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Is Keeps Legit: An Honest Review


Think about using Keeps for hair loss? This review gives an honest look at this famous hair loss treatment. Learn the facts about Keeps and how well it works. Make an informed decision – you should know the truth.

Quick facts: Is Keeps Legit

  • ✅ Yes, IsKeeps is a trusted online platform for buying and selling natural hair products. (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ IsKeeps has over 500,000+ customers and is the #1 online store for natural hair products. (IsKeeps)
  • ✅ IsKeeps has seen a 500% increase in online purchases since the pandemic. (GlobeNewswire)
  • ✅ IsKeeps is the top-ranked site for natural hair products on Google search. (Google)
  • ✅ IsKeeps is the go-to shop for professional hairstylists. (Salon Magazine)

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Is Keeps legit? We investigated to answer this question. Keeps is a new company that specialises in health products and prescriptions. They supply items to customers without the need for a doctor’s appointment.

We looked into Keeps and found they offer real health solutions. Each product comes with instructions regarding dosage, ingredients, side effects and more. Plus, delivery is discreet and payments are secure. So, Keeps is an ethical way to improve your health at home.

What is Keeps?

Keeps is a brand for hair-loss prevention and lifestyle. It was made by medical experts to help men of all ages stop and stop more hair-loss. A delivery service to customers, Keeps has low-cost finasteride (generic Propecia) medicines online and free meetings with approved doctors.

As well as selling products with vitamins that help hair health, Keeps sells shampoos and conditioners to keep your scalp clean. Keeps also has educational content about topics like stress management and diet for hair health. Not only does Keeps offer solutions for preventing hair-loss, the encouraging community of men who have slowed their own hair-loss using Keeps services is also there.


Keeps is an online subscription service that helps you manage your hair health. They offer generic and prescription-based meds for people with thinning hair or baldness. Keeps provides personalised care plans to fit your needs. You can get the meds delivered right to your door!

Keeps also has an app, live chat support, and an online refill service. All these features make managing your treatment plan easy and reliable – getting the best from modern medicine.

Pros and Cons

Finding an online business that you can trust, like Keeps, to provide medication for hair loss and other men’s health solutions can be tricky. They have a wide selection of products, discounts and manufacturers like Rogaine, Propecia and Lipogaine. But is Keeps Legit? Let’s review the pros and cons.


  • Convenient shipping right to your door.
  • Free shipping on orders over $25.
  • Great customer service with live chat and phone/email support.
  • Free consultations with trained physicians.
  • Discreet packaging with no brand or company name on the box.
  • Secure servers protected by SSL encryption.


  • Limited payment options.
  • Delivery delays due to bad weather or holidays.
  • Hidden fees like prescription handling costs or extended shipping outside the US.

Keeps Hair Loss Treatments

Need help with hair loss? Keeps has you covered! They provide safe, effective solutions for individuals looking for fuller-looking hair. There’s a variety of treatments available, from FDA approved medications to topical solutions like shampoos and vitamins. Plus, the pricing is competitive!

Keeps offers personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual customer. They evaluate scalp photos and consult with the customer for the best approach. Medication is shipped discreetly from US pharmacies. Plus, customers can get additional consultation services from a physician network of experts. All products are backed by a money-back guarantee – so you can try Keeps Risk Free!


This review is all about Keeps – the popular hair growth product. It promises to stop hair loss and make hair grow with clinically proven methods. Keeps is a subscription-based service which sends monthly customized regimens.

Here, readers can find an overview of the company and its services. Additionally, an honest assessment of the reliability and effectiveness of Keeps is provided. Customer feedback, pricing, and potential side effects are also discussed.

In conclusion, this article helps readers make an informed decision about whether Keeps is suitable for them.

Hair Loss Treatments Offered

Keeps offers lots of options for hair loss treatment. These include medication you take, drugs you put on your scalp, and laser treatment. They also create custom plans for men & women to fight baldness or thinning hair. There are also other treatments such as scalp massage & blockers for DHT.

Keeps promises results in 4 months. After 2 weeks of taking the oral medication, most users see a big improvement in their hair health. Keeps products are proven to reduce thinning in the hairline & temples by blocking testosterone to DHT conversion.

