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Is Revature Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Job Platform


Pondering a job with Revature? Before you make a call, discover the facts about the online job platform. Unveil the realness of Revature. This way, you can make an aware choice about your vocation.

Quick facts: Is Revature Legit

  • ✅ Revature has placed over 15,000 professionals in technology, finance, and healthcare roles since its launch in 2012, according to the Revature website. (Revature Website)
  • ✅ Revature has partnered with over 150 employers including Microsoft, Amazon, and JP Morgan Chase, according to the Revature website. (Revature Website)
  • ✅ In 2019, Revature was ranked #10 on Built In Austin’s list of Best Small Companies to Work For. (Built In Austin)
  • ✅ Revature has been featured on Forbes, CBS News, and The Washington Post. (Forbes, CBS News, Washington Post)
  • ✅ Revature was listed as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies in 2018. (Inc Magazine)


Welcome to our guide on Revature! It’s a top job platform in the US. We’ll discover what sets it apart from other job platforms. Plus, we’ll look at the pros and cons of working with Revature. We’ll also explain the application process. By the end, you’ll know if Revature is legit and a great place to start your career journey.

We’ll cover the benefits of using Revature. We’ll also discuss any potential negatives. Then, we’ll give advice on how to make a successful application. Additionally, we’ll tell you how to increase your chances of success.

Our ultimate goal is to help you decide if Revature is the right job platform for you.

Overview of Revature

Revature is a tech talent development company from the US. For 15 years, they’ve been providing software engineering apprenticeships and IT staffing support to businesses.

Since 2006, they’ve grown to become one of the largest tech talent providers in the US. They’ve placed over 10,000 people with 2,500 employers! Applicants come from a wide range of backgrounds – recent grads, career-changers and those looking to upskill.

Revature’s mission is to provide employers with high-quality candidates and job seekers with training & support to find tech careers. On top of their apprenticeship program, they offer tech skills assessment and managed services.

Pros and Cons of Revature

Revature is a job platform that pairs tech talent with employers, allowing entry-level applicants to gain experience in tech. It offers training, development, and networking opportunities.

However, Revature has strict requirements. Applicants must have a degree from an accredited university in the US or Canada, complete two coding challenges, pass a technical assessment, and not have more than seven years of professional experience. Also, they only offer contract positions with limited benefits such as medical insurance and PTO.

Whether Revature is good for you is up to you. Consider the pros and cons before making your decision.


Pros of Revature are worth considering. It’s a great platform for those ready for a new role or career. Jobseekers get an environment that encourages learning and growth. Openings are usually entry-level, so no prior experience or special knowledge is needed.

Plus, Revature provides paid training programs and the chance to work with industry veterans. Also, they offer flexible hours to suit commitments like class schedules. All in all, Revature is an excellent way for students and young pros to gain experience in their chosen field.


Revature’s pricing is a major con. Applicants need to pay a fee each month for the chance to take courses or get a job. For instance, the “Silver” tier is $99/month and includes online courses and access to job postings. The “Gold” tier is $199/month and has extras like career coaching, resume assistance, interview simulations and more.

To get a job through Revature after completing the program requires signing a contract. This can become very expensive in the long-term, making many applicants feel it’s not worth it.

Types of Jobs Available

At Revature, we partner with technology and business firms to give job-seekers access to the best jobs. Our platform caters to all, from entry-level software dev to senior engineering roles. We even have roles for those who are fresh to tech or returning after a break.

We have a plethora of jobs in various areas:

  • Software engineering
  • Web dev
  • Sys-admin
  • DevOps
  • Data & analytics
  • Biz analysis
  • Product management
  • and more.

All our roles come with competitive salaries & comprehensive benefits, plus professional growth opportunities through the Revature Pro program.


Entry-level jobs are awesome! Revature offers a wide range of them – from software engineering to UX/UI design. The roles are a great way to gain experience and build a strong career. Plus, you get the guidance and support you need to be successful.

So, is Revature a legitimate job platform? You bet! It has lots of opportunity for entry-level pros to jump into tech or any other industry. With its impressive network and resources, it’s the perfect place to start searching for your dream job!


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Revature has varied senior-level placements. It depends on the employer’s demands and job needs. Revature offers various senior-level roles. These roles include software development, big data, and analytics. People keen on these jobs need to know that Revature is quickly growing. So, getting a job here is difficult. Yet, with the correct skillset, this is an amazing chance to work in an industry with plenty of career progress.

