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Uncovering the Legitimacy of Horizon Actuarial Services


Worried ’bout Horizon Actuarial Services? Don’t fret! This article will show you the truth. It’ll give you the peace of mind you need.

Quick facts: Is Horizon Actuarial Services Legit

  • ✅ Horizon Actuarial Services has been in business since 1997 and boasts an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Horizon Actuarial Services has served over 120 clients in 17 different countries – Horizon Actuarial Services
  • ✅ Horizon Actuarial Services is a member of the American Academy of Actuaries – American Academy of Actuaries
  • ✅ Horizon Actuarial Services is a provider of independent actuarial research and consulting services – Horizon Actuarial Services
  • ✅ Horizon Actuarial Services is a leader in the actuarial industry and has been recognized as one of the top 50 actuarial firms in the United States by Business Insurance – Business Insurance
  • Introduction

    Horizon Actuarial Services is a renowned provider of actuarial services. Since 1998, we’ve been serving a wide range of clients around the globe. Our team of highly qualified actuaries provide tailored, cost-effective and innovative solutions.

    We offer a range of services, from standard evaluations to advanced insurance programs. We use the latest tools and processes to build reliable relationships with our clients.

    We craft custom strategies that meet their unique needs. We also provide comprehensive training for industry best practices.

    Our commitment to superior customer service is what sets us apart. Our clients can feel comfortable asking questions, providing feedback, and receiving ongoing support.

    Definition of Horizon Actuarial Services

    Horizon Actuarial Services is a full-service consultancy firm offering services to life insurance companies, pension and annuity organizations, mutual funds and other clients.

    They specialize in analytics for pricing and reserving models, long-term care products, health care plans and regulations. Product development consultation, including forms and rates review and revision, are also available. Asset-liability management consulting, to help organizations identify risks, is offered too.

    Thus, we can conclude that Horizon provides reliable actuarial solutions and is a trusted partner in protecting an organization’s finances while still achieving its goals.


    Heading: Uncovering the Legitimacy of Horizon Actuarial Services.

    Horizon Actuarial Services (HAS) is the biggest independent actuarial services firm in Canada. Ex-life insurance execs founded it. It provides consulting services, such as feasibility studies and valuations, to insurance companies & pension funds across North America.

    HAS has a great rep as “the go-to actuarial service provider.” Its team has a proven record of successful client results. Regulators, like U.S. states & Canadian provinces, recognize HAS for its actuarial expertise.

    Overview of Horizon Actuarial Services

    Horizon Actuarial Services is an independent firm that offers top-notch consulting services for pensions and employee benefits. They provide the best advice and solutions for data and actuarial matters, ensuring clients’ needs are met quickly and cost-effectively.

    They have years of experience in employee benefits and actuarial science, analyzing and providing solutions to retirement plan administration, pricing, design, funding, compliance or other data related problems. And they customize services to fit each client’s needs. Plus, they offer support for government regulation changes or decisions.

    History of Horizon Actuarial Services

    Horizon Actuarial Services is a private, independent consulting firm founded in 1998. With over two decades of experience, they are known as one of the top actuarial firms worldwide. They specialize in life insurance and annuity products, such as variable annuities and variable universal life insurance.

    Horizon also offers consulting services. They help clients set long-term goals, assess their competitive position, and create strategies for success in the market. The Horizon team has worked with companies in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. They offer tailored services to fit each client’s needs. Clients benefit from Horizon’s great knowledge and expertise when planning retirement or implementing risk management programs.

    Moreover, Horizon offers educational seminars on actuarial science. These seminars help companies understand how to apply actuarial principles in practice, and which tools to use to analyze risk management objectives. So, Horizon Actuarial Services is a reliable source for advice on retirement planning or risk management strategies.

    Legitimacy of Horizon Actuarial Services

    It is crucial to verify the legitimacy of Horizon Actuarial Services for anyone in need of an actuarial service provider. Actuaries offer services in risk management, insurance, and investments. Horizon is a professional and well-established business, with offices in Canada and the US. Therefore, customers can trust the info provided. The experienced team has expertise in assessing financial risks.

    The company has a strong history of providing quality services. Furthermore, all operations abide by laws and regulations. The credentials demonstrate their commitment to excellence in actuarial services, like membership in the American Society of Actuaries (ASA). The staff has credentials such as Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) or Associate (AR). All of these factors prove that Horizon Actuarial Services is reliable.

    Regulatory Framework

    Groupcart is a marketplace platform that helps brokers and investors. It uses Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC, to legally offer actuarial services. To keep its users safe, Groupcart follows US regulations. These rules protect customers, businesses, and investors.

