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Is CollegeXpress Legit? Get the Facts Here!


Are you pondering making use of CollegeXpress? Do you want to know if it’s legitimate? Here’s the scoop. Get the facts and decide for yourself! Is CollegeXpress a real resource? Read on to find out!

Quick facts: Is Collegexpress Legit

  • ✅ CollegeXpress has over 6 million website visitors annually (CollegeXpress)
  • ✅ CollegeXpress provides resources and support to over 1 million high school students each year (CollegeXpress)
  • ✅ CollegeXpress is the number one ranked college search site on (
  • ✅ CollegeXpress offers a suite of free college planning and admissions services and resources (CollegeXpress)
  • ✅ CollegeXpress has helped over 2 million students get accepted to college (CollegeXpress)

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CollegeXpress is here for you. We offer free resources, advice, and tools for college admissions.

Leading publications like The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and TIME Magazine praised us highly.

We want to be a source you can trust. Our College Matchmaker and search application are top-notch. Our forums moderators give helpful advice.

We understand accuracy is important. So we stay up-to-date with all the news. We feature professionals who have been in your shoes. That’s why The Wall Street Journal chose us.

What is CollegeXpress?

At CollegeXpress, high school and college students explore over 8,000 colleges! It’s owned by Peterson’s, one of the oldest and most respected names in college admissions. Plus, there’s an online community with discussion boards, articles, and exclusive interviews. Leading media outlets like U.S. News & World Report, Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN cite CollegeXpress as a reliable source.

They offer various services to customers. For example, they help users explore degree options, find the right colleges, and provide guides on college admissions requirements. Plus, the College Success Toolkit gives access to 1 million scholarships worth $1 billion. It’s no surprise that users trust CollegeXpress for legitimate college resources.

What services does CollegeXpress provide?

CollegeXpress is an online platform that gives high school students and their families access to college search, admissions resources, and advice. It offers a college search engine with reviews, rankings, and past graduates’ SAT/ACT scores. Plus, tuition costs and financial aid information for prospective students.

CollegeXpress also provides scholarship info to help with financing. Furthermore, there are professional counselors who offer personalized advice regarding the college application process.

In conclusion, CollegeXpress is a great tool for those seeking an organized approach to college applications.


CollegeXpress has a great rep. Thousands have trusted it since 2010. It’s known for accurate info about college admissions and academic programs. It’s helped students make informed decisions about where to apply, what college life is like, and how to make the most of their education.

CollegeXpress is dedicated to its users. Its editors are college grads. They have a strict content review process for accuracy. CollegeXpress also has moderated discussion threads for safe exchange of ideas. It’s been in service for 10 yrs and is a go-to resource for students seeking reliable college admissions info.

Reviews of CollegeXpress

CollegeXpress reviews offer insight into Open Road Lending’s student loan refinancing services. It is a division of CollegeXpress, an online provider of college resources. Reviews applaud the quick, efficient process and wide range of loan options. Plus, CollegeXpress also provides budget planning tools, payment plans, and 24/7 customer service.

Reviews suggest Open Road Lending is great for saving on student loans or creatively managing debt. Ultimately, CollegeXpress is a legit and reliable institution for those seeking higher education financing.

Testimonials of CollegeXpress

Testimonials of CollegeXpress prove how the website has assisted students nationwide to get their ideal college and transform their dreams into reality. Present and previous students, parents, and counselors share these reviews, to give a thorough view of what CollegeXpress provides. They show the immense success and satisfaction customers have encountered when utilizing CollegeXpress services.

The reviews reveal firsthand accounts on how CollegeXpress simplifies the college search process. Moreover, they describe multiple helpful features like personalized discussion forums and FAQs sections that provide insight into higher education. Finally, these reviews provide assurance to anyone considering using CollegeXpress services that it is a legitimate resource for finding their perfect school.


CollegeXpress Legit is a great college research tool. It has a library of college profiles, scholarship databases and application resources that’s updated often and free.

  • Members can compare colleges, get insider tips, research scholarships, track their applications and more.
  • CollegeXpress also has guides on admissions, financial aid and more. Plus, exclusive webinars with prominent speakers on college search topics.
  • The online community forum lets members connect with others in similar stages of the college search. Ask questions, get advice and get real-time feedback from CollegeXpress members all over the world.

College search engine

CollegeXpress is a search engine. Students can use it to explore over 6,000 college profiles. This helps them find the right college. It has info on tuition, admissions, financial aid, student life and academic programs.

The website also has advice from college experts. They offer advice on topics like scholarships, essays, interviews and more. There are reviews and feedback from real students who used it to find colleges. This gives an unbiased opinion from people who have gone through the process.

CollegeXpress also offers advice about financial aid. It helps users understand how to maximize their application process. It makes it easy to search for colleges. It gives access to info that prospective students may not have otherwise.

Scholarship search

CollegeXpress is the go-to for a safe and reliable scholarship search. It’s trusted by millions of students and families. With a user-friendly interface, you can search through 5,000+ scholarships. You can filter for award amount, deadline, eligibility requirements, etc.

CollegeXpress also offers admission essay tips, financial aid advice, virtual tours, and testing reminders. All these resources make it an invaluable source for anyone looking for scholarship info and college guidance!

College admissions resources

CollegeXpress is an online platform, giving college admissions resources. These include college search tools, community-made data about colleges, and educational advice. CollegeXpress has a partnership with the College Board, providing access to PrepScholar services like test prep materials and assessment tests. They also offer a network of counselors to help students with the college admissions process.