Ex-employees usually rate the workplace as positive and professional. Thus, Revature can offer a good-paying job with great advantages in a secure industry.

Training and Support

Pros and Cons of GovX-Is Revature Legit? Uncovering the Truth About the Job Platform

Revature offers lots of training and assistance for job seekers. Classroom instruction, industry expert lectures, mentorship sessions, online courses, and real-world application exercises are all included. Plus, they have a job search assistance service too. It gives advice on resumes and cover letters, networking help, and more.

They have mentors and recruiters waiting to help you too. The mentors are experts in the same field you’re looking at. They’ll provide guidance on salary negotiations and career tips. The recruiters will try to match you with employers that need your skills, so you can build experience in your chosen field.

On-site Training

Gamenerdz is an on-site training program from Revature. It helps employees learn to code and develop tech more effectively. It also educates about the impacts of tech on businesses, people, and society.

For those unable to attend an in-person program, there are online courses. These provide the same knowledge, without needing to travel or take time away from work. Therefore, anyone with access to a computer can gain knowledge about coding and tech skills. Gamenerdz is a legitimate way to do this, without disrupting career or family life.

Online Training

Revature’s online training program provides hands-on experience in the latest technology. This includes web development, software engineering, and data science. The boot camp style of the program gives real-world projects. It also simulates working on a real team. Technical skills are learned. You will also gain knowledge about DevOps processes and agile methodologies.

The Revature job platform supports students worldwide. It helps them to find companies interested in hiring them after completing the training course. Revature’s online training is a legitimate way to gain actual industry skills. This is better than theoretical knowledge.

Career Coaches

Revature is an amazing job platform! It offers career coaching services for both individuals and employers. Their career coaches are professionals, specialized in providing personalized advice and guidance.

They can create dynamic resumes, impressive cover letters, and also help employers with their brand awareness. Plus, the career coaches provide guidance on interviewing processes, wage negotiations, and choosing the right candidates for positions.

In conclusion, Revature’s career coaches offer high-quality help to both job seekers and employers. They make sure that everyone gets the support they need to get the best job opportunities available.


Reviews are key when researching a company or job platform. They can offer a valuable view of the experiences that people had using the service or product. Reviews can also tell you how trustworthy and genuine the business is – or isn’t.

When looking at Revature, it’s essential to read reviews from different sources, such as third-party websites, industry magazines, and discussion boards. Looking at multiple reviews from various places will give you a more thorough and precise perception of Revature. Pay attention to both good and bad reviews; many businesses advertise their advantages while hiding their flaws in their advertisements. Taking time to understand the customer experience and learning about Revature’s features will help you make the right decision for your needs.

Positive Reviews

Reviews for Revature are mostly positive. Graduates from the program say Revature gave them the knowledge and experience to get a job in tech. They praised the instructors for providing guidance and feedback. They also said the onboarding week was helpful for gaining exposure to a professional tech environment. Plus, many said the job placement support was really useful for getting interviews with top companies.

Negative Reviews

People on the internet have left negative reviews about Revature. Former employees complain about low salaries, long hours, and no job security. Some even call Revature a scam, saying they were promised a full-time salary but ended up with an unpaid internship.

Miscommunication between upper management and team members is also a problem. There are long wait times for decisions, and no feedback for their work. This leads to confusion and frustration. Plus, the culture is competitive, with employees working in isolation.

These reviews should be taken into account before applying to work at Revature.


This review’s bottom line is straightforward. Revature offers valid job openings and is a brilliant choice for job hunters to find their ideal job. It’s clear from the evidence that Revature often succeeds in offering jobs. Plus, it furnishes full training, discounts on courses, plus mentors who can assist users through the procedure.

In conclusion, if you wish to begin your IT career, Revature is an excellent alternative to investigate.

FAQs about: Is Revature Legit

Q1: Is Revature a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, Revature is a legitimate company. They have been providing digital talent solutions since 2012 and have been named one of the top 25 most promising companies in America by Forbes.

Q2: Does Revature offer training and certification?

A2: Yes, Revature offers comprehensive training and certification in the latest technologies and industry best practices. They also provide job placement assistance and career guidance.

Q3: Does Revature provide job opportunities?

A3: Yes, Revature provides job opportunities in technology and related fields. They have a network of employers and recruiters who often post job openings on their website.