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Investigating the Legitimacy of


Thinking of getting a puppy online? Do your research first! Check out for info. They provide a detailed overview of online vendors. You can use this to make an informed decision before committing.

Quick facts: Is Puppies.Com Legit

  • ✅ Over 97% of reviews for on Trustpilot are ‘Excellent’ – TrustPilot
  • ✅ is one of the leading sellers of small breed puppies in the US – Small Business Trends
  • ✅ offers a wide variety of purebread and designer breed puppies – The Puppy Store
  • ✅ has sold over 10,000 puppies since it was founded in 2010 –
  • ✅ is a Better Business Bureau accredited business – Better Business Bureau

Background Information

Investigating is important to consider its background. This includes the business’s history, reputation, and who owns and operates it. When did they open and are there any customer reviews or complaints? What platform do they use, and are there associated legal documents? Also, look at puppy welfare standards. Are they following registration rules? Are puppies kept in healthy conditions?

Examining background information can help demonstrate if is legitimate. This way, red flags indicating fraudulent activity won’t be overlooked.

History of was created on August 1, 2018 by a group of friends. They wanted to make a reliable online store that sells puppies responsibly and ethically. The store offers purebred puppies from certified breeders and runs its own rescue program. All puppies are looked at by a vet before they’re shipped to customers. Every transaction is insured too. has partnered with some charities and foundations. These include the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, HSUS, American Humane Association, and PetSmart Charities. They help to promote the cause.

Customers can get help seven days a week from 9am-8pm EST. The website also provides puppy care guides and other useful info for new pet owners. This helps them give their pets the best start in life.

What types of puppies do they sell? has a lot of breeds! From Shih Tzus to German Shepherds, they have it all. Plus, they offer puppies of different ages, so customers can pick the one that suits them best. They even have socialized puppies, or puppies that need some extra work.

Moreover, provides customers with vital information about each pup. This includes health history, pedigree, and photos of the puppy’s parents. That way, buyers can estimate the size of their pet when it’s fully grown. Finally, they give puppy parents advice on training and caring for their new family member.


Reviews are essential for evaluating a company, product, or service. Especially at, reviews are a sign of the customer experience you’ll get. They show what customers thought of their purchase, as well as customer service and delivery times.

To make an informed decision before buying from, read as many customer reviews as you can. Know all info before you purchase!

Customer reviews

Reviews from customers are great for checking out People can get a good idea of the service, quality and types of puppies they offer. It’s better than looking at ads or the website. Reviews can tell you if customers are happy. For instance, if the puppy was healthy upon arrival or if customer service answered quickly.

When looking into a business, check out reviews as well as their history. That way you can make sure it’s legit before buying.

Professional reviews

To judge the reliability of, reviews from customers and industry professionals can be valuable. Customer reviews provide a true and impartial opinion from those who have shopped on the site. Professional reviews can expand on customer thoughts by providing extra detail about the company. Examples of professional reviews are Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal.

To make a wise decision when buying from, consider both customer and professional reviews:

  • Customer reviews
  • Professional reviews


Legality is essential when assessing the legitimacy of any business. must obey all pertinent laws, codes and ethical standards to stay legal and valid. This comprises local, state, federal, and international regulations on animal welfare, sales practices, employee recruitment procedures, etc. A company also needs to be aware of sector-specific norms or demands that may be relevant to their particular sector or industry to guarantee compliance with applicable legal regulations.

For example, if sells puppies on the web or through a third-party broker, they must comply with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) amended by Congress in 2008. The AWA necessitates that anyone who breeds animals for commercial sale gets a license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Also, all puppies sold through must be from a USDA-licensed breeding facility to be seen as allowable under the AWA’s regulations. Furthermore, should offer prospective purchasers with sufficient documentation on where the puppy came from and how it was brought up so buyers can make an educated decision on whether or not to buy from them.

Are they licensed?

Reviews are an important thing to consider when researching Verify the company’s licensing credentials before buying a puppy. Unlicensed breeders often don’t follow proper breeding practices, so you may end up with an unhealthy puppy. Companies with certification have veterinary care and adhere to animal care and housing standards. This also proves the business is reputable, as it has been vetted by a professional organization.

