their customer experience team works hard to make sure everyone is satisfied. They make sure customers have a good experience, and prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to taking care of them.

Materials Used

MasterWorks is a brand that creates custom clothing for men. Every item they make is handmade, made-to-order, with materials sourced from around the world. Many of their products use Italian lambskin leather and English wool. Quality is always kept high with all materials chosen carefully.

MasterWorks also has a commitment to sustainability. They recycle materials to make items like wallets, jackets and bags. The UN Human Rights Council has recognised them for their responsible labor practices in the fashion industry.

Quality of the Manufacturing

Broswea’s manufacturing matters. It’s legit because of their eco-friendly production methods100% ethical cotton. Customers can trace and monitor purchases. Materials come from certified companies with the best industry standards. Quality and durability are key for their items. Plus, generous returns within 30 days if there’s a problem. This shows superb customer service and product quality.


So, is Broswear Legit? Evaluation of a brand’s performance often comes down to one thing: durability. And, Broswear’s got it! Their garments are made with quality fabrics and designed to last for years. Even in tough conditions.

Plus, Broswear makes sure each garment can handle anything you throw at it. From reinforced stitching, gussets, and pockets to DWR coatings, they go the extra mile. You won’t have to worry about your clothes falling apart during a long trek or expedition.

In short, durability-wise, you can trust Broswear! Quality is taken seriously, and that’s evident in the product.

Customer Service

What is Zapaka?-Is Broswear Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand.

Customer service is key for any legit business. Companies should provide clear options for customers to contact them, like a phone number, email, online chat or FAQ page. That way, when customers need help with something, they can get a quick response.

This is especially true for boutique brands like Broswear. New customers may not know their products. They may need extra help navigating the website or making a purchase. An active social media presence is also good. It shows the brand engages with customers, and answers questions and concerns promptly. When researching Broswear’s legitimacy, make sure they have reliable and thorough customer service options.

Shipping and Delivery

Broswear’s shipping & delivery policy offers customers peace of mind. Their policy is simple and cost-effective. Depending on order size, customers can choose Standard (3-5 days), Expedited (2 days) or Express (1 day) shipping methods. All packages come with insurance & signature confirmation for added security. Plus, customers can track orders via their web portal for up-to-date info. Orders ship from CA, so customers in the western US get them faster. All-in-all, it’s a positive customer experience.

Returns and Refunds

Broswear offers a great returns and refunds policy! You have 14 days after receiving your item to return it. The item must include proof of purchase, tags, and all packaging must be original and in re-saleable condition. Refunds will happen within 10 business days of receipt.

  • Items bought on sale or discounted can’t be refunded, but can be exchanged for a gift card credit.
  • Customers must pay their own return shipping costs unless the item is damaged or defective when it arrives.

Customer Support

Customer support is key when shopping online, especially with a small brand like Broswear. Their service team ensures the order process is smooth and any queries can be answered quickly.

When looking into Is Broswear Legit, investigate their customer service policies and services. Free shipping is available on orders over $50. Returns are also flexible and their site is easy to use. Plus, customers can contact 24/7 reps for questions or issues. All this shows that Broswear takes customer service seriously, making them reliable and trustworthy.


Pricing is key when it comes to legit brands. Broswear provides items to fit their target market. Low-end products are at a good price. Mid-range items are competitive. The aim is to provide luxury with no extra cost. Prices on the site are lower than other retailers. Also, special sales, like Black Friday, offer discounts. Free shipping and no fee returns/exchanges are available too.

High quality items with attainable prices make Broswear the go-to for stylish apparel and accessories.

Value for Money

Money-wise, Broswear is an excellent choice. Prices are fair and quality is top-notch. Take a basic T-shirt. It’s only $25 – much cheaper than similar brands. Go for a hoodie or jeans and the price goes up. Yet, you’re still getting great value for money. This is because of Broswear’s commitment to quality and attention to detail in their designs and materials used.

Discounts and Promotions

Shoppers exploring BrosWear? We get it! We offer discounts for students, military personnel, first responders and healthcare workers. Plus, we have frequent promo events like free shipping and flash sales. And don’t forget about our unique BrosWear Gear!

Value is our commitment – we look for new ways to show appreciation to our loyal customers, including year-round discounts and promotions.


Broswear is a sustainable apparel brand with a mission to reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact. They use organic cotton and recycled materials, have fair policies, and create high-quality products. Research shows they are trustworthy and reliable. Their commitment to sustainability, ethics, and customer service make them an ideal choice for conscious shoppers.

In conclusion, Broswear is a legitimate company to consider when buying eco-friendly apparel.

FAQs about: Is Broswear Legit

Q: Is Broswear a legitimate company?

A: Yes, Broswear is a legitimate company that produces quality menswear apparel.

Q: What is the quality of Broswear’s products?

A: Broswear is committed to producing high-quality menswear apparel using only the finest material and craftsmanship.

Q: Where can I purchase Broswear products?

A: Broswear products are available online as well as in select retail stores.