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Is Eventbrite Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Popular Event


Think of using Eventbrite for an event? This article will tell all about the popular ticket platform. Get the info you need to make a wise decision. Learn the truth about Eventbrite. See how it can aid you.

Quick facts: Is Eventbrite Legit

  • ✅ Eventbrite earned $2.2 billion in gross ticket sales in 2019 (TechCrunch)
  • ✅ Eventbrite has processed over 1 billion tickets for more than 3 million events since 2006 (Eventbrite)
  • ✅ Eventbrite is rated 4.7/5 stars by customers on TrustPilot (TrustPilot)
  • ✅ Eventbrite is the number one platform for event organizers, according to Capterra (Capterra)
  • ✅ Eventbrite was ranked #14 in the Financial Times’ list of Americas’ fastest growing companies in 2019 (Financial Times)

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What Is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is an online event and ticketing management platform that’s grown in popularity. It provides services like hosting events, creating tickets and customizing promotional materials. It also offers financial management, collecting payments through credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Bitcoin.

Eventbrite is a trusted company. It follows local laws and uses SSL encryption to protect customers’ data. It’s one of the most secure platforms for events and selling tickets.

Overview of the company

Kixify is a global ticketing and events platform. It helps organizations to connect with their customers through ticketing, marketing, e-commerce and data. Hundreds of thousands of event organizers use Kixify to manage their events and increase revenue.

The platform has user-friendly dashboards, mobile access and data-driven insights. This helps organizations to maximize event success. Kixify also offers event planning services like registration, check-in and reporting. The API integration connects the platform to third party partners such as Square or Stripe. This makes Kixify the most efficient solution for businesses seeking an all-in-one online ticketing suite.

The services they offer

Eventbrite is a popular online service that provides event organisers a platform. It helps organisers create, promote and manage events. Eventbrite offers ticketing and registration services. It also has built-in marketing tools which help organisers gain attendance. Powerful analytics are available to track performance and get insights.

Payment processing services collect fees, ticket transfer options for resales, and an integrated calendar view to find nearby events quickly are also included. Eventbrite simplifies the whole event organising process from start to finish.

Is Eventbrite Legit?

Eventbrite is a popular event platform that has grown in recent years. People can use it to create and promote their events, as well as manage payments, ticket sales, and promotion. This service is attractive – it’s a good way to make money and get noticed. But some worry about its legitimacy.

To figure out if Eventbrite is legit or not, we must look at the company, its security, customer reviews, and more. All these factors tell us that Eventbrite is a legitimate business. Their platforms are secure and customers can access their purchases easily. Plus, they have many positive reviews from users.

Eventbrite is doing the right things when it comes to offering a safe platform for organizers and attendees – this is why it’s worth choosing them!

What do customers say?

Customers provide feedback on Eventbrite to determine if it is safe. Luckily, their reviews are great! People say it is easy to use and customer service is helpful. Furthermore, those who hosted events got their payments on time and were able to monitor ticket sales.

Although some have had issues, they are rare – making Eventbrite a legitimate platform!

What do experts say?

When it comes to judging if a service is legit, reviews and industry tips are essential. Eventbrite is used a lot by event promoters and conference organizers. They love it for its simplicity, event-marketing tools, and analytics dashboard.

Big names like Airbnb’s Kevin Hartz, Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman, and One Plus Technology Ltd’s Rosen Sharma have given positive feedback. Wired and TechCrunch have also applauded Eventbrite’s many features and usability. This shows that Eventbrite is respected in the tech world as a dependable provider of event services.

Pros and Cons of Eventbrite

Eventbrite is popular for its simplicity. Its drag-and-drop interface allows users to make custom event pages, manage guest lists and send automated emails. The platform’s fee structures vary according to the size of the event.

However, there are a few downsides too. Processing fees can be high, depending on the payment option. Customer service also isn’t always the best. Still, Eventbrite can be great for managing events if you’re willing to accept its potential drawbacks.


The Pros of Student Beans? Numerous!

  • Users can access exclusive discounts from hundreds of major brands, including clothing stores, tech companies, restaurants, and more. Plus, loyalty points with certain businesses that can be used for later purchases.
  • Student Beans offer deals on hotels and tickets for concerts and events.
  • They partner with popular event-management platforms such as Eventbrite to provide student tickets at reduced prices. This is great for students wanting to attend events without spending too much. And, many of these events offer exclusive offerings available only through Student Beans partners.


Eventbrite is widely used, but not without its issues. Many users have expressed disapproval of their customer service policies – it’s hard to get in contact with them. This can lead to problems with ticket refunds, etc., during event planning.

