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Is Freelancer Legit? The Definitive Answer.


Thinking of beginning a freelance job? Worried if it’s legit? Fear not! We’ve got the answer to your question here: “Is Freelancer Legit?” So, you can make the right decision for your career with ease.

Quick facts: Is Freelancer Legit

  • ✅ The majority of freelancers have had positive experiences; 67% of freelancers have reported to be satisfied or very satisfied with their experiences (Forbes).
  • ✅ 43% of freelancers report increased satisfaction with their work compared to when they were employed full-time (The Freelancer Survey).
  • ✅ The freelance economy has grown by almost 20% in the past year alone (Freelancing in America 2019).
  • ✅ The freelance economy contributes over $1 trillion to the US economy each year (Freelancing in America 2019).
  • ✅ Freelancers report an average salary of $45,912 (The Freelancer Survey).
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    What is Freelancer?

    Freelancing is an act of self-employment. It’s about working on short-term, project-based tasks, often from remote locations. Services like digital marketing, content writing, graphic design, web development, photography, video editing, accounting are some of the freelancing activities.

    Freelancers have the control of their workload and income, so they can choose projects of their interest and skills. Freelancing gives them the flexibility, not just in terms of time but also in the number of clients and hours for each project.

    Platforms like allows freelancers to outsource their skills globally. There are several advantages to this type of self-employment, such as:

    • Having autonomy to manage their own time.
    • Work remotely or onsite.
    • Financial security.
    • Professional growth opportunities.

    Overview of Freelancer

    Freelancer is a website that matches employers and freelancers. Employers post jobs and freelancers submit bids with their cost and hours estimates. Freelancer’s goal is to make it easy for employers to find workers, while keeping freelancers safe.

    This online platform has been around since 2005. It’s one of the oldest and largest freelance sites, with 30 million users worldwide. Over 10 million jobs have been posted, resulting in over $4 billion paid out. Companies who hire through Freelancer are reported to be very satisfied with their freelancers, suggesting that Freelancer is a reputable platform for work contracts between employers and freelancers all over the world.

    How Freelancer Works

    Freelancer is an online platform that links clients and freelancers working in different fields. Freelancers can create a profile, list their services, and apply for jobs they’re interested in. Clients can select a freelancer based on their qualifications, reviews and ratings.

    When a freelancer is chosen, they both agree on a set rate. Then, the client pays (which is held by Freelancer) to kick-off the project. The freelancer then works on it and delivers it back upon completion. For bigger projects, some clients may ask for updates or interim payments before job completion.

    Afterwards, both can give feedback on their experience with each other. This helps others decide who to recommend in similar searches.

    Is Freelancer Legit?

    Freelancer is an online platform that connects professionals with employers from all around the world for remote projects. It is designed to help employers find the perfect match for their project and freelancers to showcase their skills.

    Freelancer has one of the largest networks in the industry. It also offers tools for secure collaboration between clients and freelancers, such as private messaging, time tracking, digital payments, project management, and more. Plus, it has secure databases that store customer information safely, along with robust security measures.

    Therefore, Freelancer is a legitimate platform for both employers and freelancers.

    Reviews and Testimonials

    Reviews are a must for deciding if a freelancer is legit. Check for past customer reviews or feedback listed on their profile. You can also search online for testimonials. Reading multiple reviews gives you a better view of the freelancer’s dependability. Others’ experiences with the freelancer show if they are trustworthy and how long they take to complete projects.

    If still unsure, contact them or call other clients:

    • Check for past customer reviews or feedback listed on their profile.
    • Search online for testimonials.
    • Read multiple reviews to get a better view of the freelancer’s dependability.
    • Find out others’ experiences with the freelancer to see if they are trustworthy and how long they take to complete projects.
    • Contact them or call other clients.

    Legitimacy of Payment Processes

    Freelancer platforms are concerned about payment security. Nobody wants to be taken advantage of. So, technologies like PayPal and Stripe are used to securely process payments. This way, payments become traceable and secure. Plus, if something goes wrong during the transaction, these services provide protection for both employers and freelancers. This increases payment transparency, and helps everyone to be held accountable.

    Security and Safety of Data

    Kidscasting is an online platform that gives parents, agents, and casting directors a secure and safe way to search for child talent. It helps protect children from identity theft, dangers, and other online risks.

    Parents can register their child’s profile on the platform, without worrying about private info being exposed. Kidscasting also helps them keep track of their child’s progress and manage contact with agents or casting directors. Furthermore, everyone involved has access to quick search functions to find the right talent for a role or project.

    Pros and Cons of Freelancer

    Freelancer is a very popular online job marketplace. Lots of people have registered there. It offers many opportunities. Before taking the plunge, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of freelancing.

