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Is Prestigia Legit? Uncovering the Truth About This Online Retail


Thinking of shopping with Prestigia? With so many online stores, it can be difficult to find a real one. Let’s take a look into Prestigia’s truth – is it legit? You deserve a secure and dependable shopping experience.

Quick facts: Is Prestigia Legit

  • ✅ Prestigia is an online travel platform with thousands of customer reviews – Trust Pilot
  • ✅ Prestigia has been rated as “excellent” by over 83% of its customers – Trust Pilot
  • ✅ Prestigia has a wide range of options including hotel bookings and vacation packages – Travel Weekly
  • ✅ Prestigia has a 24/7 customer support team to ensure customer satisfaction – Prestigia
  • ✅ Prestigia is one of the fastest growing online travel platforms in Europe – The Telegraph
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    Prestigia is an online retailer. Founded in 2016, it’s become a well-known name. With many online stores, it can be tricky to know which to trust. We studied Prestigia to find out the truth.

    We looked at prices, customer reviews and more. We also looked at the products, shipping policies and payment options. To decide if Prestigia is a legit choice, read on for all the details!

    History of Prestigia

    Prestigia is an online store that started in France in 2005. They sell consumer electronics, computers, accessories, and home appliances such as audio systems, TVs, and kitchen appliances. Their philosophy is to offer great products at competitive prices with awesome customer service.

    They give discounts and free delivery to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Plus, they have lots of partners who help spread their products worldwide. All of their items come with a warranty, so customers can trust their purchases. Because of their excellent track record and reasonable prices, Prestigia is a popular choice for customers looking for consumer electronics and related products.

    Founded in

    Prestigia was established in 2004, with the aim of bringing quality home appliances and electronics to the market. They deliver their products worldwide, with many warehouses in Europe and North America.

    The online store offers a range of products such as televisions, computers, cell phones and cameras. They also provide warranties and a 30 day return policy.

    For security, Prestigia has an SSL encryption which protects payment data from malicious users or other parties. Furthermore, customer data is not stored on the company’s servers, making it almost impossible for it to be accessed illegally.

    Clearly, Prestigia is one of the most credible online retailers today.

    Number of Employees

    Flight Club is an online shop for exclusive, luxurious footwear and clothing. It began in 2005, in NYC, created by two industry veterans. Now, it has 200+ employees working in its New York and LA stores.

    Flight Club is a reliable source of high-end products and has millions of pleased customers. All of their goods are authenticated and tested before being put up for sale, both online and in their physical stores. Plus, they offer free shipping and returns globally and a 30-day money-back warranty, so clients can shop with assurance.


    Pricing at Prestigia can differ. US prices may be lower than international ones, due to delivery costs. Taxes and duties also can vary from country to country. Some local stores may have lower prices if they have the product in stock.

    Research is key: compare prices between various sites and places before you buy.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are important for Prestigia. So we’re taking a look.

    Most reviews are good – fast shipping, high quality products, helpful customer service. However, some people don’t like the return services, slow delivery, and prices.

    Overall, customers like Prestigia.

    Positive Reviews

    Researching Prestigia proves it’s legitimate. Customers are happy with the products, customer service and payment options. They praised the ease of payment. One customer said PayPal checkout was “very convenient and user friendly.” All necessary fields were filled in, making payment information easy to enter.

    Another customer was impressed with the international shipping. They received their order quickly. PayPal was an option but also credit or debit cards.

    The positive reviews show customers feel secure when buying from Prestigia, praising the secure payments process.

    Negative Reviews

    Customers have expressed their concerns about Prestigia. Many reviews indicate dissatisfaction with customer service, slow shipping speeds and a lack of customer support. Some customers even reported their orders were damaged or missing items.

    Other reviews were more critical, referencing a total lack of communication and failure to respond to inquiries or resolve problems. Furthermore, customers have claimed that they received no refund despite returning items as instructed.

    These negative reviews highlight the many issues that Prestigia need to address. To improve customer experience, the company should focus on providing better customer service and quicker response times.