Students can benefit from CollegeXpress’ interactive forum for asking questions about colleges and universities. Plus, CollegeXpress links students to counselors. These can review applications, suggest courses for test prep topics, and guide students through the application process. In this way, CollegeXpress is an invaluable tool for students during the college admissions process.

With its large knowledge base, plus a dedication to helping students get into their top-choice colleges, CollegeXpress is a reliable resource for college admissions.


Conclusion-Is CollegeXpress Legit? Get the Facts Here!

CollegeXpress makes security their number one priority. We have protocols to protect your information and make sure data is handled with care. Our systems are PCI compliant and we use encryption technologies to keep out unapproved third-parties. Firewalls, anti-virus programs, and intrusion detection systems protect our servers from external danger. Passwords are secured by a one-way hashing algorithm, so even if someone were to access your account, they can’t get your password or any other sensitive data. No payment info is stored on our servers, so all financial transactions are safe and encrypted.

Data encryption

CollegeXpress wants to ensure a secure platform, so data encryption is a must. 256-bit encryption is the industry-standard, so all student and counselor data remain secure and private. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant payment technology also protects user financial info.

These measures create a safe environment for counselors and students who use the platform without fear of their data being stolen or manipulated.

Privacy policy

Raravo, an online college and career search engine, has a privacy policy. It outlines the practices of data collection and use. The policy explains what confidential info Raravo collects from users. This includes personal info like names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and physical addresses.

Raravo stores the data on secure servers using industry standard methods to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure. The policy also talks about how the company may share personal data with third-party providers or affiliates for marketing or other purposes. Users can opt out of any marketing communications from Raravo at any time by updating their preferences in their user profile.

Payment security

We understand how important it is to keep your payment details secure. That’s why CollegeXpress use only the most modern security protocols and technologies. All data is encrypted and sent to our servers for processing. It’s then stored in a safe and encrypted state.

Norton, a well-known name in internet security, processes payments through our secure merchant account. Be at ease knowing your payment info is secure at CollegeXpress.


At CollegeXpress, you can sign up for free! You’ll have access to college search tools and scholarships. Want more? Upgrade to a paid membership. Professional help with college apps and admission decisions. Prices depend on the level of service.

  • Basic plan is $99/year with college guidance and essay-editing services.
  • Premium plans are either $299 or $399/year. Get one-on-one help from advisors on admissions, scholarships, and more!

And don’t forget the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy, get your money back.

CollegeXpress membership fees

CollegeXpress is an online resource for college-bound students. It offers a wide range of services, such as college search tools, scholarship search tools and career advice.

It has 3 levels of membership: Free, Plus ($99 yearly) and Premium ($149 yearly).

The free account allows you to use the college search tool and access scholarships without a fee. Plus and Premium memberships provide extra benefits. These include:

  • Unlimited searches for colleges and scholarships
  • Personalized advice from counselors
  • Application support
  • Resume help
  • Interview prep tips
  • A mobile app
  • And more

There is no refund for membership fees, and no contract. However, you can cancel your membership at any time. CollegeXpress is a great way to get the help you need while finding colleges and universities.

Additional services and fees

Snagajob, run by CollegeXpress, offers extra services and costs. These include resume writing and career coaching. Furthermore, they have partnered with career pros who can assist you in the job search process – such as résumé building and interviewing tips.

Snagajob also has an Upsell college degree completion plan. It gives you access to advisors, who can help you figure out your continuing education options. Plus, you get discounted rates, essay help sheets and application reviews. With Snagajob’s services and fee structure, employers can trust they’re getting top-notch candidates from CollegeXpress. They’ve taken the extra steps to guarantee a successful job search.


CollegeXpress is a legit website. It offers guides, search tools, and resources to help students make smart decisions about college. It features current info on colleges, universities, and scholarships. Plus, it has free tools like Smart Search and CollegeMatch which helps students find their perfect school. Plus, it has advice on how to pick a major, application tips, money saving strategies, and more.

CollegeXpress is a dependable resource for college selection. It can give students an edge in the admissions process.

Summary of CollegeXpress

CollegeXpress is the real deal! It offers lots of services for college-bound students and families. Resources like detailed college admissions info, scholarships and financial aid make the college search process easier and more affordable. Plus, there’s an online community with counselors, coaches and mentors. Students can even share their experiences with others in similar situations.

The website gets great feedback from successful users. So if you want to make your college dreams come true, CollegeXpress is the way to go!

Final verdict on CollegeXpress

The final say on CollegeXpress is that it is legit. It can help you pick the perfect college for you. Whether you need an accredited school, a scholarship, or just want to know more on college admissions, CollegeXpress will guide you. But, it won’t do the searching for you. You must read the program descriptions and review all the info to decide which school is right.

If you’re looking for an overview of higher education, CollegeXpress could be worth it. With Credit Ninja’s dedication to quality and safety, you don’t have to worry about trusting this website with your private details.

FAQs about: Is Collegexpress Legit

Q: Is CollegeXpress legit?

A: Yes, CollegeXpress is a legitimate website. It has been helping students research and apply to college since 1998.

Q: Does CollegeXpress cost money?

A: No, CollegeXpress is free to use. There are no fees for using the website or for any of the services it provides.

Q: What services does CollegeXpress offer?

A: CollegeXpress offers a variety of services to help students research and apply to college, including college search tools, college rankings, scholarship search, career information, and more.