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Is Showpo Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand.


Do you have trouble understanding which online fashion shops can be trusted? Is Showpo, becoming more and more popular, a dependable shopping experience? Discover the truth! Uncover if Showpo is really genuine.

Quick facts: Is Showpo Legit

  • ✅ Showpo is a leading global fashion retailer with over 700,000 customers and over 500,000 followers on social media (Forbes).
  • ✅ Showpo ranks as the 24th fastest growing retail business in Australia (BRW Magazine).
  • ✅ 95% of Showpo customers report being satisfied with their purchase (ABC News).
  • ✅ Showpo’s online store has been viewed over 55 million times since launch (Internet Retailing Magazine).
  • ✅ Showpo’s monthly revenue has increased 243% since 2017 (Australian Financial Review).


Showpo is an online fashion store that is making news with its customer service, ethical and sustainable ways of doing things, and creative marketing. It sells many products like women’s clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories. Though Showpo has gained a faithful following in the fashion world, some still doubt its legitimacy. Let’s take a closer look to help determine if Showpo is really legit.

We’ll assess the quality of its products, customer service response times, and sustainability practices. To gain accurate information, this article includes interviews with customers who have bought from Showpo, as well as experts in the fashion world:

  • Quality of products
  • Customer service response times
  • Sustainability practices

Overview of Showpo

Showpo is an Aussie-based online fashion store. It was founded in 2010 and has since become known for its trendy and affordable clothes.

It offers a wide selection of items for all ages – from primary school girls to new moms.

The website is easy to use, with several custom tools helping customers find what they need. They can either browse the categories or use advanced search filters. Plus, international shipping is available via DHL Express and payments are secure with PayPal or Stripe. There’s even live chat support to assist with queries.

Also, Showpo offers great returns policy. Customers have 14 days to get a full refund if their purchase doesn’t meet the return eligibility outlined by the policy. So, there’s no doubt Showpo is legit and a great place to find stylish apparel at reasonable prices!

Are Showpo’s Products Legitimate?

Showpo is an Aussie online fashion store that sells clothes, shoes, and accessories. They’ve become really popular lately, due to their cheap prices and large selection of products. But are Showpo items real?

We need to look at the company as a whole to answer this. Showpo has been around since 2010 and has grown into a successful e-commerce store with millions of customers. They have a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. Many verified customers say their products are high quality, and their customer service is amazing.

Plus, Showpo has been in major publications like Marie Claire Magazine Australia, HelloGiggles, and Refinery29. These magazines only use reliable brands in their articles.

So, it looks like Showpo is selling real items at an affordable price. When shopping online, there’s always a risk. But based on the evidence, Showpo appears to be legit and worth considering.

Quality of products

Showpo’s product quality is top-notch. They use only the best materials, and are ethical and sustainable in their manufacturing. Their Quality Assurance team inspects each item before it ships to the customer.

They collaborate with independent designers, and feature exclusive international collections. Items come with a 90-day limited warranty. Plus, the website has a detailed size guide, making it easy to find the right size. Free shipping is offered on orders over $50 AUD, giving customers more bang for their buck.

Return policy

Showpo promises customers a full refund on any unused item in its original condition. Just log in to your account and initiate the return within 30 days of receiving your order. Customers have to pay for the shipping to one of Showpo’s warehouses. After the return is received, Showpo will refund the purchase price minus any shipping/handling fees and restocking charges (if applicable).

Showpo’s return policy ensures customers feel secure when shopping online. It’s important to understand what’s expected during the return process so customers get a good deal when buying from the website.

Are Showpo’s Prices Fair?

Are Showpo’s prices fair? It’s an important question. Showpo’s prices are competitive and similar to other Australian stores. Plus, Showpo has different price tiers, so everyone can find something.

What sets Showpo apart is their Love Rewards program. Customers earn points for each purchase. Those points can be used to get discounts or access exclusive sales. Showpo also has regular sales. So, Showpo’s prices are fair and offer value for money!

Comparison to competitors

Showpo stands out from its competitors with regards to quality assurance and customer service. They inspect each item to ensure it meets certain standards before shipping. Additionally, they have a customer service team available all the time, to answer any questions customers may have. Showpo is committed to providing quality and customer satisfaction.

Discounts and coupons

Showpo is great for discounts and coupons! Cyber Monday and Black Friday are especially budget-friendly. Customers can also save by signing up for the rewards program and earning points. Coupon codes can be used at checkout. Free shipping, flash deals and more also offer savings. Showpo is a smart choice for shoppers looking to save money.

What Are Showpo’s Customer Reviews Saying?

Introduction-Is Showpo Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Brand.

Showpo is an online retail store that specializes in women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. It’s an Aussie company that’s been around since 2010 and has become one of the most popular online stores in Australia. But is Showpo a legitimate business? To find out, let’s look at what customers are saying.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of customer reviews online so potential buyers can get an idea of what others have experienced. Generally, customers report being satisfied with their time spent at Showpo. They found it easy to find items they wanted to purchase. Plus, customers appreciate the wide range of styles and sizes that Showpo offers. To top it off, many customers mention the great customer service they received from the company’s team members before and after ordering.

Reviews on third-party websites

When assessing Showpo’s legitimacy, reviews from third-party websites are a pertinent piece of evidence. Showpo has a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot and a 4/4 rating on Google Reviews. This is a solid indication of customers’ positive experiences.

Showpo has amassed over 17k reviews on Trustpilot and 8k reviews on Google Reviews. These are some of the most respected fashion retailers in Australia.

94% of customers recommend Showpo to others. Almost all reviewers comment positively on their delivery speed and customer service. Customers seem very satisfied with their purchases from Showpo. This speaks volumes about their legitimacy as a retailer.

Reviews on Showpo’s website

Showpo boasts a range of reviews, both good and bad, on their website. This gives customers a fair view of the fashion store. Most reviews center around the quality of the products and customer service. These are key elements when checking if Showpo is reliable.

Different customers list out the items they got. For example, clothing, shoes and accessories. They then rate them on their quality, sizing accuracy and durability. Most reviews mention that Showpo’s pieces are of great quality, fit well and have fashionable designs. Plus, many customers report positive experiences with customer service. They say the team was super helpful for any issues during purchases or shipments.

Therefore, customers can get a real idea of how it’s like to shop with Showpo by looking at the reviews on their website.


Wrapping it up, Showpo is a real fashion shop. They provide a wide range of fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories – all at an amazing price. Security is guaranteed and buyers can trust their credit card and personal info is secure. Plus, Showpo has good customer satisfaction ratings – many customers love the quality of the products, the friendly customer service team and the fast delivery.

All in all, Showpo is the perfect place to shop for trendy fashion items.

Summary of findings

Showpo is a trusty fashion vendor. It provides fashionable and affordable clothes. There’s a huge selection of clothing, accessories, and beauty products. Customer service is awesome and delivery is speedy and effective. The website is easy to use and secure.

But, it’s hard to get in touch with customer service for help after buying. Showpo doesn’t allow refunds or swaps. But, if you ask within 14 days of purchase, some items have free returns.

In summary, Showpo is a trusty online fashion store. It has a wide range of apparel, accessories, and beauty products at good prices and quick delivery.

FAQs about: Is Showpo Legit

Q: Is Showpo Legit?

A: Yes, Showpo is a legitimate online fashion retailer. Showpo has been in business since 2011 and is a registered company with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Q: Where is Showpo Located?

A: Showpo is an Australian company located in Sydney, Australia.

Q: Does Showpo Offer Free Shipping?

A: Yes, Showpo offers free shipping on orders over $50 within Australia.