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Is Plaza Japan Legit? An Honest Review.


Fed up with online cons? You’re not the only one. In this article, we’ll give you an honest review of Plaza Japan – a well-known ecommerce store. Let’s see if it’s a legit company and a good shopping experience.

Quick facts: Is Plaza Japan Legit

  • ✅ Plaza Japan is a well-known online store that has been providing products to customers around the world since 2008 – Source: Plaza Japan
  • ✅ Plaza Japan is a reliable online store that has an extensive selection of authentic Japanese items – Source: Japan Guide
  • ✅ Plaza Japan only sells genuine products, inspected and certified by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization – Source: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
  • ✅ Plaza Japan has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot – Source: Trustpilot
  • ✅ Plaza Japan has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Source: Better Business Bureau

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Plaza Japan is a legit retailer. They’ve been around since 1998. But people are still cautious about trusting them. This review will explain why they can be trusted.

They work hard to make sure their customers are safe when shopping. They also guarantee reliable product shipping and secure payments. With years of experience, they know what customers want. Plus, their prices are low on authentic products from top Japanese brands like BAPE, FUBU, and MUJI. So they’re the perfect one-stop shop for all things Japanese!

What is Plaza Japan?

Plaza Japan is an online store for authentic Japanese products. Directly from Japan, they ship a wide range of items: anime collectibles, manga comics, plush toys, electronics, home goods and more. All products are 100% genuine. To guarantee selection, Plaza Japan has hand-picked curators from different regions. They also provide great customer service and secure shipping at competitive prices. So, if you’re a fan of Japanese culture, Plaza Japan is your go-to destination for rare items or gifts!

What Products Does Plaza Japan Offer?

Plaza Japan is an online store for Japanese products. It offers a range of items, from clothes and accessories, to toys and collectibles. Plus food, snacks, and famous brands like Sanrio, Tamiya, Ensky, and Takara Tomy Arts. Tokyo Ghoul figures, Pokémon cards, and phone cases based on One Piece and Death Note are popular.

Pre-orders for new products and special editions with bonus content are available. Plus, there are limited stock promotions in collaboration with Anime-related events. Plus, all orders come with insurance and a 98% successful delivery service.

Prices and Shipping

Introduction -Is Plaza Japan Legit? An Honest Review.

Plaza Japan offers a range of products, many of which are rare and hard to find elsewhere. Prices are in Japanese Yen (JPY). Free shipping is available on orders over JPY 10,000. International shipping is offered, too. Plus, customers can opt for express delivery if they need their order quickly. Prices are usually higher than other stores, but customers can save with regular discounts and sales. Customer service is top-notch, ready to help with any order inquiries or problems.

Plaza Japan is a great choice for rare items at competitive prices, plus reliable customer service.

Customer Service

At Plaza Japan, customer service is number one. No matter how much you buy – one item or a thousand – you get their special, personal care with every purchase. There’s a dedicated team on hand 24/7, which you can contact through their website’s contact page or by email or phone. They can answer product questions and give advice on what to buy. Even if it’s hard to find, they’ll help you track it down!

Plaza Japan knows how important it is to make customers happy. That’s why every package is shipped with care, and always arrives on time.

Payment Methods

Plaza Japan has various secure payment methods. Customers can buy items with major credit cardsVisa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB. Also, payments through PayPal are accepted. Bank transfers and cash on delivery are options too. In certain cases, customers can even use Bitcoin. Data security is a top priority, making Plaza Japan an incredibly reliable and trustworthy online store.

Pros and Cons

Plaza Japan is a legit website selling real Japanese stuff. They have been in the business of importing from Japan since 2002. They offer a huge range of products, such as books, fashion items, electronics and more.


  1. Genuine Japanese items: Plaza Japan sources the best quality products straight from Japan and sells them at competitive prices. This means customers get true Japanese products without having to compromise on quality or authenticity.
  2. Rapid shipping: Plaza Japan offers speedy shipping worldwide. Usually, delivery takes 5 days after purchase. But, some countries could experience longer speeds based on their region’s customs regulations and location.
  3. Easy returns policy: Plaza Japan has an easy returns policy which allows customers to return any item in 30 days if they are not happy with it for any reason. This offers buyers the chance to make sure they are getting what they paid for before buying from them.


  1. Limited selection: Although they have a variety of items, Plaza Japan’s selection is limited when compared to other online stores who specialize in Japanese items or worldwide products.
  2. Pricey shipping costs: Shipping costs through Plaza Japan can be pricey as most orders need to be shipped internationally (from Japan). So, those looking for cost-effective solutions may not find it here.
  3. Poor customer support: Customers have reported slow response times or no responses when they reach out for help with orders or other issues through the website’s customer service department.


Plaza Japan rocks! You’ll find a vast selection of products – all 100% authentic and in great shape. Prices are fair too. The web platform is super easy to use plus you get bonus features like wishlists, gift cards and discounts. Plus international shipping is available, so you can get your orders wherever you are! All-in-all, Plaza Japan is an awesome place for buying Japanese products online.


Oriental Trading is a legit business. But there are some downsides. Shipping costs can be pricey, plus you have to pay for return shipping. Their items may not be sturdy and might not last. The selection is mainly for parties, crafts and seasonal stuff like Christmas decorations. Because of their low prices, the quality of the products can change from order to order. So it’s hard to get the same item with the same quality.

Final Thoughts

Overview of Proozy-Is Plaza Japan Legit? An Honest Review.

To sum it up, Plaza Japan is a trusty, legitimate store offering a wide range of Japanese products. From the newest Anime figures to the most sought-after Japanese snacks. Prices are competitive, shipping fast and customer service excellent.

It’s fair to state that Plaza Japan is one of the top places to shop for Japanese goods. Therefore, if you’re looking for high-quality Japanese products at reasonable prices, with reliable shipping and customer service, Plaza Japan is the ideal place to start your shopping experience. Anime figures or classic souvenirs, they are sure to have something to satisfy even the fussiest of customers!

FAQs about: Is Plaza Japan Legit

Q1: Is Plaza Japan Legitimate?

A1: Yes, Plaza Japan is a legitimate online retailer. They offer authentic and official products from Japan, including anime, manga, cosmetics, and more. They have a secure payment system and a reliable delivery system.

Q2: Is Plaza Japan Safe?

A2: Yes, Plaza Japan is a secure website with a secure payment system. They have a secure SSL certificate and use encrypted payment methods to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Q3: Does Plaza Japan Ship Internationally?

A3: Yes, Plaza Japan ships internationally to over 200 countries and territories. They offer free shipping to certain countries and provide tracking information for all orders.