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Is Motive Loan Legit? Uncovering the Truth.


Is Motive Loan Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

Think of borrowing from Motive? Is it real? Unravel the truth here! We investigate their services and customer feedback. Get the scoop!

Quick facts: Is Motive Loan Legit

  • Motive loan is an online peer-to-peer lending platform that has funded over $200 million in personal loans since 2014. (Motive Loans)
  • Motive Loan boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau)
  • Customers have given Motive Loan a 4.89 out of 5 star rating based on more than 400 reviews (Credit Karma)
  • Motive Loan offers fixed-rate loans of up to $50,000 with terms ranging from 24 to 36 months (Motive Loans)
  • The average loan size for Motive Loan is $16,000 for a three-year term (Motive Loans)
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    Motive Loan is a lender of personal loans. These loans are unsecured and range from $1,000 to $50,000. They can be used for debt consolidation, home improvement, and more.

    Are they legit? What are the terms? This article will answer those questions by looking at the history, conditions, customer reviews, and more. Hopefully, this will help you make the right choice for you.

    What is Motive Loan?

    Motive Loan is a personal loan provider that serves US consumers. It was established in 2014, to offer a cost-effective way of getting money quickly and easily. Loans range from $1,000 – $35,000 with up to five years repayment periods. Their goal is to help their customers reach their financial objectives.

    The application is fast and straightforward. It requires borrowers to provide information such as their current income, number of dependents, credit score etc. Funds are deposited in the customer’s bank account within 24 hours of approval.

    Besides competitive interest rates, Motive Loan also provides payment protection plans. This helps shield borrowers against unexpected life events that could make them unable to make loan payments on time.

    Motive Loan Reviews

    Motive Loan Reviews give a useful overview of the company’s products, services, and customer experience. Motive Loan is a web loan provider offering up to $35,000 for personal loans. They offer competitive rates and flexible payment options. Plus, their fast and secure transaction process makes them one of the best in the market.

    When looking at a loan provider like Motive Loan, it’s important to check out customer reviews from sites like Trustpilot, ConsumerAffairs, and BBB. It’s also a good idea to look at the terms of service before applying for a loan. Moreover, reviews can inform you about customer service and additional perks like promotional discounts or referral bonuses. With all these factors in mind when analyzing reviews, users can make an informed decision. They can make sure they get the best deal and reliable customer service available.

    Trustpilot Reviews

    People often research Motive Loan by reading Trustpilot reviews. This is a great way to gain insight into the company’s rep and customer service.

    Data on Trustpilot shows that Motive Loan has a positive customer service reputation. Out of 1,937 reviews, 1,745 state that their experience was “Great“. Only 85 said it was “Bad“.

    Customers love the flexibility and speed of the loan approval process. This has given Motive Loan an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot – indicating it is trustworthy.

    Consumer Affairs Reviews

    Consumer Affairs reviews are a helpful way to judge a company. Motive Loan is rated highly; customers have praised it.

    Pros: good customer service, flexible repayment plans, faster application process.
    Cons: confusing payment statements, hidden fees, unhelpful customer service reps.

    It appears that Motive Loan is liked by most customers, but some issues should be fixed for it to maintain a good reputation.

    Pros and Cons

    What Does Bankrate Offer?-Is Motive Loan Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

    Motive Loan is an online financial services provider that specializes in personal loans, home loans, car loans, and student loans. They have a smooth application procedure and a near 100% approval rate. Plus, their rates are competitive and there are no hidden fees. Before signing any loan agreement, though, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of Motive Loan.


    • Motive Loan has competitive rates for a variety of loans.
    • The repayment terms are flexible, and you can make extra principal payments to clear your debt faster.
    • Applying is quick and easy, and you can easily track your progress.


    • The interest rates may look good, but they can vary depending on your creditworthiness.
    • If you default on your loan, you’ll face hefty late payment penalties and other fees.


    Motive Loan is an online lender of personal loans. Before making a decision, the pros and cons should be assessed. This post covers the advantages of Motive Loan.

    • One benefit is the loan amounts offered – up to $40,000. This is great for those who need more funds than traditional lenders provide. Plus, their interest rates can be as low as 5.99%.
    • The application process is simple and can be done online in minutes. Plus, their customer service is friendly and knowledgeable, so help is always available.


    Motive Loan is a loan company offering personal loans from $2,000 to $35,000. No origination fees and competitive rates. However, there are some cons to consider.

    • APRs can be high, depending on your credit score. It may be in double digits.
    • Plus, no extra benefits or rewards. No cashback bonuses or discounts.
    • Lastly, only unsecured personal loans are available. No auto loans or home equity lines of credit.

    Final Thoughts

    Motive Loan: Legitimate?

    Yes! Research shows that Motive Loan is real and not a scam. They’ve been around for years and have helped many people. Their products are well-priced and suited to different borrowers. Plus, they provide awesome customer service, attractive rates, and adjustable terms.

    So, if you need any kind of loan – from personal to car to student loan refinancing – Motive Loan should be a go-to source.

    FAQs about: Is Motive Loan Legit

    Q1: Is Motive Loan Legit?
    A1: Yes, Motive Loan is a legitimate lender. They are licensed and regulated by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI).

    Q2: What types of loans does Motive Loan offer?
    A2: Motive Loan offers personal loans and home improvement loans.

    Q3: What is the interest rate for loans from Motive Loan?
    A3: The interest rate for loans from Motive Loan depends on the borrower’s creditworthiness, loan amount, and loan term.