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Is Lovely Wholesale Legit? Uncover the Truth!


Want to shop at Lovely Wholesale but worried if it’s legit? Don’t stress! Read on to find out the truth. You’re worth it! Get the confidence to shop without any worries. You deserve the best!

Quick facts: Is Lovely Wholesale Legit

  • ✅ Lovely Wholesale has a 4-star rating on Trust Pilot, with over 11,000 reviews (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Lovely Wholesale has been operational since 2007 (Lovely Wholesale)
  • ✅ Lovely Wholesale has a wide selection of clothes, accessories and cosmetics (Lovely Wholesale)
  • ✅ Lovely Wholesale offers competitively priced items, with discounts of up to 80% (Lovely Wholesale)
  • ✅ Lovely Wholesale has a secure payment platform, accepting Paypal, credit cards, and bitcoin (Lovely Wholesale)


Lovely Wholesale is an e-shop from China with a variety of products. It’s got clothing, shoes, accessories and more for men and women. Prices are attractive and that’s why many shoppers go for Lovely Wholesale.

But, with any online biz, one may ask: is Lovely Wholesale legit? Is it safe to shop there? This article will give you the facts so you can decide whether or not to buy from Lovely Wholesale. We’ll dive into all the details, so you can make the best choice.

Overview of Lovely Wholesale

Lovely Wholesale is a global online fashion retailer. Established in 2015, it has gained fame for its affordable prices & high-quality products. It has a wide variety of styles, plus a helpful customer service team. With its expansive selection of apparel & accessories at competitive prices, it’s worth considering for your shopping needs. Legit? Definitely!

What is Lovely Wholesale?

Lovely Wholesale is an online retailer that specializes in fashion clothing, shoes and accessories. Established in 2008, they provide stylish items at reasonable prices.

Dresses, blouses, pants, sets, tops and more for both men and women are available. Free shipping for orders over $69, plus discounts on select items. Customer reviews and ratings are available to help customers make a choice. Quality selection and prices have made Lovely Wholesale one of the most popular online retailers today.

Where is it based?

Volinti is an online wholesaler from China. They focus on high-end fashion. They have a large range of apparel, jewelry, accessories. Plus, they have home d├ęcor, beauty treatments, and more. Founded in 2011, Volinti’s goal is to make fashion accessible to everyone. They provide the latest trends with competitive prices. Customers can shop thousands of items from the comfort of their home.

Volinti is known for their great quality and customer service, making them one of the best online sources for fashion products.

What type of products does it offer?

Lovely Wholesale has something for every woman!

  • Shoes? Got ’em.
  • Clothes? Sure.
  • Bags? Yup.
  • Accessories? Absolutely.

Over 200,000 products available on their website. Prices? Super competitive. Sales and discounts year-round? You bet! Plus, US orders over $50 get free shipping. And a customer service team always happy to answer questions about the products and services.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very helpful when shopping online. Even if customers are not always accurate, their feedback can give a good idea of what to expect. For Lovely Wholesale, reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Clothes are fashionable, reasonably priced, and well-made. Plus, they praised the customer service and quick shipping. This paints a clear picture of a trustworthy business with quality products, fair prices, and great customer service.

So, Lovely Wholesale is an ideal choice for shoppers wanting stylish clothes at reasonable prices with fast delivery.

What do customers say about Lovely Wholesale?

Lovely Wholesale customers offer mixed reviews. Most find the site easy to use and the clothing good quality. Prices are also low compared to other sites. Thus, many say it’s a great place to shop. Others have complained about inaccurate sizes, long wait times, or not receiving orders at all. Some also report poor customer service and difficulty returning items.

It’s hard to decide without looking closer at reviews. Do research before buying, as there are still negative reviews of Lovely Wholesale despite recent improvements in quality control.

Is Lovely Wholesale reliable?

Lovely Wholesale offers great deals on trendy apparel for women of all sizes. Their website is easy to use. Plus, they have secure shopping with VeriSign SSL encryption.

