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Is Rev Legit? The Truth about This Transcription Service


Require transcripts of audio recordings with speed? You may have heard about Rev, a transcription service that pledges fast turnaround times. But is Rev reliable? Keep reading to discover the reality about this transcription service.

Quick facts: Is Rev Legit

  • ✅Rev has over 10,000 customers in over 150 countries (Source: Rev)
  • ✅Rev has a 4.8/5 stars rating on Trustpilot (Source: Trustpilot)
  • ✅Rev has processed over 55 million minutes of audio and video (Source: Rev)
  • ✅Rev’s transcription service is 99% accurate (Source: Rev)
  • ✅Rev has a 95% customer satisfaction rate (Source: Rev)

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Rev is a transcription service that has been helping people since 2007. It serves customers in over 200 countries. Its goal? Save time and simplify workflow! Plus, improve accuracy.

Rev’s secure web platform allows customers to get professional-grade transcripts quickly and easily. Just three steps: upload the file, provide instructions and review/publish the transcript.

So, is Rev legit? Absolutely! With 15 years of experience, it provides trusted services for businesses and individuals. Quality assurance includes secure servers, strict confidentiality standards, and experienced transcribers.

Overview of Rev

Rev is an online transcription service. It helps people and businesses convert audio/video files into text documents. This platform offers many services, such as human transcription, closed captioning, automated transcriptions, and subtitling. Clients can choose from three document types: verbatim, edited, and intelligent edit.

Rev also provides special services for businesses, like voice-to-text software for customer support teams. There’s a blog section with helpful resources, like FAQs and tips for getting accurate transcriptions. Rev offers a variety of services at competitive prices. It’s a legitimate transcription service that helps many translate their recordings into readable documents.

What is Rev?

Rev is an online transcription company. It was founded in 2010 in San Francisco. It offers three types of transcription services: automated, human-assisted automated, and human-powered. Plus, it provides captioning and subtitles for videos, and document translation services.

The prices are competitive compared to other companies in the industry. Also, Rev guarantees a fast turnaround time. All transcriptions will be done within 24 hours. On top of that, the customer service team is there to help with any problems or issues.

Services offered

Greeting Molly is an online transcription service. It offers audio and video transcription, translation, editing, and proofreading. Many languages and dialects can be ordered. Also, spoken language recognition technology is available. It detects accents and dialects to save time. Plus, it increases accuracy.

The platform is secure and simple to use. No downloads or plugins needed. Costs are reasonable for people and businesses. To guarantee accuracy and consistency, Molly has a team of experienced transcribers. They offer personalized customer service for each project.


Rev has two pricing plans: pay-as-you-go or subscription. Pay-as-you-go customers pay per minute of transcription for one audio file at a time. Subscription customers get discounts. They can also upload multiple files and have a project manager to manage orders. Transcriptions are faster for subscription customers. Both plans are great value since Rev’s prices are cheaper than other services.

Pros and Cons

Rev is a preferred transcription service. It’s quick and simple to use. It converts audio and video recordings into written documents.

Pros? Low cost, fast turnaround, 99% accuracy, rewards programs and secure data.

Cons? No customization options for legal or medical documents. Long wait times for customer service. Rare software glitches.

In conclusion, Rev is an excellent transcription service. Quality transcripts at a budget-friendly price. Worth considering!


Rev is an online transcription service. It converts audio or video files into written transcripts quickly, accurately, and securely. The pricing is affordable and there is no need to sign long-term contracts. Get discounts when uploading & ordering large audio/video files in bulk.

Rev offers different file formats for transcriptions such as text, Word document, HTML format, etc. They also provide customer support. Finally, all your files are securely stored. This ensures they won’t be shared without your consent.


Weighing the pros and cons of Rev is important.

  • One con is that they cost more than other services. And, there are no special discounts.
  • Also, their pool of transcriptionists is smaller. So, turnaround times for jobs may be longer.
  • Finally, there have been reports of errors in transcripts. Although these are rare and can be fixed with customer support, it’s something to think about.


Introduction-Is Rev Legit? The Truth about This Transcription Service

Reviews are key for Rev, a transcription service. They provide trust with customers and show the quality of the product. Rev’s website has many great reviews. Also, third-party sites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber have reviews. Read them. It can help you decide if Rev is for you.

Furthermore, chat with past customers and check out customer case studies. This gives you a good idea of how Rev works in real-world settings. Take some time to look at customer feedback before you commit to Rev.

Customer Reviews

What’s the best way to know if Rev is great? Ask those who have used it! People rate Rev from 1-5 stars and give their thoughts. Most reviews are positive. Customers say the transcription is accurate and fast. Plus, the support team helps with any issues. There are a few negative reviews, but they’re old or about specific incidents. In general, customers are happy and would recommend Rev.

Expert Reviews

Experts’ reviews are useful when assessing’s legitimacy. Industry veterans have had positive experiences; no problems with orders, pleased with service quality and easy to use web-based interface. Others praised the customer service team’s helpful responses to issues/complaints.

All in all, experts’ reviews paint a positive picture of’s legitimacy.


Researching Rev shows it’s a legit, dependable transcription service. It’s got great quality control, customer service and a handy work platform. Plus, fast turnarounds and prices around a dollar per minute of audio. It’s worth considering any potential risks or costs of using a third-party like Rev. But if you want a quick, efficient way to transcribe audio, Rev is an awesome option.

FAQs about: Is Rev Legit

Q1: Is Rev Legit?
A1: Yes! Rev is a legit company that offers services related to document translation, transcription, closed captioning, and more. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are trusted by over 100,000 customers.

Q2: What type of services does Rev offer?
A2: Rev offers services related to document translation, transcription, closed captioning, and more. They also offer a platform to help entrepreneurs and businesses with their online presence.

Q3: How can I find the best rate for the services I need?
A3: The best way to find the best rate for the services you need is to use Rev’s online calculator. This calculator will help you to get an estimate of the cost of the services you need. You can also contact Rev’s customer service team to discuss your specific requirements and get a more accurate estimate.