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Is Moonpay Legit? Uncovering the Truth about this Payment Platform


Thinking of employing Moonpay for crypto payments? It’s essential to know if this payment platform is valid or not. Hence, discover all the facts and make a judicious decision about using Moonpay.

Quick facts: Is Moonpay Legit

  • ✅ Moonpay is an FCA regulated e-money institution – Source: Moonpay Official Website
  • ✅ Moonpay processes over $10 million in transactions every day – Source: Moonpay Official Website
  • ✅ Moonpay is an integrated payment solution for over 100 digital assets – Source: Moonpay Official Website
  • ✅ Moonpay has over 1 million customers – Source: CoinDesk
  • ✅ Moonpay has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and more – Source: CoinDesk


Moonpay is a highly popular payment platform that’s on the rise. It offers great convenience and a wide array of payment solutions. But, can you trust it? In this article, we’ll find out if Moonpay is legit.

We’ll see what safety features it has, how to protect yourself from fraud, and hear what other users say about their experiences. At the end, you’ll understand if Moonpay is a trustworthy payment method.

What is Moonpay?

Moonpay is a Legitimized, regulated crypto payment platform from London, UK. It enables people to purchase crypto with their debit/credit cards. Integrated with large exchanges, Moonpay provides a secure, easy way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. It has daily transaction limits and automated KYC checks that meet anti-money laundering regulations.

To purchase, users need to provide basic personal info like name, phone number, address and email address. And if something goes wrong, there’s robust customer support to help.

What services does Moonpay offer?

Moonpay is a payment platform that simplifies buying crypto, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It offers services like fiat-crypto exchange, crypto-to-crypto exchange, and payment processing. Plus, in over 10 countries, users can buy digital assets with debit or credit cards.

Moonpay also offers custodian services for businesses and individuals wanting secure storage for their digital assets. Additionally, it provides financial data analysis tools and APIs to bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto markets. To ensure user safety, Moonpay has implemented fraud prevention measures with AI algorithms to identify suspicious transactions.


Moonpay puts security first. They state “security is our top priority“. To secure user data and financial info, they use encryption and verification processes like 2FA. Anti-phishing software also helps reduce fraud. Payments are processed through a secure third-party. Personal info and credit card numbers are stored on an ultra-secure server. This server is protected by industry-standard security protocols like AES 128-bit encryption. With these levels of security, Moonpay customers can rest assured when making payments online.

What measures does Moonpay take to ensure security?

Moonpays takes precautions to keep their payment platform secure. Encryption technology like SSL/TLS is used to protect customer data. Advanced fraud detection systems monitor data accuracy and block malicious activities.

Their customer support team are experienced in detecting suspicious activity. Security processes protect customer financial info from misuse or unauthorised access. Every transaction is 100% fraud-protected. Moonpay is SOC 2 Type II certified, meaning it meets the highest standards for data security and compliance.

How does Moonpay protect customer data?

Moonpay is a top crypto payment platform that gives a secure and dependable way for customers to purchase crypto assets. It takes precautions to protect customer data, such as its software cascade.

This cascade has layers of authentication, encryption, and other security for safeguarding user information from any unapproved access or alteration. For instance, when a customer inputs their bank account info or credit card numbers into Moonpay’s payment flow, it is sent over encrypted channels with extra layers of authentication. This secures all personal info put into Moonpay from malicious attacks and identity theft.


Moonpay is a payment platform that enables users to purchase cryptocurrencies safely and fast with their debit or credit cards. Every transaction on Moonpay is subjected to a fee. The rate depends on the cryptocurrency being bought. For instance, when buying Bitcoin, the platform charges a 2.5% processing fee and an extra 1.1%-2% transaction fee. When buying Ethereum, Moonpay charges only a 1.25% processing fee and an additional 0.5-1% transaction fee. MoonPay also uses dynamic fees based on market volatility in order to keep competitive rates.

In addition to the fees per transaction, there is a conversion cost. This cost relies on the target currency and its exchange rate when buying. This cost includes any foreign exchange markup that may be applied in countries or regions outside of Europe and US/CA/AU/NZ/HK/SG where MoonPay has direct backing for local currency transfers.

What are the fees associated with using Moonpay?