Customer reviews are impressive. On Trustpilot, Lovely Wholesale has a 4.9/5 star rating from almost 1,000 reviews. Many people love their selection and fast shipping. Plus, their customer service team gets great reviews. All-in-all, Lovely Wholesale is a reliable store for high quality, affordable clothing.


Review of Lovely Wholesale Legit? Uncover the Truth!

Lovely Wholesale offers prices that beat the market. The cost is determined by the materials, production costs, and more. Different grades of fabrics determine the level of price. Moreover, sales and discounts on clothing items are frequent. This makes it a great place to buy stylish clothes at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality. Generally, you can find reasonable prices in comparison to other retailers when considering both quality and cost.

How much does Lovely Wholesale charge for its products?

Lovely Wholesale is an online store that sells the newest looks and fashions for women. Buyers can find outfits, purses, shoes, and jewelry at budget-friendly prices. The cost of shipping depends on the weight of the items you get. You get free delivery if you spend over $99, with no secret charges or extra fees. Furthermore, registered customers get discounts, plus they give out promotional codes from time to time.

Lovely Wholesale’s prices are usually low in comparison to other stores on the web. Just make sure to read the product descriptions carefully and keep an eye out for any extra taxes or charges at checkout. In this way, shoppers can feel sure they are getting a good deal.

Does it offer discounts?

Landmodo is a top-notch online wholesale shopping site! It offers discounts of up to 70% off retail prices on its products – but only when you purchase over $200. Plus, if you buy more than $50 worth of stuff, shipping is free! Also, there are coupon codes that make for even better savings.

It also has an easy return policy, many payment options and great customer service with 24/7 chat support.

Overall, Landmodo is a great choice for quality items at discounted prices – plus, the convenience of its return policy, payment options, and customer service make it a truly attractive option.

Shipping and Returns

Lovely Wholesale offers worldwide shipping with 3 methods: Standard, Express, and Priority. Cost varies, depending on item size & weight. All orders come with a tracking number, via email or their website.

Plus, Lovely Wholesale has a returns policy for orders within 30 days of purchase. Most items can be returned for store credit within 30 days of delivery. However, damaged or used items may not be accepted for return or exchange, unless specified. Customers must pay return shipping costs before any refund is issued.

What are Lovely Wholesale’s shipping policies?

Lovely Wholesale is an online fashion shopping store. They provide customers with stylish clothing and accessories. Hundreds of styles to choose from, like dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear, outerwear, and lingerie.

  • US orders over $79 get free shipping.
  • International orders get free shipping over $169.
  • Express shipping services are available for an extra fee.
  • Orders come with a tracking number so you can follow the package.
  • Taxes or duties may be applied by the country upon delivery.
  • Shipping companies used are EMS, USPS, or DHL.
  • Delivery time usually takes 7-15 business days. May vary depending on destination country.

How does Lovely Wholesale handle returns?

Lovely Wholesale has an easy return policy. Customers can return items within 14 days of purchase if they’re unhappy. The goods must be in the original condition and have the original packaging. Shipping costs are non-refundable, unless the item is defective or not as described.

Customers will get a full refund, minus any shipping costs, when Lovely Wholesale accepts the return request and gets the goods back in the original condition. If customers desire, they can do an exchange for a different item, however they need to pay all related exchange fees. If they do not want an exchange, they can ask for a refund.


Lovely Wholesale is a legit online store! They have stylish clothing, shoes and accessories at prices you can afford. There’s plenty of items to pick from. Plus, they offer great customer service. But, some reports say the quality isn’t always great, and shipping may be slow. Still, Lovely Wholesale seems reliable and trustworthy. You can rely on them for your fashion needs!

FAQs about: Is Lovely Wholesale Legit

Q1: Is Lovely Wholesale a legitimate website?

A1: Yes, Lovely Wholesale is a legitimate website. They offer a wide selection of high-quality fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories at discounted prices.

Q2: Does Lovely Wholesale offer free shipping?

A2: Yes, Lovely Wholesale offers free shipping on orders over US$99.

Q3: Does Lovely Wholesale accept returns?

A3: Yes, Lovely Wholesale accepts returns within 30 days of delivery. All items must be returned in their original condition.