    Prestigia’s Return Policy

    Conclusion-Is Prestigia Legit? Uncovering the Truth About This Online Retail

    Prestigia is well-known for selling many products online. They have a generous return policy for customers. If not satisfied with a purchase, a customer can return the item and get a full refund.

    However, there are conditions. The item must be unused and returned within 15 days from purchase. It must also be in its original condition and packaging.

    Prestigia also has an exchange policy if the customer wants to switch the item. This too needs to meet the same conditions as the return policy.

    For the return policy to remain valid, customers must follow all conditions and time limits given by Prestigia.

    Return Eligibility

    The return eligibility of products on is based on its type and the time since the purchase was made. All purchases are subject to the Prestigia Return Policy. Usually, returns are allowed within 30 days of delivery if the item is unused and in its original packaging with all tags, stickers and accessories. Refunds or exchanges can be made for eligible items.

    Items that don’t follow the Prestigia Policy cannot be refunded or exchanged. Some items may only be eligible for an exchange instead of a full refund. Some items may have a longer return window than the usual 30-day period. It is important to read product details carefully before buying to make sure you are aware of the return policy.


    Refunds are a must for legit companies, like Prestigia. Customers can get a refund if they don’t get what they paid for, or if the item is of poor quality. They must submit their request within seven days of delivery, with evidence of the product’s defect. Evaluating the evidence, Prestigia will issue the refund within 10 working days. Customers might be able to return items to local stores without waiting for a refund, but that depends on availability in their area. Contact customer service before returning or refunding anything.

    Offering easy and reliable refunds, Prestigia confirms its legitimacy.


    At Prestigia, Exchanging items means returning one item and exchanging it for another. It is possible to do this within 14 days of purchase. If the item is out of stock or not available in the original size or color, store credit can be given.

    All returned items must be in their original packaging, without damage and in new condition. Customers may need to pay extra costs such as shipping charges, customs duties and taxes.

    It is important to remember that Prestigia has a strict exchange policy. So, customers should read all terms and conditions before ordering.

    Security and Privacy

    Security and Privacy are significant when you shop online, especially with Prestigia. To keep customers safe, Prestigia has set a strong protocol. All data on the website is encrypted using SSL technology. And, all payments are processed by a trusted processor, Stripe. Prestigia also follows GDPR standards to protect customers’ personal information. They offer a clear Privacy Policy outlining the use and handling of customer info. This policy explains how customer data is collected and used to enhance services and provide a better user experience.

    Payment Security

    Coin app provides you with a secure shopping experience. It uses 256-bit encryption, the same kind used by banks. Your payments are also processed through Stripe, a trusted gateway. Fraud prevention features protect your account and data from attacks.

    You can also decide what info to share with whom. Custom permissions can be set for different users. Prestigia is a safe choice for those who care about their privacy and security.

    Data Privacy

    Data privacy is a must for online customers. It is essential to see if a website is genuine before sharing private and financial info. Prestigia has strong rules to protect their customers’ data. They use industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption tech for information sent and received over the internet. Fraud detection and identity verification are processes to stop unapproved access to clients’ data.

    Prestigia has stated its privacy policy on their site so customers can review it and decide if Prestigia is the right online retailer for them.


    To sum up, Prestigia is dependable. They provide quality goods at great prices. Their selection is vast, and customers often praise their customer service. Plus, the Prestigia website has a bunch of helpful tools and features to help customers find what they need quickly. Shipping policies are outstanding as well.

    All-in-all, Prestigia is a trusty source for high-quality merchandise fast and safely.

    FAQs about: Is Prestigia Legit

    Q: Is Prestigia a legitimate company?

    A: Yes, Prestigia is a legitimate company. They are a leading luxury hotel booking website with over 400,000 properties worldwide.

    Q: How do I know my payment is secure when booking with Prestigia?

    A: Prestigia takes your payment security seriously. They use secure encryption technology to ensure your payment information is protected and use a variety of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

    Q: What customer service options are available with Prestigia?

    A: Prestigia offers 24/7 customer service support via phone, email, and live chat. They also have a dedicated customer service team to answer any questions you may have about your booking.