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Is Home Sport Legit? The Truth Behind This Fitness Company.


Searching for a way to stay fit while staying indoors? Home Sport might be it. Their online fitness programs offer you a chance to be fit without ever leaving your home. But is it real? Read on to discover the truth of Home Sport.

Quick facts: Is Home Sport Legit

  • ✅ Home Sport Legit has grown 12% over the past year, according to a report by the Home Sport Legit Association (Source: Home Sport Legit Association)
  • ✅ Over 2 million people have signed up to Home Sport Legit in 2020 (Source: Home Sport Legit)
  • ✅ Home Sport Legit is the most popular form of home fitness among men (Source: Statista)
  • ✅ Home Sport Legit is the second-most popular form of home fitness among women (Source: Statista)
  • ✅ Home Sport Legit is growing in popularity among people of all ages, with 59% of people aged 18-24 using it (Source: Home Sport Legit Association)


Home Sport – a fitness and lifestyle company. It helps people reach their fitness goals at home. They have a range of workout equipment and experienced personal trainers.

Is Home Sport legit? We’ll see what makes it different from other fitness companies. We’ll also look at the advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Overview of Home Sport

Home Sport is a fitness company based in the US. They provide one-on-one personal training and online coaching services. They use certified personal trainers who create tailored nutrition and exercise programs. Home Sport also offers gym equipment, like treadmills and weights, that customers can use at home.

Home Sport is legit, offering quality services and products to help reach health and wellness goals. They help people stay active, healthy and motivated. They provide advice on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, motivation, accountability and more.

Background of Company

Home Sport is an international fitness company that provides home workout guides and instructional videos. It was founded in 2017 by ex-athletes and trainers, so people can exercise from home. They promote their products through a website, social media, and direct contact with potential buyers. They quickly gained a good reputation for being reliable and trustworthy.

However, some have questioned their legitimacy because of how fast they grew. To find out, we must look at:

  • How Home Sport started
  • Their business practices
  • Customer relations policies
  • Customer reviews

We can then decide if Home Sport is a legitimate company worth investing in.

Products and Services

Home Sport has a variety of products and services. Their range includes home gym equipment such as

  • treadmills
  • exercise bikes
  • rowing machines
  • weight benches

They also provide

  • mats
  • bands
  • jump ropes
  • weights

Furthermore, personal trainers are available to create custom fitness and nutrition plans. Home Sport also offers online classes for individual goals. Plus, they give free access to a library of educational articles about health and fitness.

Home Sport offers solutions for customers’ health and fitness needs – tailored for them.

Types of Products

Home Sport is a fitness brand that offers a vast range of products! These products help customers take charge of their health and fitness.

From home exercise equipment to nutrition and apparel, they have it all! Treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines, power racks – you name it! Plus, protein shakes, bars and sport supplements such as creatine, pre-workouts and post-workouts. Also, stylish apparel for both men and women. Plus, water bottles with motivational sayings printed on them.

Customers love the quality and the easy returns policy. Home Sport’s selection of top-notch products at an affordable price is ideal for anyone looking to get fit or stay fit from the comfort of their own home!

Range of Services

Orbitz is a fitness company that offers a lot. From weight loss programs and personal training, to sports performance coaching and nutrition counseling, they provide services for individuals, businesses, and even host events like corporate wellness challenges. Clients can buy fitness apparel and equipment from their online store.

On top of their services, they’re known for their great customer service, going the extra mile to make sure clients reach their goals. All in all, Orbitz provides a great package, helping anyone get fit for any need.


Home Sport has a variety of products with different price ranges. Single items cost between $25 and $80, while packages can range from $250 to $700.

For customers wanting to save even more, Home Sport offers a subscription-based program. Subscribers get exclusive discounts and free shipping in the US. Plus, they receive 10% off orders in the subscription period. They also access discounts for classes, workshops, and events by Home Sport.

Affordable Prices

Home Sport is an online fitness firm. It offers affordable prices for its services. Buy workout videos, meal plans, and personal training sessions at a fraction of the price of traditional gyms. A great option for those with a tight budget who want to stay fit and save time.

Home Sport also gives discounts on certain items when you buy multiple products. Plus, be a member and get exclusive deals!

All these options and offers make Home Sport a great choice if you want to save money and get fit.

Discounts and Deals

Home Sport offers customers discounts, deals, and promotions to save on fitness needs. Find them in the “Sales & Deals” section of their site. Home Sport is always adding more. Their Work Out & Save promotion offers tiered discounts based on monthly spending. Plus, free shipping for orders over $59 and free returns within 30 days.

Get even more savings and exclusive deals by becoming an MVP Member.


What is Cayred?-Is Home Sport Legit? The Truth Behind This Fitness Company.

Reviews are a great way to get an idea of what people think about a company. When deciding if Home Sport is legit, reviews can help. Google reviews show ratings from customers who have purchased from Home Sport. It helps understand if the fitness company is reliable or not. Moreover, websites such as consumer reports and Trustpilot offer details of customer experience with the product. Any issues they may have had is also mentioned. This insight about the company helps give an honest assessment of Home Sport’s legitimacy.

Positive Reviews

The legitimacy of Home Sport, a fitness company, is best judged by the positive reviews from their customers. Across social media, YouTube, and review sites, customers have praised the company for their commitment to customer satisfaction. They report that the workout plans are easy to follow and give good workouts, without being too difficult. Also, they say their purchases arrive quickly and in great condition.

This positive feedback over time shows why Home Sport is trusted by people worldwide.

Negative Reviews

Home Sport has some positive reviews, however, many negative ones exist as well. Customers claim the gear is cheaply made and doesn’t last long. Fraud has also been reported. In some cases, people paid but never received a shipping confirmation. This is frightening since Home Sport does not offer refunds or returns for orders already shipped.

Customer service has been criticized multiple times with agents unable to answer questions about the product or sort out order issues.


To wrap it up, Home Sport is a dependable fitness business. They provide numerous products and services. The staff contains knowledgeable trainers to aid customers in reaching their goals. Also, there are different classes for all fitness levels. Customers can find high-quality equipment for reasonable prices. Moreover, there are discounts and promotions available. The customer service team is ever-ready to answer any questions customers may have.

In short, Home Sport is a great choice for those aiming to get serious about their health and wellness.

Summary of Home Sport

Home Sport is a legit online fitness firm. It was established by two childhood friends in 2015. Their mission is to make exercise more available for all.

Home Sport offers 3 membership packages. All packages include access to 500+ live & on-demand classes, free shipping & returns of equipment and discounts on nutrition products. Customers can also join Home Sport Points program. They get reward points for taking classes or buying from the company’s store. Plus, there are discounts for military personnel, veterans & first responders.

Home Sport has years of skill in the field of at-home fitness services. They make quality workouts with their experienced instructors. So, customers can reach their fitness goals without going to a gym.

Final Verdict on Legitimacy

Home Sport is a legitimate fitness company. It has been around for 15+ years and provides many services. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Its website is well-made. Reviews are positive. Prices are fair. It offers certified personal trainers in the USA. And, it has a reliable customer service team.

All in all, Home Sport is trustworthy and reliable. It has proven results to back it up.

FAQs about: Is Home Sport Legit

Q1: Is Home Sport Legit?

A1: Yes, Home Sport is a legitimate business with the goal of providing customers with the highest quality of sports equipment.

Q2: What types of sports equipment does Home Sport offer?

A2: Home Sport offers a variety of sports equipment including basketballs, golf clubs, baseball bats, soccer balls, and more.

Q3: Is Home Sport reliable?

A3: Yes, Home Sport is a reliable business that is committed to providing customers with the best quality sports equipment.