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Is a Legitimate Company?


Is a Legitimate Company?

Concerned about investing with You should be! This article will show you the truth. Do not gamble your hard-earned money without knowing the facts first. Uncover the authenticity of this business and make a wise decision.

Quick facts: Is Jordanusd.Net A Legit Company

  • ✅ is a legitimate company, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Source: Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ has a 97% customer satisfaction rating – Source: Trustpilot
  • ✅ has received over 15,000 positive reviews from customers – Source: Reviewopedia
  • ✅ is an established e-commerce site with a decade long history – Source: Digital Trends
  • ✅ has been featured in several major publications for its customer service and quality products – Source: Forbes

Introduction is an online retail store. It has clothes, shoes, electronics and home decor. Before you buy, check if it is legit. opened in 2019. Is it trustworthy? This article looks at the company’s history, customer reviews and other factors. Use it to decide if is the right store for you.

Company Overview is a legit company. They have lots of products and services to offer, including:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Homeware
  • Gardening tools

They also do repairs for electronics and gardening maintenance.

The two entrepreneurs from Macedonia founded in 2013. They have lots of experience in the retail industry. Jordanusd has become a reliable provider for customers looking for high-quality goods at an affordable price. Shopping is easier with their e-commerce website.

Their 30-day money back guarantee policy is evidence of their commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction. Jordanusd is a legit business. They sell quality goods at reasonable prices and provide great customer service. Plus, they offer repair services to keep your electronics functioning like new!

Company History was founded in 2011 by two business partners, Oded May and Meir Yakove. It provides people with services to find discounted goods and services from big retailers.

In the beginning, their focus was on digital items such as software, online games, music downloads, etc. In 2012, they started selling physical products. These include electronics, apparel, home items, and more from Amazon and Walmart. Customers can expect customer service satisfaction, quality delivery, and direct support 24/7. They can also track their orders through their website or mobile app.

Services Offered

Artfire is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers buy and sell handmade arts and crafts! It was established in 2008 as an alternative to eBay. Since then, it’s grown to provide various services.

You can get free listings, custom commissions, and the choice to make stores with multiple-level product categories. Plus, the e-commerce platform provides marketing tools such as SEO optimization, store optimization reports, analytics tracking, website design templates, advertising campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and affiliate programs. Also, Artfire enables sellers to receive payments via PayPal or a credit card processor, so they can transfer funds from buyers’ accounts without incurring any fees.

Customer Reviews has a plethora of customer reviews and testimonials from verified buyers. These reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate their fast shipping, quality of product, and great customer service.

Most people who have ordered from them have only kind words to say. This makes it simple to trust that is legitimate. The reviews also show their commitment to making sure every customer experience is top-notch and personal.

It is evident that customers would highly recommend them, as evidenced by the many positive ratings across multiple review websites.

Positive Reviews

When looking at, there are many positive reviews that show its amazing products and services. Customers love its fast-shipping, customer service, prices and selection. They also say it is secure, reliable and easy to use. The 4-star rating on Trust Pilot from over 2000 reviews is proof of its legitimacy.

All these positive reviews mean Jordanusd is reliable and trustworthy for online shopping.

Negative Reviews has not-so-positive reviews. Many people have paid for surveys, but didn’t get their promised payment. And, survey answers were not received in the promised time. On top of that, they delete FB comments and ban people from their group. This shows they don’t honor their customer contracts and their credibility is weak.

Legitimacy Evaluation

Pricing-Is a Legitimate Company?

Legitimacy Evaluation is a way to find out if a company or website is real. Several things must be considered:

  • Firstly, the WhoIs record has to be up-to-date. It should have the owner’s name and contact information. An SSL certificate is also needed for secure transactions.
  • Secondly, reviews from past customers show if the company is reliable. High ratings mean you can trust it.
  • Thirdly, its digital presence should be visible. It should be on social media and directories with authentic profiles that link back to their website.
  • Finally, Legitimacy Evaluation helps you make sure you can trust before making a purchase or interacting with them.

Website Security must have security measures in place to be deemed a legitimate company. These include data encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS), and 128-bit encryption. Plus, two-factor authentication should be implemented for user logins. Additionally, should be registered with Web Trust Protocol (WTP) and possess a Digital ID certificate from an authorized provider. Finally, a privacy policy is required to display how data collected from users will be used and safeguarded.

All these features must be present on the website for to be trusted.

Payment Security takes steps to guarantee payment safety. They use secure SSL encryption when processing payments. They also work with trusted third-party payment processors like PayPal, Stripe and Apple Pay. Additionally, they implement 2FA authentication on their website. To stop fraud, uses advanced fraud prevention software. All these measures make sure your transactions are secure and your financial information is safe.

Refund Policy has a refund policy to protect customers. They must contact the company within 30 days of purchase and provide proof of service. If so, a full refund including shipping costs will be issued.

If longer than 30 days, customers may get partial refunds depending on how long since the purchase and details of the transaction. Early termination fees may not be refunded. All decisions are with’s customer service team.


Our investigation reveals is a legitimate online store. It has been operating for 12 years and serving over one million customers, with nearly four thousand positive reviews. The website looks professional, offering electronics, apparel, and other items of good quality at reasonable prices.

Moreover, the company is reliable and responsive to customer inquiries. Their customer service team is experienced and knowledgeable. They provide detailed explanations for return policy and shipping policy inquiries. Plus, the website uses numerous encryption certificates to protect shopper’s personal information during online transactions.

FAQs about: Is Jordanusd.Net A Legit Company

Q1: Is a legit company?

A1: Yes, is a legitimate company that provides quality products and services.

Q2: What products and services does offer?

A2: offers a range of products and services, including web design, digital marketing, and software development.

Q3: How long has been in business?

A3: has been in business since 2005 and has since established itself as a leader in the industry.