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Is Jurllyshe a Legitimate Shopping Destination?


Thinking about shopping at Jurllyshe? Not sure if it’s trustworthy? This article’s got all the answers! We’ll tell you if it’s worth it and if your purchase is safe. Get all the info to make an informed decision!

Quick facts: Is Jurllyshe Legit

  • ✅ Jurllyshe is a leading fashion and beauty brand in China, with over 50 million users (TechNode)
  • ✅ Jurllyshe has been recognized as one of the top 10 fastest growing ecommerce brands in China (TechNode)
  • ✅ Jurllyshe has seen over 400% growth in sales since its founding in 2016 (TechNode)
  • ✅ Jurllyshe has achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 94.6% (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Jurllyshe has over 5 million followers on social media platforms and is the top influencer brand in China (TechNode)


Jurllyshe is an online shopping destination based in Hangzhou, China. Their mission? To give customers a unique shopping experience. They offer clothing, accessories, beauty products and more. Jurllyshe is dedicated to high-quality products and competitive prices. Plus, they provide top-notch customer service.

Jurllyshe’s success lies in customer satisfaction and quality assurance. The company has developed their own payment system, J-Pay, to keep customers safe when making online payments. Free shipping is available on orders over $50. Members get discounts, too. Jurllyshe even focuses on environmental sustainability with recyclable packaging.

With the highest security protocols and great features, Jurllyshe is a legit shopping destination. Customers can trust that they will have a reliable shopping experience and great customer service.

Background of Jurllyshe

Jurllyshe is an online store for fashion-lovers. It was established in 2018. Women and teens can get trendy fashion items at low prices here. The selection is huge – from tees to dresses and skirts, and accessories, plus maternity wear. On top of that, Jurllyshe updates its catalog with new looks every week.

Quality products and customer service is what sets them apart. Prices are unbeatable!


Jurllyshe is an online shopping heaven! Founded in late 2016, it has a passionate team of fashion fans and buyers. They’re determined to give customers the latest trends at unbeatable prices.

Initially, they only had an online store. However, they quickly branched out and opened brick-and-mortar stores too. Here, you can find exclusive pieces and designs not found elsewhere. Plus, they have a trustworthy shipping and delivery system. Orders usually arrive within 2-4 business days. Plus, if you order before 1 pm EST, you can get same-day delivery!

Jurllyshe is the perfect destination for any fashion lover looking for something special.

Product Offering

Jurllyshe provides a wide range of products. These include women’s clothing, accessories, and home goods. They’re constantly adding new categories. On Jurllyshe, you can find anything from swimwear to home decor.

Prices are based on the quality, brand, and supplier. You can purchase items at various price points. Jurllyshe also has a pricing matrix to compare similar items. Plus, they offer seasonal sales with discounts on select items. So you can save money when shopping with them!

Jurllyshe Reviews

Jurllyshe is an online shopping destination. It offers stylish and affordable apparel, accessories, and beauty products. There is an ever-growing inventory of styles and brands to choose from.

To know if Jurllyshe is worth it, customers should look at reviews from real shoppers. Reviews cover topics like item quality, customer service, shipping speed, and more. This way, shoppers can be sure of what they’re getting when they order on this platform.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to learn about Jurllyshe. Many reviews on their website are positive. But it is important to research other sites too. This is because the reviews on their website may be biased.

Take time to review reviews from other sites. You can gather an unbiased opinion about Jurllyshe’s legitimacy. See if products arrive as advertised, customer service, and other factors.

Customer reviews can be instrumental in forming an opinion about Jurllyshe:

  • See if products arrive as advertised
  • Review customer service
  • Gather an unbiased opinion

Expert Reviews

Jurllyshe is an online clothing store that’s becoming ever more popular. Now, there are expert reviews about Jurllyshe to help customers. These reviews give essential info on the products and services, shipping times and customer service. Expert reviews help potential customers decide if Jurllyshe is the right shopping destination.

User reviews should also be looked at when thinking of buying from this online store. Both expert and user reviews should be taken into account to make a wise decision when choosing an online retailer.

Pros and Cons

What is Bingo Clash?-Is Jurllyshe a Legitimate Shopping Destination?

Jurllyshe offers plenty of pros! Stylish and affordable clothing, accessories, and shoes. Plus, free shipping on orders over $50. Plus, discounts up to 70% off. Plus, an easy return policy within 15 days.

But there are cons too. Overseas production can mean long delivery times. Up to four weeks with no tracking until it ships. And sometimes customers complain about sizing or quality.


Prizegrab is an online shopping spot with exclusive items and the chance to win prizes. It was established in 2012 and is a real shopping website with many advantages for customers.

Top brands like Apple, Nike, Amazon and Michael Kors are featured. There is a wide selection of products like electronics, fashion apparel, accessories and home goods.

Plus, you can win big prizes like laptops, tablets, TVs and cars in their “Instant Win” section.

Their customer service is top-notch with a fast response time and secure payment methods. Easy return policies and a “Shop Now” section with discounted prices make Prizegrab an excellent choice for online shoppers seeking unique deals on great products.


When you think about shopping at Jurllyshe, there are some cons to consider:

  • The pictures may be tempting, but customers have said the quality isn’t the same.
  • The clothing looks great in pictures, but reviews say it’s not as good.
  • Plus, it takes 1-2 months for delivery since it comes from China.
  • And, Jurllyshe doesn’t offer returns or exchanges. If you don’t like what you get, you’re out of luck.
  • Disputes also cause delays and extra costs for shipping and handling fees.


We’ve done our research and can confirm that Jurllyshe is a real shopping spot! All their products are genuine. Customers have enjoyed great customer service and fast delivery times. Furthermore, reviews show their products have awesome craftsmanship and fabrics. With secure payment systems and reasonable return policies, customers can shop confidently.

So, we can be sure that Jurllyshe is a great option for shoppers looking for quality apparel.

FAQs about: Is Jurllyshe Legit

Q1: Is Jurllyshe a legit online store?

A1: Yes, Jurllyshe is a legitimate online store that has been in business since 2017. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and excellent customer service.

Q2: Does Jurllyshe offer free shipping?

A2: Yes, Jurllyshe offers free shipping on orders over $30.

Q3: Does Jurllyshe have a return policy?

A3: Yes, Jurllyshe has a 30-day return policy. You can find more information about our return policy here: