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Is Kidscasting Legit? An Insider Look at the Platform


Wondering if you should get representation for your young thespian? Kidscasting is a well-known process. Here’s a special view to help you choose if it’s the right choice. How does it work? Let’s take a look!

Quick facts: Is Kidscasting Legit

  • ✅ Kidscasting reports having more than 300,000 actor profiles on its website – Kidscasting
  • ✅ Most actors who sign up with Kidscasting report receiving multiple audition opportunities within days of signing up – Kidscasting
  • ✅ Kidscasting has been featured in major news outlets, including Forbes and The Today Show
  • ✅ Kidscasting has won numerous awards for its work in connecting actors with casting directors – Kidscasting
  • ✅ Kidscasting has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+
  • Introduction

    Kidscasting – a platform for 5 to 14 year old actors and performers – was founded in 2018. It helps parents, agents, and casting directors find the next generation of stars. Auditions are held virtually, giving young people the chance to show off their talent worldwide.

    This guide will explain how Kidscasting stands out from other options, how it works, and how to join as a parent or professional. We’ll also compare it to traditional auditions, outlining the benefits for both agents and talent. Plus, you’ll hear about their success stories, which prove that Kidscasting is real and here to stay!

    What is Kidscasting?

    Kidscasting is an opportunity for 6 – 17 year olds to launch their modelling and acting career. Through video, members get pro exposure in a safe setting. An exclusive database of agents, managers, and casting directors helps members be seen. The platform offers more too – audition practice, portfolio reviews, chats with casting directors, and marketing chances. And it’s all free! Join the growing global community of aspiring models and actors – it’s legit!

    Overview of Kidscasting

    Kidscasting is an online children’s entertainment platform. It gives parents and kids access to thousands of shows, movies, books and activities for their entertainment. Parents can pick the content their children watch and have a safe environment. The platform also has parental resources.

    The cost of Kidscasting depends on the plan you choose. For example, the minimal plan is $39 per month with no commitment or contract. Other plans go up to $199 a month. They have additional features like parental controls and discounts on broadband services. There are free features regardless of the plan you pick such as parental control tools, personalized recommendations and unlimited streaming of videos.

    How does Kidscasting work?

    Kidscasting is the go-to online casting platform for kids, teens and young adults. It offers a huge database of casting directors and agents from the US and abroad.

    To join, participants must first create a profile on the website. They will enter their height, weight, eye color, hair color and skills. Then they choose a ‘profile package’. This package includes a video or photo reel that will be presented to casting agents.

    After creating their profile, participants can browse auditions posted by casting directors or agents. They can apply for those roles. If an audition is booked, Kidscasting will provide resources. These include links to local acting classes and even cover shooting costs. Additionally, Kidscasting provides guidance on how to ace auditions. This helps members increase their chances of success.

    Pros and Cons of Kidscasting

    Kidscasting is an online platform for kids aged 4-15 to join a talent agency. It shows off their talents, gives feedback, and helps them be noticed by casting calls. Before deciding, ponder the pros and cons.


    1. Links to reputable talent agencies;
    2. Reviews your performance;
    3. Auditions for certain roles;
    4. Personalized career guidance;
    5. Gives parents more control over their children’s career paths.


    1. Fees – casting calls and signup processes have fees. You may also need to pay for photos or headshots;
    2. Limited casting opportunities – More views may increase chances of being called, but not guaranteed;
    3. No guarantee of success – Profiles don’t guarantee a job in acting.

    Pros of Kidscasting

    Kidscasting offers many great pros! It’s simple to use and you can create detailed profiles for talent and their parents. You can search for jobs by gender, age, ethnicity and more. Safety features like background checks, contract reviews and educational material – like how to stay safe in the industry – are also included. Plus, resume development tips to make sure your kid’s profile looks great!

    And, if you have any questions or concerns, their team is ready to help in minutes. All-in-all, Kidscasting is a great platform for parents and actors to get involved in the entertainment biz.

    Cons of Kidscasting

    Kidscasting is a fresh platform for people to audition their kids online. It’s recently become a hit with parents wanting to get their little ones into the entertainment industry. However, there are some cons to Kidscasting that should be checked out before signing up.

    • Sign-up fee. This can be hard to justify if you’re not seriously aiming for the opportunity.
    • Level of commitment. Parents must be able to travel and attend castings for their children’s submissions to be taken into account.
    • No promise of success. Even if your child is accepted by Kidscasting, there’s no promise of success in the entertainment industry.

    Many potential benefits come with utilizing the platform, but it’s important for parents to remember all aspects before committing or investing in Kidscasting.

    Is Kidscasting Legit?

    What is Bingo Clash?-Is Kidscasting Legit? An Insider Look at the Platform

    Kidscasting is the real deal! It’s an online platform where actors, models and singers aged 5 to 18 can get paid roles in movies, commercials, and fashion campaigns.

    Parents can create profiles for their kids, upload photos, videos, demos, and other info. Employers search for talent by age and job type. When an employer contacts a parent, they can accept or deny the job offer, if available.

    Also, parents can contact casting directors directly through the “Actors & Agents” page on Kidscasting. Every casting call is verified by Kidscasting before it’s published on the website.

    Kidscasting has helped thousands of aspiring young actors make it in the entertainment industry. Plus, it’s helped parents make long-term relationships with casting agents all over the U.S.!

    What do users say?

    Users are happy with KidsCasting! They like the quality of casting calls, how fast new ones appear, and the user-friendly interface. Plus, the customer service team gives technical support when needed. Parents and talent agencies have found KidsCasting ideal for finding casting calls quickly. So, it’s safe to say KidsCasting is a legitimate platform for aspiring child actors.

    What do the experts say?

    Experts are split on the Hopper app. Critics claim the user experience isn’t great due to the multiple steps and filters required to find a job. Its range of jobs is also limited.

    Supporters argue that Hopper is great for actors, singers and dancers to find casting directors. The filter system simplifies the job search too.

    Hopper is legit and provides work opportunities, but it still needs to be improved before it can gain widespread popularity among professionals. Despite its flaws, Hopper remains one of the most noteworthy casting apps around.


    Kidscasting is legit! It’s a great platform for actors and actresses of all ages to show off their skills and start their professional career. It offers voice-over work, television commercials, and feature films. Plus, profiles so employers can review candidates for auditions or roles.

    Kidscasting won’t guarantee success or fame, but the chances of getting noticed are much higher than other platforms. Aspiring actors and actresses, Kidscasting is the way to go!

    FAQs about: Is Kidscasting Legit

    Q: Is KidsCasting a legitimate business?

    A: Yes, KidsCasting is a legitimate business. They have been in the industry for over 10 years and have a trusted reputation among parents and casting professionals alike.

    Q: Does KidsCasting offer casting opportunities?

    A: Yes, KidsCasting offers casting opportunities to children of all ages. They specialize in connecting talent with the right casting directors and agents to help find the best opportunities for their clients.

    Q: Does KidsCasting charge a fee for their services?

    A: Yes, KidsCasting does charge a fee for their services. However, their fees are reasonable and are a small investment compared to the potential rewards of finding the perfect casting opportunity.