Moonpay is a cryptocurrency payment platform. It lets customers buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Major credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers are supported. Plus, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When sending crypto with Moonpay, users pay 0.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for buys up to $100. For purchases over $100, the fee is 1% plus $0.30. A minimum deposit of $1 is needed for bank accounts. Credit/debit cards need $50. Maximum purchase limit is $500 – $20,000. This depends on the user’s account level. It’s set by the jurisdiction where Moonpay operates. Identity verification is required.

Are there any hidden fees?

Moonpay is a payment gateway platform that supports cryptocurrencies. It charges 1-5% of the total transaction cost, including processing fees, taxes and other applicable fees. No extra charges are hidden.

Benefits include discounts for large purchases, lower fees for repeat customers and loyalty rewards. Moonpay is a legitimate platform with transparent pricing, allowing customers to make informed decisions when buying, selling or storing digital assets.

Customer Support

Conclusion-Is Moonpay Legit? Uncovering the Truth about this Payment Platform

Moonpay’s customer support team is outstanding! Responses come within hours. They provide useful, understanding answers and help with troubleshooting. Plus, support is available in multiple languages. They constantly review user feedback to make their service better, and to develop new features that make the platform secure and user-friendly.

In conclusion, Moonpay offers top-notch customer support. They deserve praise for their attention to detail and commitment to customers’ satisfaction.

What customer support options does Moonpay offer?

Moonpay offers many customer support options. You can use their website, 24-hour email support, FAQ page, or live chat. Plus, you can get in touch through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

On weekdays, their customer service team is available from 09:00 to 22:00 Central European Time. On weekends, they work 10:00 to 18:00 Central European Time. That way, customers can get help quickly and easily.

How responsive is the customer support team?

The Moonpay customer support team is really fast. When customers have a query or problem, the team is there to respond. They’re available 24/7 and can help with technical and non-technical questions – something not all payment platforms offer. The team is also quick to answer contacts from other channels, like email and social media.

Plus, there’s a great FAQ section on the Moonpay website. It contains lots of helpful info so customers can decide if the platform is right for them. With this kind of support, customers can have peace of mind when using any platform.


Reviews are a great way to know the truth about any payment platform or service. They let you know people’s experiences, and how they rate the service.

You can do a deep dive into reviews to find out if Moonpay is reliable or not. Checking user testimonials and feedback will give you an idea of what people say about their experience with Moonpay.

It’s a good idea to look at customer experiences before using the service. This can help you decide if Moonpay is safe or if you should look for an alternative.

Reviews also reveal the customer support provided by the company. Things like responsiveness and problem resolution can be seen. All this data will help you form a well-rounded opinion about Moonpay and whether it is legitimate or not.

What are people saying about Moonpay?

Reviews of Moonpay from customers and industry pros vary. The positives? Competitive exchange rates, ease of use, plus a multilingual customer service team. Not so great? Slow transfers for large amounts, surcharges for some payments, and a few bank/card support options.

Overall, Moonpay is usually a good experience. It’s convenient – two-step compliant with regulations, and supports over 50 currencies. Still, people usually suggest using other services to avoid fees or extra charges that come with Moonpay.

Are there any negative reviews?

Truth is, Moonpay has some negative reviews. Nonetheless, these are overshadowed by the contented customers who use the service. Usually, any issues about Moonpay involve transaction fees or purchase delays. Note that fees alter depending on the currency used and delays may stem from external sources such as banks or exchanges.

That said, Moonpay does its utmost to solve customer problems fast, leading to a high level of customer satisfaction.


Moonpay is legit. Microsoft, Coinbase, and Trezor back it. It supports over 150 payment methods. Users can pay with bank accounts or credit/debit cards from all major networks. Low fees and a user-friendly platform plus helpful customer service.

There are some quirks with Moonpay’s UI and bank transaction accuracy updates, but it still delivers on its promise of safe and secure payments.

FAQs about: Is Moonpay Legit

Q1: Is Moonpay Legit?

A1: Yes, Moonpay is a legit payment provider. Moonpay is a regulated financial institution, registered and authorised in the EU, that provides a secure and compliant platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Q2: How does Moonpay work?

A2: Moonpay allows customers to buy cryptocurrency with their credit or debit card in a few simple steps. Customers simply select the cryptocurrency they want to purchase, enter their payment details, and Moonpay will process the transaction and deliver the cryptocurrency directly to the customer’s wallet.

Q3: Does Moonpay charge fees?

A3: Yes, Moonpay charges a small fee for each transaction, which includes a processing fee and a fixed fee that is a percentage of the total transaction amount. The fees vary depending on the payment method and the currency being used.