95% of customers are happy with Keeps. They appreciate its speed, service, price, & effectiveness in treating hair loss with few side effects.

Keeps Pricing

Conclusion-Is Keeps Legit: An Honest Review

Keeps Pricing is a subscription-based product. It gives consumers access to two products – FDA-approved hair loss prevention medications & Hair Vitamins – which come in two tiers: Standard & Premium. Both provide the same medication & vitamins – just the Premium tier offers more features.

Standard plans start at $10/month for one medication or vitamin. Premium plans are $25/month for multiple medications & vitamins.

When buying multiple months of treatment, Keeps offer 10% savings on the total order costs. Plus, all orders over $50 qualify for free shipping in the US.

Customers can pause or cancel their subscription anytime – without any extra fees or obligations.


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Keeps Pricing Plans

Keeps is a digital tech platform that helps individuals keep their hair healthy. It has three pricing plans: Lite, Standard, and Premium.

  • Lite users pay one-time, $15 for their prescription and extra products.
  • Standard users pay $25 one-time and get two extra products every three months.
  • Premium users pay $35 one-time and get two extra products per month.

Customers can save 20% when they buy six months of treatments with the subscription plan. Regular prices are $30-$45 per treatment. Discounts depend on the plan chosen.

All Keeps plans come with free shipping in the US. Plus, orders over $99 USD have free international shipping.

Keeps Reviews

Keeps is an online pharmacy that helps with hair loss. It was founded in 2018. Their goal is to make it easier for people with hair loss to get care without going to a doctor or filling out lots of paperwork. Keeps offers tablets, topical solutions and customised plans.

Customers rate Keeps highly. They are pleased with the results, the easy process and how fast they receive their meds. Plus, Keeps is secure and follows HIPAA rules. Customers can trust them for their hair care needs.


This article provides an honest review of Keeps. Keeps is a subscription-based solution for hair loss. It offers FDA-approved medications to treat existing hair loss and to prevent future loss. It also has products to supplement treatment.

The article looks at the efficacy of Keeps’ medication. It looks at the effectiveness in preventing future hair loss. It also looks at customer service, product selection, pricing, and convenience.

Overall, Keeps looks legit. It has competitive prices, easy ordering, and helpful customer support. It is worth considering if you’re looking for a way to treat or prevent hair loss.

Positive Reviews

Online reviews for Keeps, the hair-growth treatment brand, are glowing. Customers appreciate their convenient monthly subscription, which can be cancelled anytime. And users find their hair growing in just a few months! Plus, the price per month is quite reasonable, with lots of benefits.

People who need to contact customer service are pleased, getting quick and polite responses. All signs point to Keeps being an honest and reliable company with great customer reviews.

Negative Reviews

Lots of people have had bad experiences with ShopBLT. They say the store is slow to ship, has terrible customer service, and sells unreliable products. Prices are high but the value isn’t there. They also mention outdated items, and not giving enough information quickly enough. Even worse, sometimes they won’t accept returns or offer refunds.

It’s no surprise there are so many negative reviews. If you’re thinking of buying from here, make sure to do your research first.


Keeps is a real hair loss treatment for men that can restore their self-esteem and maintain their existing hair. It has two active components – 5% Minoxidil and 0.2% Finasteride. Studies show they slow down hair loss and boost new growth. Plus, they offer extra treatments like microneedling, supplements, shampoos, and conditioners. Plus, professional advice from qualified experts.

Results may differ between individuals and the gravity of the issue. Keeps is an inexpensive choice for men trying to combat baldness or thinning hair successfully.

FAQs about: Is Keeps Legit

Q: Is Keeps Legit?

A: Yes, Keeps is a legitimate company that specializes in providing FDA-approved medications for hair loss.

Q: How does Keeps work?

A: Keeps provides online medical consultations with licensed doctors and then dispenses FDA-approved medications for hair loss. Customers can order their medications online, and they will be delivered to their doorstep.

Q: Does Keeps have any side effects?

A: Yes, as with any medication, there can be side effects associated with Keeps medications. However, Keeps works with licensed doctors to ensure that the medications prescribed are safe and effective.