Even though Eventbrite fees are lower than some of its competitors, they can quickly add up depending on the size and type of tickets. Lastly, it’s not available in all countries or regions, limiting its use in certain places.

Alternatives to Eventbrite

Overview of Ross Simons-Is Eventbrite Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Popular Event

Eventbrite is a popular event-ticketing and registration platform, but there are alternatives too. Brown Paper Tickets is especially suitable for smaller events. It has free or discounted tickets with no monthly fees or minimums – perfect for short-term concerts and festivals.

TicketLeap offers custom branding options and real-time analytics. It’s best for larger events – it charges per ticket sold.

TicketSpice is ideal for virtual events. It’s easy to use on desktop and mobile devices. Plus, it integrates with email marketing services and PayPal payments. There’s free customer support too – via phone or email – for any questions about the platform.


Is Eventbrite legit? Is it safe to purchase tickets on this platform? We will explore Eventbrite’s legitimacy. It partners with Ticketmaster and StubHub.

Eventbrite allows users to buy primary market tickets from the artist or venue. It also lets them purchase secondary market tickets from resale sites like StubHub. This way customers can get any event they want, without worrying about it being unavailable or too expensive.

The payment processing system is secure. So, one can trust Eventbrite.


Ticketfly is owned by Eventbrite and is a popular events platform. It provides ticketing, marketing, and analytics services to event promoters. Plus, there’s an app for easy access to upcoming events!

Advantages of Ticketfly include simple ticket purchasing and great customer service/support. Plus, they offer discounts on tickets to get more people attending events.

However, the fees can be expensive compared to other ticketing platforms and don’t always provide much value. Additionally, the user interface for their website can be confusing for those unfamiliar with online ticketing services.


Billetto is an event platform like Eventbrite. It was founded in London in 2012. It offers ticketing services for various events – from small gatherings to large festivals. It has an intuitive user interface and customizable ticket prices. It has the ‘Power Ticketing’ feature for organizing large events.

The pros of Billetto are its low fees (2.5% +£0.30). It is integrated with major payment processing companies such as PayPal, Stripe, and Worldpay. It also has a 24/7 customer service team.

The cons of Billetto include fewer features compared to Eventbrite, and no support for multi-currency payments or group discounts. It also doesn’t have an API integration or a desktop version – only an iOS app.

Final Thoughts

The last opinion about Eventbrite’s authenticity is based on the user’s experience. Eventbrite has great features, like their free ticketing option, but it does have some flaws. It’s important to read reviews and contact their support team if you have questions.

Eventbrite has been around for over two decades. It’s simple ticketing system, lots of customization options, and well-known name make it a great choice for anyone organizing an event. The pricing and customer service also make sure users get what they pay for. With these qualities, it’s clear why many people trust Eventbrite.

Is Eventbrite Legit?

Eventbrite is a San Francisco-based event registration and ticketing website. It’s a platform for anyone to host their own events, sell tickets, promote their business, or bring people together. But, is Eventbrite legit? In this review, we uncover the truth.

Eventbrite has been around since 2006. It’s a secure and reliable platform. It takes the burden of event management off of the hosts so they can focus on the important thing – making sure guests have a good experience.

Eventbrite offers:

  • Customizable ticket forms
  • Seat mapping
  • Order tracking
  • Analytics tracking
  • 24/7 support team
  • Knowledge base
  • Safe payments with Stripe and 256-bit encryption technology

All these features make Eventbrite one of the most reliable platforms – making it totally legit!

Should you use Eventbrite?

Using Eventbrite for event planning is a popular choice. It provides an online ticketing page, fees, and ticket sales management. It also has detailed analytics, marketing tools, and customer support.

The pros? It’s all in one place, with control over ticket types, prices and discounts. But there are cons too. It can be expensive, with booking fees for each ticket. And some users have encountered technical difficulties setting up payments and invoices.

It’s up to the individual planner to decide – pros and cons should be carefully considered before making their decision.

FAQs about: Is Eventbrite Legit

Q1. Is Eventbrite a legitimate service?

A1. Yes, Eventbrite is a legitimate and secure ticketing platform.

Q2. Is Eventbrite safe to use?

A2. Yes, Eventbrite is safe to use. Eventbrite is dedicated to providing secure and reliable ticketing for events of all sizes.

Q3. Does Eventbrite charge a fee?

A3. Yes, Eventbrite charges a fee for each ticket sold. The fee is typically a percentage of the ticket price plus a flat fee.