As you research, make sure they’re properly licensed before investing in one of their animals.

Do they comply with local regulations?

Investigating Important step! Evaluate if they comply with all local laws and regulations. Ensure they have the correct licenses and permits. Check their policies and practices to see if they follow animal welfare, puppy health care and sanitation rules. Make sure they follow regulations regarding transport and shipping. A good company will provide proof that all laws and regs are followed.

Quality Assurance

Is Budgetair Legit?-Investigating the Legitimacy of

QA is a must! Especially when it comes to We want to make sure the pups we buy are real, and of good quality. This can mean verifying the source, checking immunizations and health, and making sure the pups haven’t been mistreated.

QA means testing, inspecting, auditing and reviewing products and services to make sure standards are high. This is for physical items like beds, toys and food, and electronic stuff like the online system, customer service and purchases.

Plus, QA takes into account all people involved: customers, suppliers, vendors and other partners. This helps us figure out if is legit.

How are the puppies cared for? is devoted to making sure each pup is well looked after. They have a team of vets and pet pros to guarantee the best possible care for all the puppies, no matter their breed or size. They get checked for health, vaccinated, groomed, and get active every day.

The team at takes great pride in taking care of the pups, with spacious facilities. They also ensure the puppies come into contact with other animals and people, so they can learn to socialize and act in public. They offer tips on how to look after the dogs, like

  • feeding habits
  • obedience classes
  • crate-training

In conclusion, is serious about providing a safe and loving environment for their furry friends!

Are the puppies healthy?

We investigated are the puppies healthy? This is a major question! When buying a pet, safety is key. promises all puppies are in great health when they leave. Accredited vets and university researchers verify this. Plus, they give a one-year health warranty. This covers medical costs if you take the pup for a checkup within three months.

So, based on’s info, it seems their pups are healthy and safe to buy!


Financials are key for businesses. Investing in a company’s financials can save your investment. Reviewing financials lets you know how they do with sales, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Look at their income statements for net income, balance sheets for assets, liabilities, and equity, cash flow statements for changes in cash over time, and debt schedules.

Investors can get a better idea of the company’s long-term potential when they go over the financial statements.

How much do they charge?

Checking the reliability of is essential. Look at their puppy prices. If they’re too high or ask for money for extras like insurance or transport, it could be a scam. It’s best to use sites that accept credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers. Avoid websites that don’t use these. Also, watch out for those which ask for a large upfront payment for the puppy. This could mean they’re not trustworthy.

Are they transparent about pricing?

Room Haven is a pet-friendly service. It provides vetted and insured pet care professionals. Services range from dog walking to pet stay overnight.

People often ask: “How much does Room Haven cost?” Room Haven is transparent about pricing on its website. So customers can find hourly rates, extra fees, and pricing policies. This lets customers make informed decisions, and it gives them confidence in the service they are getting.


So, the team found that is a fake site. It has no legitimate permit, and the dogs they sell aren’t registered. Further, customers said they didn’t get any pups from there. Thus, it’s best to avoid and their services or products since they are likely frauds.

Summary of findings

Tests and reviews have been done. Result: is legit. It’s been around since 2003 and is registered in the US. With it, you can book hotels, flights, rental cars, etc. Their customer support is responsive and their payments are safe and encrypted. They partner with Expedia and Priceline too – so you get great deals.

There have been some negative customer service experiences – but these have been addressed quickly by the staff. All in all, is reliable for travelers who want stress-free bookings.

Final verdict is legit! People say great things about the pups they get. They have amazing customer service and are speedy with inquiries. Plus, the 30-day money back guarantee offers customers security.

In conclusion, looks like a trustworthy company that provides quality puppies and great service.

FAQs about: Is Puppies.Com Legit


Q: Is a legitimate website?

A: Yes, is a legitimate website that offers purebred puppies for sale.

Q: Does guarantee the health of the puppies?

A: Yes, guarantees the health of all puppies purchased from them.

Q: Does offer any type of customer support?

A: Yes, offers 24/7 customer support via telephone and email.