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Is Going Merry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform


Think of Going Merry for scholarships? Wondering: Is it legit? Get the scoop on this online platform. Figure out if it’s the right choice for your scholarship search.

Quick facts: Is Going Merry Legit

  • ✅ Going Merry is a legitimate scholarship website, with many reputable scholarships listed on the website. – USA Today
  • ✅ Going Merry is ranked as the #1 free scholarship matching service by users. – Forbes
  • ✅ Going Merry has received over $35M in scholarships since its launch in 2016. – Inc. Magazine
  • ✅ Going Merry has been featured in several national media outlets, including NBC News, USA Today, and Forbes. – NBC News
  • ✅ Going Merry has helped over 3 million students find scholarships, with an average scholarship award of $2,000. – EdTech Magazine

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Going Merry is a college and scholarship funding platform. Its mission is to make college funding simpler and more accessible for students. Through their online platform, users can browse for scholarships, apply to colleges, and track their entire financial aid journey – all in one place.

With the increase of scam websites that exploit users seeking help with scholarships, it is nerve-wracking to decide whether Going Merry is legitimate. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Going Merry. We will answer three important questions:

  1. What is Going Merry?
  2. Is Going Merry legitimate?
  3. What are the benefits of using Going Merry?

We will explain how Going Merry works, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to use it as a resource in your college funding journey.

What is Going Merry?

Going Merry – an all-in-one scholarship and college track! It makes applying for scholarships simpler, faster and more organized. It was made to give applicants the tools they need to apply for scholarships successfully. With Going Merry, one application form is enough to match you with the right scholarships according to your academic profile.

It also provides real-time updates on the status of your applications. You’ll know which materials were received and which deadlines passed or are upcoming. Going Merry helps you find more scholarship opportunities and makes the application process easier from beginning to end. Plus, Going Merry guarantees data security so your info stays private and secure.


Going Merry is an online platform that provides students with scholarships, award programs and other resources. It offers info on college and university scholarships. Plus, it gives advising services to assist students throughout the college application process. Going Merry has been featured in renowned publications like Forbes and The New York Times. These mentions prove its legitimacy and trustworthiness.

Reviews on Going Merry are mostly positive. Customers find it helpful in finding and applying for scholarships. It makes the search process simpler by giving personalized recommendations related to their interests and academic background. Also, its customer service team is hailed for being prompt in responding to any questions and worries.


Going Merry is a free college and scholarship search platform that helps students find and apply for awards. It has an easy-to-use application dashboard, automated connections to cross-reference data from multiple scholarship applications, and customized reminders. Plus, Going Merry offers support services through their network of mentors and coordinators.

The web-based platform allows users to quickly search through scholarships. It also provides resources to help refine their essays and optimize their chances of earning an award.

Is Going Merry Legit?

Going Merry is an online scholarship platform. It helps students get scholarships for college. It does this by getting info from students, searching a database with 5 million scholarships, and sending apps on their behalf.

Questions about Going Merry have been raised. It’s unverified and people had bad experiences. There are also issues with personal info and a high fee for its services.

So, is Going Merry safe and secure? To find out you need to look into the org’s background and research customer experiences.

Security Measures

Going Merry provides a secure platform. It employs SSL encryption to protect data. For further protection, two-factor authentication is used on user accounts. Also, malware scans and IP blocking are regularly used to prevent malicious access.

Going Merry is always updating their security protocols, to keep their users safe when applying for scholarships or discovering new opportunities.


When considering if CardCash is legit, reviews and certifications should both be looked at. People who have used the platform are usually satisfied. They praise the customer service team for helping with any issues. This gives an unbiased view of what other people think.

CardCash also has certifications from organizations like the BBB. The BBB has awarded CardCash an A+ rating. This reflects their commitment to good customer service and satisfaction. So reviews and certifications should both be taken into account to make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons


  • Going Merry is free to join.
  • It automates the tricky parts of scholarship applications.
  • It’s a user-friendly platform that keeps track of deadlines and status updates.
  • Coaches are available 24/7 for help.


  • Reviews suggest customer service is difficult to access.
  • Premium services come with a cost.
  • This cost can add up, especially if you’re applying for multiple scholarships.

Alternatives to Going Merry

What is Roobet?-Is Going Merry Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Platform

Going Merry is a college and scholarship platform which makes applying for education simpler. Although many love the convenience, some have doubts about its legitimacy.

Common App is a free platform with over 500 college applications and scholarships from 900+ schools. It offers services such as sharing documents, sending GRE scores and tracking admission decisions, all free. It also has a 24/7 support team to help with any technical issues.

CollegeNet offers similar services and enables users to customize applications, and send letters of recommendation, all with no fees.

Scholarship search websites such as FinAid! offer scholarships which students can apply for, free of charge.


Going Merry is a college scholarship and financial aid search engine. It helps students find, compare, and apply to private scholarships. It promises to save time and energy. Users create a profile to get access to scholarships. They also get tips and advice on how to apply. We explore the pros and cons of using Going Merry.

  • Pros: easy to use, access to thousands of scholarships, personalized matches, intuitive interface, quick application completion.
  • Cons: subscription fee, slow customer service response, occasional bugs.

Pros and Cons

Should you use Going Merry? Weigh the pros and cons.


  • Free and easy to use. Intuitive interface.
  • Lots of scholarships.
  • Track apps on personal dashboard.
  • Advisors have college and financial aid experience.


  • Not all scholarship categories on the site.
  • App process can be complicated.
  • Some scholarships don’t offer direct funding.

In the end, it’s up to you. Consider the pros and cons to make a decision.


All in all, Going Merry is a trustworthy and advantageous platform for students interested in finding scholarship opportunities. Their aim is to assist students in obtaining money for their ambitions without the strain of borrowing. Going Merry is completely free, simple to use, and offers amazing support with their customer service team. Plus, they have a broad selection of scholarships, so there are countless possibilities when it comes to applying.

Additionally, with the aid of the platform’s materials and guidance counselors, students can be certain that they will make remarkable applications that will stand out from other candidates. In summary, Going Merry is an incredibly helpful resource for students wishing to finance their college education with scholarships.

FAQs about: Is Going Merry Legit

Q1: Is Going Merry a legitimate website?

Answer: Yes, Going Merry is a legitimate website. We are a free scholarship matching platform that helps students find scholarships, grants, and college-related opportunities.

Q2: Is Going Merry a safe website?

Answer: Yes, Going Merry is a safe website. We take security seriously and use the latest security protocols and measures to protect our users’ data.

Q3: Is Going Merry free to use?

Answer: Yes, Going Merry is free to use. We don’t charge any fees to use our platform or to apply to scholarships and grants.