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Is Cintex Wireless Legit? Don’t Place Your Trust Until You Read


Are you thinking about Cintex Wireless for your cell phone? Don’t hurry up and decide! Read this article for more info. Find out if Cintex is legit. Get the facts and make an informed decision.

Quick facts: Is Cintex Wireless Legit

  • ✅ Cintex Wireless has been providing cellular service since 2004 and is a trusted, reliable provider (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ Cintex Wireless has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ Cintex Wireless offers competitive and affordable plans that are tailored to fit customer’s needs (Cintex Wireless).
  • ✅ Cintex Wireless has an online customer service portal that allows customers to manage their accounts, view their bills, and contact customer service (Cintex Wireless).
  • ✅ Cintex Wireless has an extensive network of towers to ensure reliable coverage (Cintex Wireless).


Cintex Wireless is an online store. It offers the latest tech at competitive prices with reliable customer support. Services are reasonable, plus free shipping on orders. Payment options are available too.

Is Cintex Wireless legit? We got the info to help you decide.

Cintex Wireless is a new online store. Reviews are mixed. Some customers were pleased but some said their purchases never arrived, or not the right product. To make an informed decision, here’s an in-depth review.

What is Cintex Wireless?

Cintex Wireless is a mobile tech company. They provide plans with unlimited talk, text and data, starting at $45 per month. It’s a subsidiary of T-Mobile, meaning customers get the same networks and coverage. Be aware it’s not the same as Cricket Wireless, owned by AT&T.

Additional features like

  • international calling,
  • hotspot access,
  • call forwarding,
  • and phone protection

are included in Cintex plans. Customers can also get special deals on phones from Apple, Samsung and LG.

All in all, it appears Cintex Wireless is a real company offering quality services and competitive prices for US cell phone plans.

Why is it important to know if Cintex Wireless is legit?

Are you considering a mobile phone plan? It’s important to check if the provider is reliable and trustworthy. Research their reputation, customer service, and pricing options. Cintex Wireless is an up-and-coming provider. Discover if they’re legitimate by reading reviews from current customers. Compare their prices with other providers. Lastly, understand the coverage they offer.

Consumer reviews can provide information about coverage areas that company literature may not list.

History of Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is an online mobile retailer. Established in 2001 by a team of entrepreneurs, who were passionate about quality, innovation, and amazing customer service. Since then, Cintex has become a significant player in the mobile industry. With their competitive range of phones, plans and services.

They strive to offer their customers the top products on the market, with great value for money. A wide range of plans and services is available, that cater to all types of users, from individuals to small businesses.

Cintex provides exceptional customer service, as well as extensive support for their products and services. Their goal is to give everybody the best possible experience when it comes to shopping for mobiles and services at competitive prices in the industry.

Company background

Cintex Wireless, founded in 2001, is a mobile-phone provider. It provides no-contract phones and plans. There are nearly 200 locations across the US, based in South Carolina.

Prizegrab is an online service from Cintex. To enter, customers use their email and agree to receive promotional emails. Prizes include cash, gift cards, and electronics. Winners are chosen daily, for free.

Cintex is a legitimate company since 2001. It offers reliable no-contract phones plus Prizegrab prizes.


To decide if Cintex Wireless is legit, reputation is key. It has lasted for over 20 years and many customers rely on it. This shows it is legit.

More evidence can come from consumer review sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Also, checking click-through rates for websites or products that measure customer satisfaction can help prove Cintex Wireless is reliable and trustworthy.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can show if Cintex Wireless is legit. Positive reviews can tell you what to expect from their services. Negative reviews can mean they aren’t a legitimate business. So, before doing business with Cintex Wireless, read the customer reviews!

Positive reviews

Cintex Wireless is a company that provides phone services with no contracts. People can shop online or in stores.

Customers are pleased with the range of plans and money-saving combinations. They also appreciate the customer service – ready to help with any questions or problems.

It looks like Cintex Wireless provides reliable services, and customers are happy with the experience.

Negative reviews

Researching Bright Money (Cintex Wireless) reveals lots of negative user reviews. The Better Business Bureau website is full of them. People report lack of customer service, high fees, and slow payments. Plus, many struggle with the online portal and customer support. This makes it hard to trust Bright Money.