    The pros? Flexibility, control over your work environment, and higher earning potential. But, there can be income instability. Clients might not pay on time or drop out. You must deal with tax filing and legal issues too. To stay competitive, you need to spend time marketing yourself and researching services.

    Overall, freelancing offers freedom but requires extra effort from the user.


    Freelancing provides autonomy. As a freelancer, you control your own schedule and workload. You may even work on different projects for different customers in different industries.

    Freelancing can offer higher pay than a full-time job. Companies or organizations may be willing to pay more for independent contractors than for permanent positions. This can mean an increased salary without a decrease in quality.

    Freelance jobs can also provide flexibility and mobility. You can often work from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Some freelance jobs let you work remotely, so you don’t need to go to an office each day.


    Only4Leaked has a downside – data security and privacy. Users must submit personal data to sign up – full name, address, contact info, and bank account details. This makes them vulnerable to hacking. Also, quality control is weak, so it’s hard to ensure real jobs and payment.

    Moreover, only Kenyan residents can use Only4Leaked services, limiting quality freelancers to those living in Kenya.

    Alternatives to Freelancer

    Returns and Refunds-Is Freelancer Legit? The Definitive Answer.

    Are you a freelancer wanting an alternative to Freelancer? There’s lots of options to choose from.

    • Upwork is one of the biggest with millions of users. Register a profile to show your skills, and list the types of jobs you want.
    • Working with big companies like 99 Designs and Toptal can also land you work.
    • FlexJobs is a job search platform that focuses on remote and flexible jobs. It’s organised by type, industry, experience level and more.
    • Fiverr is another popular choice for gigs, such as web design and SEO services.
    • Lastly, Hubstaff Talent is a free resource for freelancers looking to connect with businesses that need remote talent.


    Upwork is a freelancing marketplace that links employers and freelancers. It covers all digital jobs – content writing, web design, software development, graphic design, admin tasks, etc. It’s a legit platform that protects both parties.

    Upwork also provides dispute resolution services and payment protection plans. Its reputation system rewards users with higher paying gigs and better job offers from employers. This makes Upwork a trusted platform for short-term projects and long-term career growth.


    Fiverr is an acclaimed, global services marketplace for freelancers. It helps them offer their services to customers from all around the world. Clients can find experts in almost every field – from software development, graphic design to music production, marketing and more. The user interface is simple and easy to comprehend for both freelancers and clients.

    Fiverr is noteworthy for its low fees compared to other freelance sites. Its escrow system – which keeps the customers’ money secured until they’re pleased with the project – has made it a well-liked online marketplace. The site also has a platform for dispute resolution in case either side doesn’t fulfill their end of the agreement.

    All in all, Fiverr is a dependable platform where customers can find quality freelance professionals at a reasonable rate.


    Mike Raskoff and Steve Johnson founded Cintex Wireless in 2003, originally as Guru. Their initial mission was to provide wireless services to small businesses. However, they soon broadened their offerings to include larger industries too.

    In 2009, Guru rebranded as Freelancer to reflect the company’s focus on cloud-based solutions and services for independent contractors. Now, Freelancer is amongst the biggest freelancing marketplaces in the world, with over five million employers registered.

    The company’s mission is to help freelancers around the world find work and gain an income. Freelancer provides products and services, that make it simpler for freelance workers and independent contractors, to take charge of their career paths without relying on a regular employer.


    Yes, Freelancer is legit. It’s a great platform for employers and freelancers. It’s the perfect place to find experienced professionals at competitive rates. Payment protection and timely deliverables for employers are guaranteed.

    Freelancers can take advantage of many job opportunities and control their own hours and projects. Freelancer also provides helpful tools to manage workloads. Its user-friendly interface and secure payment system make it popular. It’s been growing since 2003.

    FAQs about: Is Freelancer Legit

    Q: Is it safe to use Freelancer?

    A: Freelancer is a legitimate platform that provides a secure environment for freelancers and clients to interact and transact. In addition, Freelancer offers payment protection and customer service for both freelancers and clients.

    Q: Can I trust the freelancers on Freelancer?

    A: Freelancer has a community of highly skilled and reliable freelancers. All freelancers must pass a rigorous screening process and are subject to a code of conduct in order to be approved to join the platform. Furthermore, Freelancer offers additional protection for both freelancers and clients through its payment protection system.

    Q: How do I know if a freelancer is legit?

    A: You can check a freelancer’s profile page to get an idea of their experience and feedback from other clients. You can also look at their portfolio to get a better understanding of the type of work they do. Finally, you can contact the freelancer directly and ask them any questions you may have.