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Is StudentUniverse Legit? Get the Inside Scoop Now.


Pondering if StudentUniverse is a trusty biz for travel bargains? Don’t be anxious! You’ve come to the exact spot. In this article, you’ll figure out if StudentUniverse is legit.

Quick facts: Is Studentuniverse Legit

  • ✅ StudentUniverse is one of the most trusted student travel agencies, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • ✅ StudentUniverse offers discounts up to 30% off on flights, hotels, tours and more.
  • ✅ StudentUniverse has served over 1 million students in the US and Canada.
  • ✅ StudentUniverse has partnered with over 90 airlines, providing exclusive discounts to students.
  • ✅ In 2019, StudentUniverse was named the best student travel agency in the US by Travel Weekly.

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StudentUniverse is a travel booking website for students. It was created in 2000 with the goal of helping students save money. It offers thousands of discounted flights, hotels, car rentals and more! It’s partnered with 90,000 academic institutions worldwide, as well as 150 airlines. StudentUniverse also provides exclusive student discounts and personalized travel advice. It focuses on offering the lowest prices and a safe booking experience. It’s legit!

In this guide, we’ll discuss its policies and reviews, so you can find out the insider info before your next trip!

What is StudentUniverse?

Is StudentUniverse legit? Yes! StudentUniverse is a real business. They provide discounts to students and those under 26. They work with airlines, hotels, and tour operators directly and pass on their savings. Plus, they offer a Price Match Guarantee.

StudentUniverse is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have been in business over 15 years. Their staff know travel needs and offer 24/7 customer service with agents from all around the world. Their website is secure and simple to book trips.

Benefits of StudentUniverse

StudentUniverse is legit. It offers student-oriented travel deals like discounted flights, hotel savings, and car rental discounts. These deals are not accessible anywhere else. Plus, StudentUniverse has a customer service team to help travelers get the best deals and guide them through the booking process.

The StudentVerified program verifies student status for exclusive offers. Members can also join unique experiences like music festivals and events designed for students. From budget to frequent travelers, StudentUniverse makes sure students have an affordable and stress-free travel experience, so they can focus on their studies!

Discounted Airfare

StudentUniverse is a website for students and young people offering discounted airfare. Many Redditors share their experiences with the website and opinion about it. Through Reddit discussions, reviews, and more resources, you can find out if StudentUniverse is right for you.

Savvy travellers are interested in the discounts. Up to 30% off regular ticket prices! StudentUniverse also provides support to book flights and manage travel plans. Plus, they offer Express Deals which provide even more savings. Discussion threads cover StudentUniverse’s deals on discounted fares around the world.

Special Deals for Students

Since 2000, StudentUniverse has been helping students around the world. They give special deals to make travel more accessible and affordable. Students can get discounted airfare, hotels, packages and more.

StudentUniverse also has a Student Ambassador program that subsidizes educational trips, creating life-changing experiences. Their passion for innovation and their commitment to inspiring global discovery through travel is revolutionizing student travel today.

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Is StudentUniverse Legit?

Pros of 4ocean-Is StudentUniverse Legit? Get the Inside Scoop Now.

StudentUniverse is an online travel firm that provides discounted flights, hotels, and other services for students. It was established in 2000 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The company has partnered with over 85 airlines to give students the most competitive prices on airfare. On the website, customers can search for their desired flights, hotels, and car rentals. The site also provides helpful material, such as reviews from previous customers and a section with commonly asked questions.

StudentUniverse offers a rewards plan for those who book multiple trips or often use the website. Customers can earn points through purchases made on the site and redeem them for discounts on future trips. StudentUniverse is dedicated to providing safe and secure transactions and 24/7 customer service assistance with any issues and inquiries. Overall, StudentUniverse is a reliable company that offers discounted rates for student travelers.

Licensing and Accreditation

StudentUniverse is a licensed and accredited company. It has been verified by IATA and TSRA. It also has a Certificate of Authorization from the US Department of Transportation. Plus, it has licenses and certifications from other countries.

StudentUniverse screens their travel partners to make sure they are reliable. So, traveling with them is safe.

The certifications, qualifications and accreditations can be verified on the StudentUniverse website. This proves that they are devoted to providing the best service. Students can be confident when booking trips with them.

Customer Reviews

At, customer reviews are taken seriously. We strive to give customers the best experience. So, we actively seek out legit reviews and act when issues arise. We collect genuine ratings and reviews from all over the web. That way, you can decide if you want to do business with us.

Our customer service ratings are posted regularly. That way, you know we only offer the best support. For more information, go to our contact page or call us!

BBB Rating

StudentUniverse has the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau, an A+! People have been posting rave reviews about the great customer service and discounts they get when working with StudentUniverse. The BBB rating also shows that no one has lodged any complaints or given negative feedback in recent years. This is clear proof that StudentUniverse is a trusted and reliable travel website.


StudentUniverse is a reputable student travel provider! They offer discounted flights, hotels, and more. Prices are competitive and exclusive student discounts are available. Plus, 24/7 customer support is always ready to help. Nevertheless, there’s a small fee for some services, and prices may not always be the lowest.

The Better Business Bureau give them an A+ rating for excellent customer service and policies. Over 135 million happy customers have already used their services to save on trips, hotels, and flights.

It’s safe to say that StudentUniverse is a reliable travel resource for students looking for budget-friendly deals. If you’re searching for affordable student travel – StudentUniverse is the place to go!

FAQs about: Is Studentuniverse Legit

Q1: Is StudentUniverse Legit?

A1: Yes, StudentUniverse is a legitimate company. It is a travel booking website that specializes in discounts for students, teachers, and youth travelers. It has been around since 2000 and is a trusted source for budget-friendly travel.

Q2: How Does StudentUniverse Work?

A2: StudentUniverse works by offering discounts on airfare, hotels, and other travel services. It partners with various airlines and hotels to bring discounted rates to students, teachers, and youth travelers. To take advantage of these discounts, you simply need to register an account on the website.

Q3: Is StudentUniverse Safe?

A3: Yes, StudentUniverse is a safe and secure website. It uses industry-standard encryption technology to ensure that all personal information is kept secure. The website also has a 100% Lowest Price Guarantee, which means you can be sure you’re getting the best possible deal on your travel.