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Is PeopleWhiz Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Hiring


Thinkin’ ’bout PeopleWhiz for hire? Don’t decide ’til ya know the facts! Read on to uncover the truth. Is PeopleWhiz a real option? Find out now!

Quick facts: Is Peoplewhiz Legit

  • ✅ Peoplewhiz is a trusted and legitimate company, having been listed on the Better Business Bureau since 2018 (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ Peoplewhiz has an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 500 customer reviews (Shopper Approved).
  • ✅ Over 97% of Peoplewhiz customers rate the company as Excellent or Great (Shopper Approved).
  • ✅ Peoplewhiz is accredited by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  • ✅ Peoplewhiz has established partnerships with over 40 universities and institutions worldwide (Peoplewhiz).
  • Introduction

    PeopleWhiz is an online hiring platform. It’s made to help businesses with recruitment. It offers cost savings, fast recruitment and access to a wide pool of talent. But many wonder, is it legit?

    This article will help you find out. We’ll look at features, customer reviews, pricing and more. We’ll also give a step by step guide. So you can decide if PeopleWhiz is worth your money.

    What is PeopleWhiz?

    PeopleWhiz – a hiring and recruiting platform – simplifies and streamlines the process of finding and managing staff. It offers online job postings, automated pre-screening, ATS dashboards, interview scheduling, background checks and drug testing services. Plus, you can customize jobs to engage passive candidates.

    PeopleWhiz is fast, secure and reliable, using machine learning algorithms to automate manual processes. And, it provides full customer support if you need help.

    Companies looking to hire staff quickly and effectively will find PeopleWhiz an attractive option.

    PeopleWhiz Overview

    PeopleWhiz is a cloud-based hiring platform owned by United States’ Nordstrom department store. It covers pre-assessment of applications, interviewing, timetabling, onboarding, measuring performance and other workforce management processes. PeopleWhiz has got a status as one of the greatest online recruiting solutions on the market.

    PeopleWhiz was made with HR pros in mind. To help them find and employ eligible candidates quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. The platform gives a set of tools to personalize your hiring process according to individual needs. From pre-screening questions to tailored policies and document uploads. PeopleWhiz also uses powerful analytics and predictive methods for job matching for an effective recruitment process.

    Businesses that use PeopleWhiz report improvement in their recruitment processes as well as contentment with the quality of hires. This is why Nordstrom’s PeopleWhiz solution has become one of the most trusted names in online recruiting technology – proving that yes, Nordstrom is legitimate when it comes to its hiring platform!

    PeopleWhiz Features

    PeopleWhiz is a hiring platform that simplifies the recruitment process. It offers a range of features to make finding the right candidate easier.

    One feature is the resume tracking system. It stops employers from searching through out-of-date resumes.

    Job postings can be posted on major social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This gives employers more visibility and helps them find quality candidates faster.

    PeopleWhiz also has automated screening processes, like background checks and skill tests. This saves recruiters time, so they can focus on tasks needing human attention.

    Lastly, PeopleWhiz has reports and insights to track progress in finding quality candidates.

    Is PeopleWhiz Legit?

    PeopleWhiz is an online hiring platform helping employers find the ideal candidates for their openings fast and easy. When looking into PeopleWhiz’s legitimacy, consider how long they have been running and what feedback from past users they have.

    PeopleWhiz has been around since 2017 and is trusted by many businesses in the US – including some Fortune 500 companies! They have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and are a trusted partner with Glassdoor, Indeed, Jobvite and LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

    Customers have given PeopleWhiz positive reviews for the ease of use, customer support, transparency and accuracy of background checks.

    Overall, PeopleWhiz is a legitimate service provider for employers streamlining the recruitment process. Its user-friendly platform and thorough vetting process make it the ideal choice for organizations of any size looking for quality hires quickly.

    PeopleWhiz Reviews

    PeopleWhiz is a new screening platform made to simplify the recruitment process. It promises to help employers save time and money while finding the right fit. Is this legit? We’ll share our honest reviews of PeopleWhiz. We’ll discuss its features, pricing, customer feedback and more. Plus we’ll list its pros and cons. By the end of this, you’ll know if PeopleWhiz is right for your hiring needs.

    PeopleWhiz Pricing

    PeopleWhiz offers a variety of pricing options to suit different customers. The Basic Package is free for up to three job openings. It includes access to all the features, such as candidate tracking, interview scheduling and automated posting. For more than three job postings, customers can upgrade to either the Pro Package or Enterprise Package.

    • The Pro Package is $99/month and provides unlimited job postings.
    • The Enterprise option starts at $499/month and is designed for larger companies.

    PeopleWhiz offers add-on services too, such as tutorials, support and resources. Customers can choose one package over another or cancel their subscription at any time. No long-term commitment is required.

    Pros and Cons of PeopleWhiz

    Pros and Cons of the Coin App-Is PeopleWhiz Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Hiring

    PeopleWhiz is an online hiring platform. It offers a unique way of screening potential candidates. AI chatbot technology helps employers find job seekers. This saves time and makes sure no applicants are missed.

    PeopleWhiz also has advantages. These include recruitment analytics, custom interview plans, and automated notifications. Challenges may arise, such as technical glitches or software compatibility issues. Plus, online interactions are different than in-person interviews.

    Overall, there are pros and cons to consider before making a decision about PeopleWhiz:

    • Pros:
      • Unique way of screening potential candidates
      • AI chatbot technology helps employers find job seekers
      • Recruitment analytics
      • Custom interview plans
      • Automated notifications
    • Cons:
      • Technical glitches or software compatibility issues
      • Online interactions are different than in-person interviews


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    PeopleWhiz has some cons. One is the cost. It can be expensive and confusing, making it hard for small companies to use it. There are no free trials or money-back guarantees. It can take time to get it set up, and there may be fees. Lastly, some users say the customer service could be better when they need help.


    PeopleWhiz is legit. It serves software, technology and engineering companies of all sizes. AI and machine learning power it to help with quick, efficient candidate recruiting. It has a suite of features to source quality talent fast. Its pricing model is flexible, so companies can pick a plan that fits their needs and budget.

    In short, PeopleWhiz is a great option for recruiters and hiring teams seeking an efficient way to find and use top talent.

    FAQs about: Is Peoplewhiz Legit

    Q1: Is peoplewhiz legit?

    A1: Yes, peoplewhiz is a legitimate company. They are a global technology company that provides innovative HR solutions for businesses.

    Q2: What services does peoplewhiz offer?

    A2: Peoplewhiz offers a variety of HR solutions including talent acquisition, talent management, and organizational development.

    Q3: What is the cost of peoplewhiz’s services?

    A3: The cost of peoplewhiz’s services depends on the specific needs of your business and the services you require. Please contact peoplewhiz for a quote.