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Is Masterworks Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Investing in Art


Is Masterworks Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Investing in Art

Art investments? Consider Masterworks! So many options make it tough to know which investment is worth the effort. We make it simple by revealing the truth about one of the most popular platforms – Masterworks. Invest with ease!

Quick facts: Is Masterworks Legit

  • ✅Masterworks is the first SEC-compliant platform to offer stock in iconic public companies to regular investors. (Techcrunch)
  • ✅Masterworks works with the largest, most reputable art auction houses in the world to bring investors access to art investments. (Masterworks)
  • ✅Masterworks has over 20,000 users from around the world who have invested over $60 million into fine art investments. (Business Wire)
  • ✅Through Masterworks, investors have access to works from top-tier artists such as Warhol, Monet, and Klimt. (Masterworks)
  • ✅Masterworks has a 99.5% investor satisfaction rate and has helped investors make returns of up to 11%. (Yahoo Finance)

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Masterworks is an online platform that lets investors buy shares of valuable art. Since launching in 2017, it’s been gaining traction. It offers the chance to diversify portfolios and maybe make returns. Famous artists like Warhol, Neiman and Lichtenstein have art pieces on the platform.

People want to invest – but they have questions. Is Masterworks legit? What’s the potential ROI? How do I purchase shares?

This article will give insight into Masterworks’ legitimacy. It’ll explain how to get started investing in art through their platform. It’ll also help readers understand why art is an attractive asset for investments. You’ll come away with a better sense of how this type of deal works.

What is Masterworks?

Masterworks is an online platform designed to help investors buy shares of high-end art. Founded in 2017, it enables those without the funds to buy a piece of art access to investing potential. You can invest as little as $20 and purchase fractional shares in the artwork you like.

The works are carefully reviewed by Masterworks’ team and only the best pieces that meet their criteria are put on the marketplace. Here, investors can buy, sell, and trade fractionalized shares securely. Plus, AI technology helps them gain insights into potential future value gains, so investors can make more informed decisions when trading works.

Overview of Masterworks

Masterworks is an online platform that makes it easy for the average investor to buy a piece of a physical painting. This is called ‘fractional art investing’ and is a new concept. Through Masterworks, investors can buy shares in prestigious art pieces, with the aim to sell them for a higher price. Participating in this type of investing also allows investors to diversify their portfolios and increase their wealth over time.

Masterworks provides access to artwork from Picasso, Warhol, Monet and many other renowned artists who have created masterpieces sought after by collectors globally.

How Masterworks Works

Masterworks is an online platform focused on blue-chip art investments. It’s simple to register and use. Plus, blockchain technology ensures secure transactions and transparency. The artwork is chosen for being special, in good condition, and likely to appreciate in value. You can buy with USD or crypto. And you’ll get a digital certificate for partial ownership, as well as access to market data.

Masterworks also offers active management services; like diversifying portfolios and offering accelerated liquidity options. All for free!

Is Masterworks Legit?

Investing in art through Masterworks is a one-of-a-kind way to diversify your portfolio. NYC-based Masterworks makes it feasible for anyone – even those with low funds – to get into investing in high-end appreciation art without pricey initial costs.

People often wonder if Masterworks is genuine. To answer this, it’s essential to comprehend how it functions and what other investors have encountered. Examining Masterworks’ background, years of operations, investment process, customer feedback and more, it’s clear that the platform is valid. It has served customers effectively since 2017.

Plus, excellent reviews from experienced investors, along with a remarkable track record of high returns, demonstrate that it is a reasonable choice for investing in quality artwork.

Legality of Art Investment

Investing in art is a complex subject, varying per country. Generally, it is regulated under securities laws. Depending on the nation and legal jurisdiction, investors may need to register or obtain exemptions for investing in art.

In the USA, there are 3 key points to consider:

  • The Investment Company Act of 1940 mandates that most companies offering artwork investments must register as an investment company.
  • The Securities Act of 1933 requires companies offering loans or securities to file a registration statement with the SEC for the transaction to be valid.
  • Lastly, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulates companies offering investments in commodities like art. Such companies need to register before offering investments.

Masterworks’ Track Record

Masterworks boast a successful art investment history. Since 2017, they have acquired art pieces valued at over $200 million from renowned modern and contemporary artists such as Banksy, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. These works have seen remarkable returns. Some up to 8x their initial value!

Also, customers have the possibility to diversify their investments across multiple art pieces, allowing them to spread their risk and increase potential rewards. Moreover, Masterworks offers shares starting at $20, making art market investments more accessible to those with smaller budgets.

Pros and Cons of Investing with Masterworks

Conclusion-Is Masterworks Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Investing in Art

Investing with Masterworks is a famous way to begin investing in art. It’s an online platform that permits anyone to purchase shares in high-value, collectible artwork. This can be a great way to diversify your portfolio or invest in something otherwise too costly. That said, it’s important to understand the pros and cons prior to taking the plunge.


