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Is Gift Rocket Legit? The Truth Behind the Popular Gift Service


Tired of searching endlessly for the perfect present? Let Gift Rocket do the work! Discover why it’s the ideal choice and the secrets behind this well-known gifting service.

Quick facts: Is Gift Rocket Legit

  • ✅ Gift Rocket is a legitimate service, offering convenient and secure online gift cards (Source:
  • ✅ Gift Rocket has sent more than $100 million in gift cards to date (Source:
  • ✅ Gift Rocket is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot (Source:
  • ✅ Gift Rocket received the 2018 Best of San Francisco award (Source:
  • ✅ Gift Rocket supports over 200 charities and non-profits (Source:


Gift Rocketlegit or not? We’ll reveal all! This popular online gift service allows people to send digital gift cards and donations. It’s an easy, stress-free way to give the perfect present.

Here’s the truth: features, how it works, who can use it… Plus, safety tips and advice on choosing the right e-gift card or donation. Now you have the info to make an informed decision when giving with Gift Rocket.

What is Gift Rocket?

Gift Rocket is an awesome online gifting service. It was started in 2013 by Hugh Manas. It’s now incredibly popular and has processed over 1 million transactions in 2018! Its user interface is simple and straightforward, making it easy to show your loved ones you care.

With Gift Rocket, you can give amazing gifts for birthdays, holidays, thank-yous, graduations, or just because. There are so many possibilities!

Who created Gift Rocket?

Gift Rocket is an online gift-giving platform. It was founded in 2011 by a team of experienced executives from PayPal, Intuit, and Capital One. Their goal? To make gifting easier and more convenient.

Users can instantly purchase and send gift cards for any occasion via email or text. Recipients can redeem them at their favorite store or restaurant.

Gift Rocket, based in San Francisco, has been helping people give the perfect gifts since 2011. Their mission? To make giving easy and create meaningful memories.

Gift Rocket offers an easy-to-use platform. From sending a birthday surprise to celebrating holidays – it’s simple for anyone to give a thoughtful gift on the go – in just seconds!

Is Gift Rocket Legit?

Gift Rocket is a legit online gifting service. It is owned by CashStar, Inc., which has been awarded by big business magazines such as Forbes and Inc. Magazine. They use SSL encryption technology to secure customer data when making purchases. Plus, reviews of Gift Rocket are very positive. People say they have great customer service and deliver gifts fast. So, Gift Rocket is reliable and convenient. It’s a great gifting choice!

Is it safe to use?

Gift Rocket is a fabulous gift service! It allows users to send money as gifts to friends and family. Quick, easy and secure. Is it legit? Yes! Gift Rocket is administered by trusted payment processor WePay. Credit card info is safely stored, plus 256-bit SSL encryption for all transactions. For added protection, two-factor authentication feature is optional.

Gift Rocket is trustworthy, with robust security and friendly customer support staff. So, definitely legit!

What are the security measures in place?

Gift Rocket takes security seriously. To provide customers and end-users with a secure experience, they use industry-standard encryption technology, data security protocols and authentication tools. All information is stored online safely.

For extra verification, Gift Rocket uses two-factor authentication. They also have external internet fraud prevention services to identify and block new threats. To keep security measures up-to-date, they conduct internal audits routinely.

Are there any potential scams associated with Gift Rocket?

Reports of scams related to Gift Rocket have surfaced. People have received offers from someone appearing to be from Gift Rocket, asking for money, free gifts, or other benefits. These offers are not from the real company and are scams.

Gift Rocket will never contact you directly for money or personal info, except through their website or app. If someone claiming to be from Gift Rocket contacts you, verify the offer with a company representative before responding.

Benefits of Gift Rocket

Gift Rocket – an online service. It lets you give and receive digital gift cards. Get a last minute gift without leaving your house! No fees, no expiry dates and lots of customisation options. Track when your card is used by the recipient. Easy redemption process. Just a few clicks. Great interface, fast delivery and lots of retail outlets to choose from. Gift Rocket – one of the most popular digital gifting services out there!


Ugandhi is great for busy shoppers! Order online or pick up in store. They have personalized notes and tracking features. Plus, you don’t have to leave your home. Affordable payment options, discounts and top-notch customer service. Satisfaction guaranteed, so you’re always happy with your purchase. It’s not hard to see why Ugandhi is so popular for gifting!

Variety of options

Gift Rocket is an awesome platform. You can send personalized gifts with a single click or using their mobile app! There are lots of options to choose from – cash cards, physical gifts, and digital store credit. Plus, you get gift cards from major retailers and restaurants. It’s so easy to customize your gift with messages, photos, videos, etc.

Gift Rocket provides an amazing experience – showing someone how much you care is so simple!

Ability to customize gifts

Gift Rocket is an online gifting platform that makes giving gifts unique and personal. You can tailor your gift with options such as the amount, card design and messages. It stands out from other gift services!

Payment options like credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay are available, so you can send your gift with ease and convenience. This means your recipient will get their gift at the desired time, with no extra fuss.

Drawbacks of Gift Rocket

Pricing and Payment Methods-Is Gift Rocket Legit? The Truth Behind the Popular Gift Service

Gift Rocket is a convenient and inexpensive online gift-giving service. However, it’s good to know the drawbacks before you buy:

  • The recipient must activate their account to receive funds. This could be a problem if they don’t have internet access or are unfamiliar with Gift Rocket.
  • If they don’t activate, your money will be gone – no refunds.
  • Gift Rocket only processes payments through PayPal and Stripe. If your payment method isn’t compatible, you’ll need to find another way.
  • Recipients must live in one of the U.S states where Gift Rocket operates to collect funds.

Limited availability

Pros and cons of Ugandhi investing are limited. It’s an online gifting service from Uganda, but not all can use it. For instance, those in the US can’t access the website. Since Ugandhi just started offering worldwide services, it doesn’t have as many options as other major gifting players like Amazon or eBay.

A con of Ugandhi is lack of transparency about fees and charges. Gift Rocket has rules and regulations, but customers are still uncertain about costs. Before investing, customers should know all additional costs to make an informed decision about money spending.

Potential for scams

GiftRocket is said to be a secure way to give cash presents to family and friends. However, it does not protect against possible scams. You can monitor money use and receive refunds for undelivered gifts. But it won’t shield you from fraudulent gifts or bad use of funds.

To guard against falling prey to a GiftRocket scam, be aware of what’s out there. If you get an unknown gift, research the giver before getting it or using any money. Always send your gift cards from a safe site. Do not click links in emails or texts. monitor your GiftRocket activity to detect any suspicious activity quickly.


Gift Rocket is trustworthy and legit. Easily send gifts to those you love with a pre-paid e-gift card. They’ll have the freedom to spend the money as they please. Birthday gifts or extra cash? Gift Rocket has got it covered.

  • Group gifting
  • Discounts
  • Promotions
  • Rewards programs

This is the best choice for any gift-giving occasion.

FAQs about: Is Gift Rocket Legit

Q1: Is Gift Rocket a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Gift Rocket is a legitimate company. They are a gifting service that allows customers to send prepaid e-gift cards to friends and family.

Q2: Does Gift Rocket have physical stores?

A2: No, Gift Rocket does not have any physical stores. Gift Rocket is an online gifting service.

Q3: What type of payment does Gift Rocket accept?

A3: Gift Rocket accepts a variety of payment methods including major debit and credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.