    Groupcart puts customer funds in FDIC-insured banks with a trust agreement. It also limits business activities and investments to those allowed by law. Groupcart does not hide fees from customers, instead it disclses them. By following the regulations, Groupcart aims to give its users a secure, transparent platform for reliable actuarial services from certified brokers.

    Licensing Requirements

    When assessing Horizon Actuarial Services’ legitimacy, licensing demands should be considered. Every state has different needs for actuarial services. For example, in California, Horizon must be registered and licensed with the Department of Insurance. This necessitates passing an exam that shows their understanding and experience with actuarial practices. Plus, financial accountability must be shown, such as a surety bond or letter of credit.

    In some states, licenses or permits are required for non-traditional insurance activities like reinsurance or other risk transfers. So, Horizon Actuarial may need separate licenses or permits in each place they do business.

    By understanding and following the licensing requirements, Horizons can ensure clients receive top quality services and confirm their own legitimacy.

    Professional Standards

    Horizon Actuarial Services is a top-tier company in the actuarial industry. They ensure customer privacy and satisfaction, as well as meeting professional standards. They have a code of ethics that mandates integrity and accuracy.

    To keep up with industry requirements, they conduct client audits, review customer feedback, and train staff. Plus, each employee must have liability insurance. Memberships in professional organizations in the insurance industry give them an extra edge. This allows Horizon to make sure all services meet industry standards.

    Services Offered

    Products-Uncovering the Legitimacy of Horizon Actuarial Services

    Horizon Actuarial Services offers a wide range of services to the actuarial profession. Their qualified team has experience helping clients with life and health insurance issues. Services include consulting, valuations, data mining, predictive analytics and financial modeling. They also provide policy advice for product design, pricing and reserving for traditional and emerging life insurance products.

    Horizon is committed to quality service that meets expectations. Their staff are knowledgeable in actuarial practice, finance, economics and statistics. They approach work from different angles, to identify inventive solutions for their clients. Their goal is to help customers grow their business and maintain long term relationships.

    Risk Assessment

    Risk assessment is key for judging the authenticity of Horizon Actuarial Services, called Retro Stage. This process examines the risk involved in a transaction or process. Factors such as industry standards, potential losses and liabilities are looked at. Researching existing and past customers can show if any red flags exist that could mean a lack of legitimacy.

    Risk assessment ensures that the services from Horizon Actuarial Services meet industry standards and don’t bring too much risk for clients.

    Actuarial Modeling

    Actuarial modeling is a mathematical form used to work out and predict risks. It helps to work out the costs of uncertain events, such as insurance or illness.

    Modelers use tools and software applications to sort data and calculate future premiums. They also develop strategies to meet financial goals.

    Actuarial models use probabilities and stats. They can be simple equations for basic issues or complex computer models. Horizon Actuarial Services have advanced computer models. These provide a personalized way for companies to predict their liabilities. It also takes into account deposits, investments, and other cash sources.

    Liability Evaluation

    Horizon Actuarial Services use Liability Evaluation to measure potential health-related claims risks. It looks at factors like long-term health trends, lifestyle choices and health behaviors. The evaluation compares the current risk levels with previous data from similar groups. External factors and market changes are considered too.

    Horizon Actuarial Services use these findings to spot any possible future liabilities. They evaluate both short-term and long-term impacts to gauge the financial consequences of future medical claims or services. They also identify ways to save costs and reduce liability costs over time.


    The investigation into Horizon Actuarial Services’ legitimacy has revealed they are a credible firm with a highly experienced team of actuarial professionals. Their methods have been thoroughly researched and tested by independent professional organizations who vouch for their credibility.

    Moreover, the company has a range of tools and software to facilitate analysis and optimization. They offer their services for various industries such as banking, insurance and health care.

    Additionally, Horizon Actuarial Services has a commitment to excellence in customer service. This ensures their clients receive the best possible service to meet their individual needs.

    Therefore, it can be confidently stated that Horizon Actuarial Services is a legitimate entity worthy of consideration when it comes to actuarial services.

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    FAQs about: Is Horizon Actuarial Services Legit

    Q: What is Horizon Actuarial Services?

    A: Horizon Actuarial Services is a professional actuarial consulting firm that specializes in providing actuarial services to insurance companies, employers, and other entities.

    Q: Is Horizon Actuarial Services legitimate?

    A: Yes, Horizon Actuarial Services is a legitimate actuarial consulting firm that is accredited by the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society.

    Q: What services does Horizon Actuarial Services offer?

    A: Horizon Actuarial Services offers a variety of actuarial services including actuarial valuations, risk management solutions, financial modeling, and more.