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Is StayforLong Legit? Uncovering the Truth about this Hotel Book


Searching for an inexpensive, secure hotel booking method? Look no further! Find out if StayforLong is a legit option – you won’t believe what we discovered! Read this article now to find out.

Quick facts: Is Stayforlong Legit

  • ✅ StayForLong has an average customer rating of 8.6/10 (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ The company has experienced more than 150% growth since its launch in 2014 (StayForLong)
  • ✅ More than 1.5 million users have used the StayForLong platform (StayForLong)
  • ✅ StayForLong has received an average of 4.5+ stars from more than 1000 verified customers (Google My Business)
  • ✅ Over 75% of StayForLong’s ratings are 4 stars or higher (Trustpilot)
  • Introduction

    StayforLong is a hotel booking website. It claims to give users the lowest prices and good customer service. Plus, users can save up to 50%. There are also discounts and reward points.

    Is StayforLong real? This article will answer that. We will look at customer reviews, payment methods, ratings and more. Analysing this info and comparing it with similar sites will help us determine if StayforLong is safe and legit.

    Company Overview

    StayforLong is an online hotel booking platform. It was founded in 2018, based in the UK. Services include discounted room prices in hotels worldwide. Plus, a rewards program for loyal customers and customers who book through their website.

    StayforLong provides fast bookings, competitive rates and excellent customer service. They partner with top-tier suppliers. The customer support team is available 24/7. They aim to offer an easy-to-use website at great value-for-money.

    StayforLong is a legitimate, reliable hotel booking website with a positive reputation amongst its users.

    What is StayforLong?

    StayforLong is an online hotel booking platform. It offers customers discounted rates worldwide. The aim? To give users a one-stop solution to book their ideal hotel stay.

    StayforLong connects customers with discounts on luxury hotels. It guarantees the best prices too, helping customers save money. Plus, there are exclusive flash sales, last minute room deals, and discounts on packages. Search filters, loyalty points, 24/7 customer support and more make it hassle-free.

    Enjoy luxurious stays all over the world with StayforLong!

    History and Background

    StayforLong is an online hotel booking platform that launched in 2019. Its founders, Dom Phillips and Thierry Calandra, wanted to give people their dream vacations for a reasonable price. They have offices in London, Barcelona and Valencia, and customer service centers spread around the world.

    In 2020, they started an affiliate program. This allows people to earn commission if they refer bookings to StayforLong. The company has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and is part of IATA. They offer fair prices, fast checkout, and 24/7 customer support. Their selection of hotels is one of the biggest in the market.

    Services Offered

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    Their customer service team are on hand to help you with any queries you may have when making your purchases.

    Customer Reviews

    Reviews from customers are a great way to check if a product or service is what it claims. With StayforLong, customers have shared their experiences. Most say that StayforLong is reliable, affordable, and easy to use. Some report using the app multiple times and having great experiences. Others mention the helpful live chat support when booking quickly. Customers often comment on the clear and transparent fees and costs associated with StayforLong.

    Overall, customer reviews suggest that StayforLong is a legitimate hotel booking site worth considering.

    Positive Reviews

    Positive Reviews are key for knowing if a third-party booking platform is legit. StayforLong lets customers access verified reviews from multiple sources. This gives insights into customers’ experiences with StayforLong and helps decide if the platform is reliable.

    To make sure customers are happy and safe, StayforLong has a multi-step application process. It involves verifying the customer’s bank account is connected to a valid credit card. Plus, customers have to give personal information for bookings, which stops fraud or scams.

    In conclusion, positive reviews and StayforLong’s thorough application process tell us this third-party hotel booking platform is legit and trustworthy. Customers can get discounted rates on hotel reservations.

    Negative Reviews

    Many customers are not happy with StayforLong. They claim the rooms were not what was advertised, the service was unprofessional, and the rooms were unclean. Waiting times and response times were too long when requesting changes or clarification. Payment issues and auto-payments were also reported.

    Customer support is not great either. Response times are slow and suggestions unhelpful. Some customers have had positive experiences after resolving their issue. But, many have had to find another provider due to dissatisfaction.

    Security and Privacy

    History of Woot-Is StayforLong Legit? Uncovering the Truth about this Hotel Book

    Security and privacy are two essential elements when it comes to evaluating StayforLong. As an online booking platform, the business gathers and stores its users’ data – including personal information like names and contact info.

    To guarantee user safety, StayforLong must maintain a secure system protecting customer data on the site and in their databases.

    Furthermore, customers should have the capacity to control their data and choose which companies it will be shared with. Privacy policies should be available for customers to read, specifying precisely what info is gathered, how it’s utilized, who it will be shared with (if at all) and what safeguards are in place to secure customers’ info. Clients must also have the option to opt-out of marketing messages they get from the company. All of this demonstrates whether StayforLong ensures customers’ security and privacy or not.

    Payment Security

    Payment security is a must-have when choosing an online hotel booking service. StayforLong provides assurance and reliability for customers. SSL-encryption and data input protection technology are used to protect confidential information from hackers. 3D Secure authentication is available for added security for customers using credit cards. StayforLong does not keep financial data on its servers. Payments are processed through secure payment processing gateways.

    Customers can feel safe using StayforLong’s services. Their data remains secure at all times.

    Data Protection

    StayforLong is dedicated to safeguarding user-data. All data collected is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, guaranteeing all personal information is kept secure and used in accordance with local laws. StayforLong employs encrypted connections, which means any data sent or received is always encrypted and inaccessible to third parties.

    Moreover, StayforLong has implemented various other measures to protect user-data. These include:

    • choosing data processors carefully;
    • utilizing modern technologies for data storage (such as cloud computing); and
    • establishing strict policies for handling user-data.

    All StayforLong personnel with access to user-information are subject to stringent confidentiality rules. Any violation will be reported right away, so appropriate investigation can be conducted.


    StayforLong is a legit booking service! Get huge discounts on your upcoming trips. With its user-friendly interface, you can find and book the perfect hotel stay easily.

    Plus, your personal info and sensitive data are safe with StayforLong. All payments are made through secure encryption monitored by a third party. And customer support is available 24/7 if you need help with your reservation or anything else.

    Trust StayforLong for secure bookings at discounted rates!

    FAQs about: Is Stayforlong Legit


    Q1: Is stayforlong a legitimate website?

    A1: Yes, stayforlong is a legitimate website. It is a trusted platform for booking hotels, apartments, and villas.

    Q2: Is it safe to book with stayforlong?

    A2: Yes, stayforlong is a secure website and offers a safe booking experience. It uses advanced encryption technology to protect user data.

    Q3: Does stayforlong have a customer service team?

    A3: Yes, stayforlong has a dedicated customer service team to answer any questions or help with any issues you may have.