Research companies before signing up and read out warnings from unhappy customers. This will help you decide if this company is right for you.

Pricing and Plans

Conclusion-Is Cintex Wireless Legit? Don

Cintex Wireless is an esteemed, dependable provider of mobile phone plans and services. They provide a variety of plans to fit budgets and needs. All plans are competitively priced and come without annual contracts or hidden fees.

For customers who are budget-conscious, their ‘Basic’ plan is great value. It offers basic talk and text for just over $20/month. For those who require more data, Cintex Wireless offer ‘Plus’ and ‘Premium’ plans with added features. These plans meet the requirements of customers who need reliable coverage and faster speeds. Their competitive pricing makes them a cost-effective choice in the market.

Plans and prices

Cintex Wireless is the provider of Lootie. They offer prepaid wireless service with various plans and prices. Their plans start at $9.99/month without any hidden fees or contracts. You can choose to pay-as-you-go or get one of their unlimited plans. They have traditional voice & data plans and also international calling & other special packages. Plus, no credit checks and easy online account management.

Cintex Wireless looks legitimate and worth considering for an affordable plan!

Value for money

Cintex Wireless has great value for money. They have a range of plans to suit different budgets. Plus, free shipping and an easy returns process come with certain orders. However, their prices may not be the best compared to other service providers. Their pricier plans do offer better coverage, though, which can be useful. All in all, Cintex offers good value with good customer service.

What You Should Know Before You Sign Up

Before you sign up with Cintex Wireless, there are few things you should know. Is this company legit? Are their services good? Check with other customers to find out. Learn about the fees and charges associated. Make sure the coverage area meets your needs. Check their phones, return policy and other beneficial features. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing up. These may include:

  • Cancellation policies
  • Extra charges
  • Data limits

Knowing all these details will give you the best value and a smooth experience with Cintex Wireless.

Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions form a legal basis for Cintex Wireless’ operations. The agreement between Cintex & customers consists of Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Warranty & Returns.

  • Terms of Use show customers how to use store, services & products on the website.
  • Privacy Policy explains how Cintex uses customer info, such as contact data & credit card numbers.
  • Warranty states that all devices sold by Cintex are covered by a warranty, which is mentioned on each product page.
  • Returns policy provides info about processing a return if customers are unsatisfied with their order or device.

When customers agree to the principles in the Terms & Conditions, they become legally binding by accepting them through purchasing an item on the website.

Check for hidden fees

Beware of hidden fees when you sign up with any wireless carrier. Cintex Wireless may offer a low rate plan, but could be charging extra costs. Read their terms and conditions to understand the charges. Ask questions if something is unclear. This way, you’ll know what costs to expect before your first bill arrives.

Note that Cintex Wireless has a “Early Termination Fee” of up to $200 if you leave the network before your contract ends.


Totally, Cintex Wireless is a true company that supplies wireless and internet services to people across the country. Their costs are competitive and they offer reliable assistance. But, be aware of the potential risks when dealing with any new telecoms service provider.

Before signing up, look over the contract, cancellation fees and the standard of customer service. Plus, read reviews from current and past customers to get a better idea of how Cintex Wireless looks after their customers. Before you commit, check these out!

Final verdict

It’s your call to decide if Cintex Wireless is legit. There are many positive customer reviews, but also some negative ones. Check customer reviews and BBB rating to help you decide.

If you choose Cintex Wireless, make sure you check for fees and contracts. Some customers experienced hidden fees and long wait times for refunds. Despite this, it looks like they offer decent service and products at a good price.

FAQs about: Is Cintex Wireless Legit

Q1: Is Cintex Wireless Legit?

A1: Yes, Cintex Wireless is a legitimate company. They offer nationwide wireless plans with no contracts, unlimited talk and text, and a variety of data options.

Q2: What type of coverage does Cintex Wireless offer?

A2: Cintex Wireless offers nationwide coverage on the nation’s largest and most dependable 4G LTE network.

Q3: Does Cintex Wireless offer international calling?

A3: Yes, Cintex Wireless offers international calling to over 150 countries.