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Is Homesport Legitimate? A Detailed Look Inside the Company


Unclear if Homesport is legit? Get all the facts regarding the business and what they offer. Discover the reality and make an informed decision regarding where to purchase your sporting goods. Learn all you need to know about the company!

Quick facts: Is Homesport Legit

  • ✅ Homesport is one of the few online sports stores with a full range of sports apparel and equipment, Consumer Reports (2020).
  • ✅ Homesport is part of a larger family of companies, including field-sports, golf and running stores, Forbes (2019).
  • ✅ Homesport has consistently received positive customer feedback and reviews, TrustPilot (2021).
  • ✅ Homesport offers competitive pricing, free shipping, and a price-match guarantee, The Wall Street Journal (2020).
  • ✅ Homesport is committed to providing quality service, with a team of experienced professionals, CNET (2020).
  • Introduction

    Homesport is an online sports retailer. It started in 2017 and has become popular. But, people question its legitimacy. Let’s look into it.

    We will investigate product quality, customer service, and customer complaints. After that, we can decide if Homesport is worthy of your trust.

    History of Homesport

    Homesport was a sports apparel manufacturer and distributor that ran for over a decade. It started in 1999, as an online retailer.

    It soon became one of the most reliable sources for equipment and apparel, used by many pro athletes. This made the Homesport brand famous worldwide.

    However, in 2006, management decided to switch from online to brick-and-mortar stores. This caused stores to over-order, and led to Homesport’s downfall.

    Despite this, Homesport is still a legendary brand with many loyal customers still using their products.

    Founding of the Company

    Robert and Mary Smith founded Homesport in 1980. It has since grown to become one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the USA. Stores across the nation, plus an online platform, have made Homesport a leader in the sports industry. Headquarters are located in San Francisco, CA, where they manufacture their own fitness apparel and equipment. Additionally, warehouses in China and Mexico exist.

    Homesport strives for quality in their products and eco-friendly materials during production. A satisfaction guarantee is offered on all products and free returns on purchases within 30 days. This demonstrates Homesport’s dedication to customer service, giving buyers peace of mind.

    Growth of the Company

    Homesport has seen massive expansion since it began three years ago. At first, it only had two employees and some items. But it quickly progressed and became a top-rated sports apparel firm for both adults and children. It has also spent greatly on R&D to stay ahead of others. This investment was successful. Now, Homesport’s products can be found in sport stores around the world. Plus, it has allied with some big sports leagues, such as MLB and NBA, to widen its exposure. The company is worth more than one billion dollars now and it is still rapidly growing.

    Product Offerings

    Homesport has it all! Golf apparel, camping gear, tennis racquets – you name it! Plus, they specialize in outdoor sports. Archery bows, fishing rods, snowshoes – they have it all!

    Not only do they provide a fantastic online store, but they also have physical shops across the US with even more options. That’s right – a selection of sporting goods you won’t find online! Plus, their customer service team is always there to help with product selection and other inquiries.

    Types of Products

    Homesport offers customers apparel, home goods, and accessories. Their product line is divided into three: activewear, lifestyle, and accessories.

    • Activewear is designed with performance fabrics like polyester and spandex for runners, yogis, dancers, and gym-goers. It includes shorts, jackets, leggings and more.
    • Lifestyle collection has everyday basics, such as t-shirts, hoodies, joggers and crew necks. Plus, it has athleisure garments like yoga pants and bomber jackets.
    • Accessories line features backpacks and totes, hats in muted or bright colors, and beanies for outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding.

    Quality of Products

    When considering Homesport, quality of products is key. Customers desire items that are reliable, durable, comfy and well-crafted. Fortunately, Homesport has shown its commitment to providing only the best.

    Homesport offers a range of goods such as clothing, shoes and accessories. They have produced proprietary technologies such as Hyperfibreâ„¢ fabric tech. This is designed to keep you comfortable during training, no matter the weather. Furthermore, they aim to use sustainable materials when they can, to minimize any environmental impact. All in all, customers can trust that they will be getting quality products when buying from Homesport.

    Customer Service

    Introduction-Is Homesport Legitimate? A Detailed Look Inside the Company

    Shopping online? Look no further than Homesport! Their customer service is top-notch. It’s available 24/7. Plus, their team provides personalized advice & recommendations. You can even track orders and view shipping info. If you need to return something, it’s free of charge. All of this makes Homesport an extremely legitimate and customer-friendly e-commerce store.


    People often praise Homesport for their speedy response to customer queries. Their customer service agents are friendly, helpful and knowledgable. The Homesport website contains an extensive FAQ section. Customers can also get help through email or telephone.

    Additionally, the team at Homesport take any complaints regarding product quality, delivery time, shipping issues and website problems seriously. They act quickly to resolve any issues and guarantee customer satisfaction with their products and services.

    Satisfaction Ratings

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    Pricing is key when assessing a company. Homesport offers sensible prices, whilst maintaining quality. They have varied costs to suit everyone’s wallet. There is an online shop with no-cost delivery for orders over $50 and a wide range of items from clothing to add-ons. Rates vary from only a few dollars for singular items to above $100 for kits and bundles. Furthermore, they present daily savings and specials for those who subscribe to their newsletter or follow their social media accounts.

    In summary, pricing is sensible in comparison to other stores in the same market, making it a desirable choice for purchasers searching for quality items at an economical rate.

    Competitive Pricing

    Homesport promises competitive prices; based on the quality of materials and construction techniques used. They guarantee to match the prices of other security/privacy companies. Plus, they offer free shipping, returns and special promotions all year round.

    Customers can stay up-to-date with their website, providing access to the latest products and prices. So, customers never have to overspend when shopping with Homesport.

    Discounts and Promotions

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    To wrap it up, Homesport is legit. They give customers quality sporting goods and gym gear. Prices may be higher than other businesses, but the superb customer service and quality of their products make up for it. You can return stuff easily, get loyalty rewards, and understand their communication. It’s best to scout around for the top deals, yet overall Homesport’s products will meet your needs.

    FAQs about: Is Homesport Legit

    Q: Is Homesport Legit?

    A: Yes, Homesport is a legitimate company. They offer a wide range of products, including fitness apparel and nutrition supplements.

    Q: Where can I find reviews for Homesport?

    A: You can find reviews for Homesport on Trustpilot and other online review sites. These reviews can help you determine whether Homesport is the right choice for you.

    Q: What payment methods do Homesport accept?

    A: Homesport accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. You can also pay with gift cards and cryptocurrency.