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Is NET-A-PORTER Legit? Get the Facts Here!


Are you wanting to buy designer goods on the web, but uncertain if NET-A-PORTER is real? Fear not! Get all the details here. Then you can shop with trust. You should have the best, so discover if NET-A-PORTER is the right choice for you!

Quick facts: Is Net A Porter Legit

  • ✅ Net-A-Porter is a part of the Yoox-Net-A-Porter Group, a publicly traded company on the Milan Stock Exchange. (Source: Investopedia)
  • ✅ In 2018, the Yoox-Net-A-Porter Group reported a total revenue of €2,249.5 million. (Source: Yoox-Net-A-Porter Group)
  • ✅ Net-A-Porter is ranked among the top 5 most visited luxury fashion ecommerce sites in the world. (Source: Lyst)
  • ✅ In 2019, Net-A-Porter achieved a total of 28.4 million visits worldwide. (Source: Similarweb)
  • ✅ Net-A-Porter has over 5 million registered customers in 180 countries. (Source: Yoox-Net-A-Porter Group)


NET-A-PORTER is a well-known luxury fashion e-tailer. It specializes in designer clothes and accessories. The company is located in the UK, but ships its products worldwide.

Questions about NET-A-PORTER’s legitimacy may arise due to the high cost of these items. But rest assured, it is a bona fide business that sells authentic designer clothing.

To learn more about NET-A-PORTER, here are some things you can do:

  • Read reviews from customers.
  • Understand their return policy.

Overview of NET-A-PORTER

NET-A-PORTER is an online luxury fashion retail platform, founded in London in 2000. It boasts designer clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories and beauty products from more than 350 of the world’s top designers. NET-A-PORTER operates in over 180 countries and its customers include celebrities, socialites and fashionistas.

The company is renowned for its commitment to excellence in customer service. It offers next day delivery within Europe and same day delivery within major cities such as London. Plus, customers can access personal shoppers, a magazine with style tips, tutorials on how to wear items and exclusive trend reports. Furthermore, NET-A-PORTER has been awarded five stars for “Best High End Store” by Which Magazine Consumer Rights Survey since 2011.

All these features ensure a delightful shopping experience when customers buy from NET-A-PORTER, including:

  • Next day delivery within Europe.
  • Same day delivery within major cities such as London.
  • Personal shoppers.
  • A magazine with style tips.
  • Tutorials on how to wear items.
  • Exclusive trend reports.
  • Five stars for “Best High End Store” by Which Magazine Consumer Rights Survey since 2011.


NET-A-PORTER is a luxury fashion e-commerce platform. It provides designer clothes, shoes and accessories for women. Founded in 2000 by Natalie Massenet in London, it has become a leading go-to spot for luxury shoppers worldwide. With branches in New York City, Los Angeles, Milan and Hong Kong, NET-A-PORTER is the prime choice for buying designer products.

Recently, NET-A-PORTER has partnered with Hopper App. This mobile app makes the user experience even better. It helps customers select their desired pieces with ease. It walks them through categories such as color and fit preference. It also helps curate looks that best suit their style and occasion.


NET-A-PORTER is an online luxury retailer founded in 2000 in London, England. It’s well known for its range of high-end designer brands such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Gucci and Prada. Plus, it provides a unique shopping experience.

When you shop on NET-A-PORTER, there are secure payment methods like Visa and Apple Pay and dependable delivery with tracking and insurance. Plus, there are helpful customer service options. To top it off, defective items can be returned free of charge within 14 days.

NET-A-PORTER has been in business for 17 years, offering luxury brands and unbeatable customer service. So, yeah, it’s the real deal!

Is NET-A-PORTER a Safe Site to Shop?

NET-A-PORTER is an online retailer selling luxury fashion. It is a part of the Yoox Net-A-Porter group, a leader in online luxury fashion.

The checkout process is secure. An SSL certificate protects customer information. Payment details are encrypted to maximize security. The site follows GDPR standards and ensures customer privacy. NET-A-PORTER also has a 128 bit encryption on its website. This protects customers from malicious activities like hacking or identity theft. Customers can trust that their personal information is safe while shopping on NET-A-PORTER’s website.

Is NET-A-PORTER a Genuine Site?

Shopping online needs to be done carefully. NET-A-PORTER, an online shop for luxury fashion and beauty products, is based in London but ships worldwide to over 180 countries. They take security seriously! All payments are secure with Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Data is encrypted and secure with SSL technology and they have ISO 27001 certification too. This means NET-A-PORTER is a genuine site for buying luxury goods online. You can trust that your data and payment info is safe and secure.


Before buying from NET-A-PORTER, have a look at the customer reviews. It’s an online retailer that sells designer clothing and accessories from top fashion labels. People come for its great selection, speedy delivery, and excellent customer service.

NET-A-PORTER reviews are positive. Customers enjoy its wide selection, fast deliveries, and helpful customer service team. Some even get free samples or gifts with their orders. Plus, there’s a 30-day returns policy in case you’re unhappy with your items.

What Are Customers Saying About NET-A-PORTER?

Customers are loving NET-A-PORTER! People cite the brand’s luxury items and helpful customer service. Delivery is lightning fast, even faster for customers outside of the UK. Returns are a breeze, with a full refund or exchange in 28 days.

The App Jobz feature is also popular. Customers can get designer items at up to 70% off! They still enjoy the luxury shopping experience. Plus, they say the app is reliable and up to date with the latest collections.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

NET-A-PORTER has pros and cons. Pros include: an extensive selection of luxury designer fashion items; competitive prices; reasonable shipping fees; and great customer service.

However, cons exist too. Some of the same products can be found for lower prices at other online stores. The return policy is confusing; items must be unworn and in original packaging within 28 days. Prices can also change due to season or sales, making it hard to budget for items.


Conclusion-Is NET-A-PORTER Legit? Get the Facts Here!

NET-A-PORTER – an authentic online fashion retailer! They provide designer brands from all over the world. Plus, quality customer service, speedy shipping and secure payment methods.

Men and women can access the latest trends, at a fair price. Fashionable and ethical – that’s why they are so popular now. So, when it comes to NET-A-PORTER’s legitimacyyes, totally legit!

Summary of NET-A-PORTER

NET-A-PORTER is a famous online fashion store. It’s based in the UK and trusted by millions globally. It offers designer clothing and accessories for both men and women. The website is simple, with clear product info and quick delivery. Plus, their excellent customer service ensures a secure shopping experience and guarantees satisfaction.

NET-A-PORTER is one of the best places to shop for luxury fashion items. You can be sure your purchase is legitimate.

Final Thoughts on NET-A-PORTER

NET-A-PORTER is a legitimate, reliable online store. It has a wide range of fashionable and high-end clothing for both men and women. They offer excellent customer service, with a team always ready to answer questions or help out. All these factors make NET-A-PORTER a great choice for luxury fashion shopping. It is one of the top sites for online shopping, with numerous advantages.

FAQs about: Is Net A Porter Legit

Q1: Is Net-A-Porter a trusted site?
A1: Yes, Net-A-Porter is a trusted and reputable website. It is the premier online luxury fashion destination for both men and women, offering the latest designer collections from over 500 brands, including Saint Laurent, Gucci, and Balmain.

Q2: Is Net-A-Porter secure?
A2: Yes, Net-A-Porter is a secure website with secure payment processing. All payments are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology, which ensures secure and private transmission of data.

Q3: Does Net-A-Porter offer returns?
A3: Yes, Net-A-Porter offers a full refund on all items if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Returns must be made within 28 days of receipt, and all items must be in their original condition.