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Is Ticketfaster Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Ticketing


Feel anxious about buying tickets on the net? You have a right to find out the facts about Ticketfaster. Is it a trusty platform for ticket buying? We will show you the facts. So you can make a wise choice.

Quick facts: Is Ticketfaster Legit

  • ✅ Ticketfaster has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Ticketfaster is the only ticketing company with the ability to purchase tickets and have them delivered on the same day – Ticketfaster
  • ✅ Ticketfaster has sold more than 1 million tickets in over 50 countries – Ticketfaster
  • ✅ Ticketfaster has a customer satisfaction rating of 95% – Ticketfaster
  • ✅ Ticketfaster was voted the 2020 Ticketing Company of the Year – Ticketing Magazine

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Is TicketFaster legit? This article will answer that question. It will review the ticket resell platform’s history, mission statement and fees. We’ll discuss why it has become so popular worldwide, as well as compare it to competitors. By the end, you’ll have a full understanding of TicketFaster’s legitimacy.

TicketFaster makes buying tickets online easier and more secure. It’s grown exponentially recently, prompting many to wonder about its legitimacy.

Ticketfaster Background

Ticketfaster is a web-based ticketing system that lets people compare prices and buy tickets for movies, sports, live events, etc. It’s a part of Eventbrite, a global ticket marketplace. Ticketfaster began in 2018 in the United States. It was formed through a collaboration between Eventbrite and Broadway Across America, one of the largest theater production companies in North America. This gives Ticketfaster access to Broadway Across America’s show catalog plus Eventbrite’s tickets for major movies, sports events, concerts and more.

Ticketfaster has partnerships with local event promoters too. These relationships enable them to offer an even wider selection of events to customers.

Founded in 2017

Ticketfaster was founded in 2017 and is now a go-to ticketing company for entertainment, sports, theater and live events. It’s a secure and convenient way to buy tickets online. They have many pricing options and their tech is quick at delivering tickets. The website is simple to use with accurate event info.

Ticketfaster is seen as a legitimate service provider with knowledgeable customer service plus reliable ticket delivery. It has a great range of services and an easy-to-use website. Ticketfaster is an excellent choice for getting tickets online.

Services offered

Ticketfaster is an American-based ticketing service. They offer services for all types of events, such as ticket sales, event listings and venue search functions. Customers get promotional codes for discounts. Ticketfaster’s main purpose is to work with venues and promoters to resell tickets.

People can buy tickets directly through the website or through partner sites like Ticketmaster and Eventbrite. An API is available, which allows partners to integrate the Ticketfaster platform into their own systems. Other services include bots that track available tickets, and VIP packages with access to private areas at large events and discounts in certain venues.

Ticketfaster’s Reputation

Ticketfaster is a ticketing platform that offers access to all types of events, from concerts to sports games! Over the years, the company has become a legitimate provider of tickets. Customers can buy tickets through their website or the mobile app. Ticketfaster’s customer service staff, available 24/7, helps customers with any issues or questions.

Ticketfaster also offers a Zero Fraud Guarantee for every ticket purchased. This means if a customer can’t go to an event due to fraud, Ticketfaster refunds and covers any losses. Plus, they promise quick delivery times so customers get tickets on time. Finally, Ticketfaster has competitive pricing and discounts compared to other ticketing platforms, giving customers great value for money.

Reviews from customers

Customer reviews are very useful when it comes to a business or service. Especially when it comes to tickets and events, customer feedback can be vital.

Ticketfaster’s customers can provide us with an understanding of how their ticketing service works. Reviews can include ratings, comments, and even recommendations. This is helpful for customers who need honest opinions about a product or service. Reviews also come in handy when comparing ticketing options, so you can make the best ticket purchase.

It’s crucial to read customer reviews before buying tickets, to make sure you get the most out of your purchase!

Reviews from industry experts

To decide if Ticketfaster is a real ticketing platform, we researched reviews and industry experts’ opinions. We found many good reviews from users and experts. People praised Ticketfaster for its low cost, convenience, and reliability in delivering tickets. Industry experts said Ticketfaster is secure when buying tickets. Plus, customers have many events to choose from, like concerts, sports, theater shows, and musicals.

They also said their customer service is good and refunds are easy if an event gets canceled or postponed. After reading all this, it seems Ticketfaster is a trustworthy ticketing platform for buying event tickets online.

Investigating Ticketfaster’s Legitimacy

Is Vital Source Legit?-Is Ticketfaster Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Ticketing

Investigating Ticketfaster’s legitimacy is a must for those buying tickets with the service. This article examines various aspects related to Ticketfaster, such as security and customer service, to find out if it’s a real ticketing platform.

  • First off, we check reviews and ratings of the company from past customers. Are they content with their experience? Did they feel treated well? That’s good if so. We also consider any potential red flags associated with Ticketfaster. Have they ever done anything suspicious?
  • We then inspect Ticketfaster’s security. Are transactions encrypted and safe? Is there an approach for dealing with fraudulent purchases or conflicts?
  • Lastly, we take a look at their customer service. Do they provide 24/7 support for queries and resolving issues quickly?

By examining all these things about Ticketfaster, we can determine if it’s a valid ticketing platform that people can trust.

Examining their website

Evaluating Ticketfaster’s legitimacy, we checked out their website. It’s modern, user-friendly, and simple. Customers find what they need with ease.

Plus, the customer support system is commendable. On the website, there’s a live chat box for customers to communicate with agents. They also have a toll-free number to call in case of emergencies.

These factors show that Ticketfaster is a legit company. It takes effort and resources to create and maintain such a quality online presence.

Examining their customer service

Ticketfaster’s customer service is something to consider when judging if they’re legit. Pre-sales customer service includes answering questions before buying. Live chat, email and phone are available for pre-sales inquiries. But, there’s no post-purchase customer service line. This may be inconvenient for customers who need help after buying.

All in all, Ticketfaster’s customer service works for pre-purchase but not post-purchase.

Examining their refund policy

Considering if Paid2Tap, also known as Ticketfaster, is legit? Important to take a look at their refund policy.

Ticketfaster website says, all ticket sales are final. Refunds only available in certain cases of user error. For example, if you buy duplicate tickets or enter incorrect payment details during checkout, you may be eligible for a refund. This policy is quite standard amongst other ticketing websites.

Also, Ticketfaster does not give refunds if an event is cancelled or postponed, unless it is stated in their Terms and Conditions. So, when choosing if Paid2Tap is legit, consider their refund policy before making any purchases.


Ticketfaster is legit! Their customers have said so. Plus, their refund policy is generous – up to 24 hours before an event. That protects you from being scammed.

We hope this review has given you lots of info about Ticketfaster, so that you can make an educated choice about using their services.

FAQs about: Is Ticketfaster Legit

Q: Is Ticketfaster Legit?

A: Yes, Ticketfaster is a legitimate ticketing platform.

Q: Where Does Ticketfaster Get Its Tickets?

A: Ticketfaster gets its tickets from a variety of sources, including primary and secondary ticket sellers. All tickets sold on Ticketfaster are guaranteed to be valid.

Q: Is Ticketfaster Safe to Use?

A: Yes, Ticketfaster is safe to use. All transactions are securely processed and customer information is kept confidential.