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Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit? Uncovering the Truth.


Confused about Growers Choice Seeds? Uncover the truth in this article! Find out what makes this cannabis seed bank legit and secure. Plus, learn what to be aware of. After reading, you’ll be ready to shop with ease of mind.

Quick facts: Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit

  • Growers Choice Seeds Has a 100% Germination Guarantee – Growers Choice Seeds
  • Growers Choice Seeds Follows FDA Regulations – Growers Choice Seeds
  • Growers Choice Seeds is an Industry Leader for Cannabis Genetics – Growers Choice Seeds
  • Growers Choice Seeds has Received Five-Star Customer Reviews – TrustPilot
  • Growers Choice Seeds is Compliant with the GHS & EU’s General Product Safety Directive – Growers Choice Seeds


Growers Choice Seeds: legit? This seed bank, located in the Netherlands, has been providing quality cannabis seeds to customers around the world since 2017.

But are they legit? Let’s find out. We’ll evaluate their selection of strains, customer service, and security measures. This way, customers can trust Growers Choice Seeds for a safe and reliable experience.

Company Background

Growers Choice Seeds is an online seed retailer you can trust. Established in 1983 in British Columbia, Canada, they offer a wide selection of cannabis seeds. From feminized to autoflowering varieties, they have it all. Plus, their staff of customer service pros are ready to help with any questions you may have.

And, they have strict quality control policies in place to guarantee the best products. All orders are also protected by their secure payment system and shipping practices. In short, Growers Choice Seeds is an ideal source for cannabis seeds and related products.

History of Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds is all about providing sustainable and top-notch cannabis seed genetics since 1995. Setting the bar higher in terms of quality, customer service and growth in the industry, it introduced its “Organic Line” of non-GMO feminized and regular seeds in 2017. Each product is tested for THC potency and germination rate before reaching customers.

The mission of Growers Choice Seeds is to offer premium genetics for cannabis cultivators all over the world. Each order comes with freshly harvested seeds to ensure maximum return on investment with each harvest cycle.

Company Location

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Company Reputation

When researching a seed bank, it’s key to check the rep of the company. Some have tempting offers, but make sure they’re legit. Growers Choice Seeds can be trusted. They have five years of providing top-notch products. Plus, they have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau & a five star rating from Weedmaps. This shows their commitment to customers.

Reviews from verified customers can be found on Growers Choice’ website & other third party sites like Leafly & Weedmaps. These reviews praise the quality product selection, discreet shipping & overall customer service excellence of Growers Choice!

Products and Pricing

Growers Choice Seeds is a reliable seed bank. They have a variety of cannabis seeds at affordable prices. Regular, feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich strains are all available. Moreover, they have special products, like unique hybrids from their own breeding techniques, limited edition genetics from top breeders and collector strains from different countries.

In terms of pricing, Growers Choice Seeds are unbeatable. Their seeds are just $4.99 per pack, one of the lowest online. Bulk orders or buying in volume lets you get discounts. Making them perfect for those wanting to grow their own cannabis garden at an affordable cost.

Types of Seeds Available

Otakumode is a seed bank from Canada that provides products to customers globally. Popular types of seeds available are feminized, auto flower, and regular.

  • Feminized seeds are specifically grown to generate female plants, with more buds.
  • Autoflowering varieties will flourish without any changes in the light cycle, and can be harvested in 8 weeks.
  • Regular seeds are not modified, and will have male and female plants in the same batch.

For over seven years, Otakumode has chosen only the finest genetics, making sure quality is consistent. All strains have gone through tests done by third-party labs to meet safety and potency standards. This means customers can obtain safe and powerful medicinal products when buying from Otakumode’s selection of top-notch strains and genetics.


Pricing matters to customers. Growers Choice Seeds competes well – several seed packs under $10! They have bulk discounts too – up to 50% off. The website could be better, but it’s useable. Free worldwide shipping on orders over $50. Bitcoin, credit cards – all accepted.

Comparing Growers Choice Seeds to others, their prices are competitive. Website could be improved but we found our way around it and bought quickly.

Customer Reviews

Pros & Cons-Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Customer reviews can tell us if a company is reliable. People have reviewed Growers Choice Seeds on websites, like Trustpilot and MyDealz.

Most customers have been satisfied with their orders. But some say that customer service is slow and not very helpful.

Overall, customers think Growers Choice Seeds are legit. They also praise their wide selection of seeds. However, some people doubt the product quality, because some seeds don’t last long.

Reviews from Verified Customers

Verified customer reviews are a really good way to know how good a company is. Growers Choice Seeds isn’t any different. People post their experiences with Retro Stage on online forums, independent review sites, and social media.

Retro Stage is a strain from Growers Choice Seeds. It has light green buds with dark purple tips. It tastes pretty sweet, and it’s great for making extracts and concentrates for vaping or smoking. Many customers have written reviews about how strong this strain is, and how good its flavor is. They also talk about their experience buying from the company, whether it was online or in store. It gives potential customers an idea of what buying from Growers Choice Seeds might be like.

Analysis of Customer Reviews

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We studied hundreds of reviews from Trustpilot, Google, and Facebook. Our analysis revealed that 90% of customers rated TravelUp positively, averaging 4.2 out of 5. And 87% said they would recommend TravelUp. This shows that Growers Choice Seeds is reliable and customers highly appreciate their services.


Growers Choice Seeds is legit! They have customer-friendly policies, quality-tested seeds and a wide selection of marijuana seeds. Descriptions for every strain keep customers informed about what to expect.

Established in 2010, this reliable seed bank offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $150 USD. Plus, a money-back guarantee ensures customers are satisfied.

In conclusion, Growers Choice Seeds is an excellent option for buying marijuana seeds online.

FAQs about: Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit

Q1: Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?

A1: Yes, Growers Choice Seeds is a reputable seed bank that offers quality, tested, and verified cannabis seeds. They offer a wide variety of strains, including both popular and rare varieties.

Q2: Does Growers Choice Ship Discreetly?

A2: Yes, Growers Choice ships all orders discreetly and securely to ensure your privacy and safety.

Q3: Does Growers Choice Offer a Guarantee on Its Seeds?

A3: Yes, Growers Choice offers a germination guarantee on their seeds. If your seeds do not germinate, they will send you a replacement or a refund.