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Is SurveyMonkey Legit? Uncovering the Truth.


Searching for a trustworthy survey platform? Want to make sure your data is secure and results are accurate? Check out if SurveyMonkey is legit! Does it meet your needs? Let’s find out.

Quick facts: Is Surveymonkey Legit

  • ✅ SurveyMonkey is the world’s most popular online survey platform, with over 3 million active users (SurveyMonkey).
  • ✅ SurveyMonkey is widely trusted for its security, with a TrustRamp score of 94 (TrustRamp).
  • ✅ SurveyMonkey is used by over 60% of Fortune 500 companies (SurveyMonkey).
  • ✅ SurveyMonkey has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 9.2/10 (Capterra).
  • ✅ SurveyMonkey has received over 33,000 customer reviews (G2 Crowd).
  • Introduction

    SurveyMonkey: legit or not? That’s the question! Founded in 1999, this online survey and questionnaire platform has become quite popular. But can it do what it promises? We’ll answer that today. From pricing to design options – we’ll cover it all. Let’s find out if SurveyMonkey is the right platform for you. Customer support? Features? We’ll uncover the truth! By the end of the article, you’ll know what SurveyMonkey has to offer. Let’s get started!

    What is SurveyMonkey?

    SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool. It offers customisable templates, questions and quizzes. You can create a survey from scratch or pick from pre-made ones by experts. Then, share it via email or social media. Responses are automatically collected and shown in real-time.

    Advanced features, like question logic, survey branching, and response validation, are also available. With SurveyMonkey, you can easily create and distribute surveys with confidence!

    Overview of SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is web-based software to craft and distribute surveys. This includes customer satisfaction surveys, feedback surveys, market research surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and more. There is a free basic plan and several paid plans with extra features.

    This software is simple to use, very flexible and can be used for many things. Advanced branching logic, various question types, skip logic and individualized survey links are some of the powerful features. It can also connect with third-party services to get responses from customers outside the website.

    SurveyMonkey provides analysis of survey results, charts, and reports. This enables users to make decisions based on the data they collect.

    Benefits of Using SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey is a legit survey platform. It helps businesses, market researchers, and users to create custom surveys and get detailed analysis from the data collected. It’s a secure way to get information from people. It also tracks responses in real-time and allows users to export data for more analysis.

    This platform has many features for creating surveys easily. These include customizable questions, answers, and ready-made templates for quick setup. Advanced reporting tools let users analyze survey data quickly.

    Plus, it has comprehensive security measures that protect survey respondents’ private data. Users can take advantage of free or paid plans depending on their needs.

    In conclusion, its flexibility makes SurveyMonkey a great tool for businesses of all sizes looking to create effective surveys.

    Is SurveyMonkey Legit?

    Is SurveyMonkey legit? Yes, it is! Established in 1999, SurveyMonkey is a trustworthy survey provider. It offers features like detailed reports, skip logic, and customizable invitations. Furthermore, its user-interface is simple and easy to use.

    SurveyMonkey also provides customer support by email and phone. Plus, they have security measures to protect user data from hackers. All in all, SurveyMonkey has a great reputation for customer satisfaction, and is used by businesses of all sizes.

    Security and Privacy

    At Angara, security and privacy are top priorities. They employ an array of encryption techniques like TLS/SSL. Also, they practice good database access control. Survey responses are stored away from customer accounts and customer data is kept separate from survey responses.

    Moreover, Angara follows GDPR. It is a European Union law for handling personal data from European citizens. So, should you need to collect personal info from Europeans, Angara can help you stay GDPR compliant.

    Customer Reviews

    Customers have a lot to say about SurveyMonkey’s legitimacy. The reviews are mixed – some saying it’s excellent for gathering data quickly, others saying it’s too hard to use. But, most gave it a positive rating with 60% saying it’s either excellent or very good! These reviews are from people all over, so it’s definitely legit!

    BBB Rating

    Is SurveyMonkey legit? To find out, many customers use the Better Business Bureau (BBB). SurveyMonkey has earned an A+ rating from the BBB. This means it is one of the highest rated businesses on their site. The rating is based on customer reviews and feedback. It looks at how long a business has been running and how many complaints were filed with the BBB. This rating shows that SurveyMonkey is a legitimate business, offering customers great service.

    Alternatives to SurveyMonkey

    Pros and Cons-Is SurveyMonkey Legit? Uncovering the Truth.

    SurveyMonkey is a famous site for making and giving out surveys. But, there are lots of other survey tools available. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, it’s essential to decide which tool is the best choice for your research project.

    Alternatives to SurveyMonkey include:

    • Typeform
    • Google Forms
    • QuestionPro
    • FluidSurveys
    • Zoho Survey
    • Qualtrics Research Core
    • Doodle Polls and more.

    Some are free while some are paid services. Plus, some offer extra features like integration with other sites or programs. Others give you a simple interface to easily create a survey online. Depending on your needs and budget, there’s probably an alternative that works for you!


    Typeform is a survey and form-building platform used globally. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface for customizing surveys and forms. Once created, they can be shared anywhere online or to contact lists.

    Typeform provides insights such as average ratings, sentiment analysis, etc. It also gives detailed reports and analytics about audience breakdowns. These help organizations to make decisions based on customer feedback. It has skip logic, redirects, and other question types too.

    Moreover, Typeform is GDPR compliant, ensuring data privacy.

    Google Forms

    Google Forms is awesome for creating surveys and polls. It’s free if you have a Google account. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to make it quick and easy. It also has some great data analysis tools, so you can see your survey results fast. Plus, it works with other Google services like Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Meet, and Sheets. So if you’re familiar with those apps, it’s an ideal choice.

    In short, Google Forms is a dependable survey creation platform that helps you make basic surveys quickly.


    SoGoSurvey is a survey platform created by a company of the same name. Founded in 2009, it has rapidly grown to be a leading survey platform. It boasts a long list of clients and a comprehensive suite of features. This makes SoGoSurvey an attractive choice for businesses seeking customer and employee feedback.

    Unlike SurveyMonkey, it offers specialized features like complex branch logic and question validation. Plus, users can create customized surveys with unlimited questions and responses. As well, they can get real-time reporting of survey results. It’s no surprise that more businesses are choosing SoGoSurvey instead of SurveyMonkey. This makes it a great option for aspiring legitimate survey companies.


    To sum up, SurveyMonkey has lots of years of experience in the survey biz. The platform gives businesses and organizations loads of survey features and can collect data in a comprehensive way. It also employs tight security to protect customer data. Plus, 97% of customers are satisfied with it – an awesome level of service. Though some users don’t like the pricing model or customer service, SurveyMonkey is generally a trustworthy and reliable choice.

    It’s important to think about your own needs and the features of the platform before signing up.

    FAQs about: Is Surveymonkey Legit

    Q: Is SurveyMonkey a legitimate survey tool?

    A: Yes, SurveyMonkey is a legitimate tool for creating and administering surveys. SurveyMonkey has been around since 1999 and is trusted by millions of people and businesses around the world.

    Q: How secure is SurveyMonkey?

    A: SurveyMonkey takes security seriously and offers various safeguards to protect user data. SSL encryption is used to protect data in transit, and all user data is stored in secure servers.

    Q: Is SurveyMonkey free to use?

    A: Yes, SurveyMonkey offers a free basic plan that allows users to create and send surveys with up to 10 questions and 100 responses. They also offer paid plans that offer additional features.