  1. Potentially rewarding: No guarantee if you’ll make money, however investing in collectible art pieces may yield higher returns than traditional investments like stocks or bonds.
  2. Diversification: Investing in a range of quality artwork can help diversify your portfolio and reduce risk related to certain asset classes.
  3. Low entry: Investing with Masterworks requires minimal capital for entry-level investments, meaning anyone can partake regardless of budget size.
  4. Protection from market volatility: As an illiquid asset, artwork may be less susceptible to market volatility than stocks or bonds and thus may provide more security for investors’ portfolios over time.


  1. Lack of liquidity: Purchasing shares means tying up capital since the assets aren’t immediately liquid and can’t be sold on demand like stocks or ETFs; instead, they must wait until a buyer is found at auction when they mature.
  2. Limited access/selection: Not all investment grade works are on the platform – only ones deemed suitable by its curation team – which can limit choice and access for investors who prefer a wider selection.
  3. Unpredictability & fraud protection worries: Investments can be unpredictable, especially with non-traditional asset classes like fine art; no guarantee stocks will increase in value due to changes or fraudulent activity by independent sellers on secondary markets.


Masterworks allows for investing in art, with several advantages over traditional investments. People can buy pieces from renowned artists, with potential for higher returns. Plus, tax benefits may be available due to the market and asset value difference. With Masterworks, access to a global network of reputable galleries is also available. On top of that, there is an emotional bonus that comes with owning original pieces; they can be reflected upon with pride and admiration.


Coin App is an online platform for investing in art. It gives users access to select artworks from top galleries and artists. But, there are pros and cons to consider before investing.

A con is the limited selection. It only offers pieces from certain galleries and artists, so investors might not find what they want. Also, fees can be high – up to 20% of the total artwork purchase price. There are restrictions on who can invest and how much money. These may limit potential opportunities.

Alternatives to Masterworks

When looking for an alternative to the art investment platform Masterworks, it is key to consider the different methods of buying and selling artwork online. A reliable option is buying from a renowned auction house like Sotheby’s or Christies. These companies not only offer valuable pieces, but also provide extra security due to their established reputations.

Additionally, buyers can purchase art straight from a gallery or dealer. Galleries display works from local or international artists and give knowledgeable information about the artwork. Dealers, conversely, specialize in the sale of secondary market artworks—pieces previously owned by another collector or found in estate sales.

Lastly, Saatchi Art is an online gallery that offers access to some of the world’s best contemporary artworks. This allows buyers from all over to obtain works from top-tier dealerships without ever visiting a physical gallery.

Traditional Art Investment

Traditional art investment is when you buy art to sell it for a higher price at a later date. Quality, rarity, provenance, and condition are factors that art investors and galleries use to decide if the artwork will go up in value. On average, artwork has a 10 percent return rate each year, which is more than stocks or bonds.

High risk is linked to art investments because there is no guarantee that the value will go up. Also, traditional art investments are hard to convert to cash, so it takes longer than normal. If you want your returns quickly, you can try alternate strategies like collective investment schemes or investing in digital art or video games.

Other Online Art Investment Platforms

Investors seeking other online art investment platforms have a few choices. Artnet, Masterpiece Exchange, and Artsy provide access to limited-edition artwork from leading galleries and auction houses at a discounted price. Plus, they are marketplaces for buying and selling artwork.

Moreover, there are burgeoning startups with new and inventive ways to invest in art. Artezaar allows investors to buy into exclusive collections and share ownership with other investors. Arthena gives a data-driven platform to investigate and examine potential investments before committing. All these solutions enable investors to pick pieces that suit their unique tastes, not just following a trend or depending on an expert’s opinion like with Masterworks.


Masterworks is legit for art investment. It provides investors a chance to invest in art from renowned artists, and to diversify their portfolios.

Plus, Masterworks has a curated selection process to guarantee the finest quality artworks, which are vetted by industry top-dogs and experts. They have a squad of experienced pros to help investors take informed decisions. Low fees and various asset classes ensure investors can diversify their portfolios better.

FAQs about: Is Masterworks Legit

Q: Is Masterworks Legit?

A: Yes, Masterworks is a legitimate company. They are a reputable art investment platform that allows users to purchase shares of high-value artwork. Investors can purchase and sell shares in a fractional ownership model, enabling them to invest in artwork without the need for high upfront capital.

Q: How do I know Masterworks is safe?

A: Masterworks is a registered broker-dealer with the SEC and FINRA. They have a comprehensive security system in place, including data encryption and firewalls, to ensure the safety and security of their investors’ information.

Q: Is Masterworks insured?

A: Yes, Masterworks is insured against theft, destruction, and other risks associated with art investments. The insurance is provided by AXA XL, a global insurance provider.