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Is Ticketweb Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Online Ticketing Services


Curious to find out if Ticketweb is a reliable online ticketing service? Don’t worry, we got you! Here, we’ll reveal the truth about online ticketing services such as Ticketweb. That way, you can understand their credibility and make the best choice.

Quick facts: Is Ticketweb Legit

  • ✅ TicketWeb is a legitimate ticket resale site with over 20 years of industry experience – TicketWeb
  • ✅ TicketWeb is the exclusive provider of ticketing services for over 800 venues and promoters – TicketWeb
  • ✅ In 2020, TicketWeb processed over 15 million ticket sales per month – TicketWeb
  • ✅ TicketWeb has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ TicketWeb is highly rated by its customers, with a TrustScore of 8.8/10 from Trustpilot


Is Ticketweb legit? Is it safe to buy tickets through them? This guide will give you an in-depth view of the company’s performance. It will also provide you with info about their customer service and security measures.

Plus, it will discuss the pros and cons of using Ticketweb to purchase event tickets. Plus, alternative solutions available in the market.

Finally, tips and advice to make sure you have a good experience with any online ticketing service. The online ticketing industry has revolutionized how people get tickets for concerts, festivals, and other events. Ticketweb is one of the top services in the industry, providing customers with access to millions of tickets worldwide.

What is Ticketweb?

Ticketweb is an online ticketing platform to purchase tickets for concerts, sports games, theatre shows, and more. It’s registered with the Better Business Bureau, offering a secure checkout system and customer service support. It’s been in business since 1995 and provides payment options like credit cards and PayPal.

Its website is divided into four sections: concerts, sports, theatre/arts, and festivals/visits. Plus, its customer service team offers assistance for queries related to tickets or refunds. On the website, you’ll find detailed information about events so you can make an informed decision before buying.

What services does Ticketweb offer?

Ticketweb is an online ticketing service selling tickets for events like live concerts, theater shows, festivals, and sports games. It lets users search and buy tickets from venues all over the US and Canada. Plus, users can create their own private label ticketing website that integrates with Ticketweb’s ticketing platform. This allows them to customize their page with simple tools.

As for seating, Ticketweb has flexible options. These include:

  • General admission seating
  • Reserved seating with a virtual seat map or list of available options
  • Selectable pricing tiers
  • Early entry lineups for VIP experiences.

The mobile app and web widgets offer fans access to the most up-to-date event info whether they’re at home or out and about.

Is Ticketweb secure?

Ticketweb has a major focus on security, especially for digital payments. They use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt all data sent over the internet. They also review potential threats such as breaches and hacking attempts. A secure authentication system is used for all transactions. Plus, all payments are done with third-party payment services and no personal financial info is stored.

These measures help to guarantee a safe, secure and legitimate ticket purchasing process.

Pros and Cons of Ticketweb

Ticketweb is a great online ticketing service. It provides an easy, user-friendly platform for event organizers. Plus, it offers analytics, marketing tools, and payment processing services. No matter the event size, Ticketweb is a reliable way for people to buy tickets.

The pros? You can purchase tickets from the comfort of home. It’s also secure; financial info is safe with Ticketweb. And, events have control over ticket pricing and distribution – making sure events are profitable.

The cons? Customers may be charged fees when they purchase tickets. Plus, there’s limited customer support if help is needed.


Ticketweb is a great ticketing service to use due to its convenience. It simplifies the ticket buying process by avoiding long lines and not requiring customers to physically visit a venue. Plus, customers can pick from various payment options, like credit cards and PayPal. Lastly, it is user-friendly, ideal for first-time buyers who are not accustomed to ticket purchasing services.


Nordstrom can be pricey. They have budget-friendly items, but more expensive ones too. This may be too costly for some shoppers. On top of that, their return policy is strict. Customers have only 30 days to return items, and a receipt is needed. This could be tricky for those who buy tickets before browsing around for the best deal.

Alternatives to Ticketweb

Conclusion-Is Ticketweb Legit? Uncovering the Truth About Online Ticketing Services

Ticketweb is a popular online ticketing service, but customers have been left dissatisfied with its quality of services. For alternatives, there’s Ticketmaster, leader in reliable ticket purchases. Eventbrite specializes in connecting event-goers with local event organizers. StubHub offers tickets from a variety of venues worldwide.

Fans often choose to buy tickets directly from the venue or artist, to avoid hidden fees. They can also keep an eye out for fan club promotions and discounts on social media accounts.

Before making a purchase, research the company’s legitimacy and customer reviews. This way, you can ensure your event-going experience is safe and secure!


Ticketmaster is well-known for event ticketing, in over 40 countries. It began in the 70s and its website has customer reviews. Ticket insurance is also offered. It ensures refunds for customers unable to attend an event.

Safety is a priority; customers have to verify identity with a credit/debit card during purchases. This keeps customer data secure and confirms that all purchases are legit.


StubHub is renowned as one of the largest ticket brokers globally, operating in countries such as the United States and Canada. It’s an acclaimed online ticketing service, offering tickets for concerts, plays, and sports games.

Plus, StubHub provides customer support services to make ordering tickets a breeze. With its FanProtect Guarantee, customers receive their tickets on time or get a full refund. It even has a rewards program offering discounts and other benefits to members who buy tickets through its platform.

In conclusion, StubHub is a safe and reliable way to purchase tickets online and offers a great ticket-buying experience.


Eventbrite is a legal, legit online ticketing platform. It helps event planners, promoters, and venues of all sizes manage the ticketing process. Eventbrite offers a suite of tools for creating and managing events. This includes event marketing, registration, payment processing, ticket delivery, and sales tracking.

Since 2006, Eventbrite has grown to serve 3 million events per year across 180 countries. The company was named one of the top 10 most trustworthy online ticketing companies in 2017. Its features, such as first-timer tickets at discounted rates, and an integrated payment processing system, provide customers with easy-to-use tools. These tools give them secure & convenient access to their events.


Ultimately, Ticketweb is a safe and dependable method to acquire tickets online. Although there are other ticketing services, like StubHub and SeatGeek, Ticketweb offers a convenient platform for searching events and purchasing tickets at a fair cost. It features a secure checkout system and payment processing, to ensure the safety of customers. Its customer service team is available to address any queries or worries customers have about the ticketing process or their order.

If someone is searching for a dependable way to buy tickets online, then Ticketweb is definitely worth considering!

FAQs about: Is Ticketweb Legit

Q: Is TicketWeb legit?

A: Yes, TicketWeb is a legitimate ticket service provider that has been in business since 1995. TicketWeb is owned by Ticketmaster and provides a safe and secure way to purchase tickets online.

Q: How can I be sure that my tickets purchased from TicketWeb are authentic?

A: TicketWeb guarantees that all tickets purchased from their website are 100% authentic and valid. Tickets purchased from TicketWeb are also backed by their 100% money-back guarantee.

Q: Does TicketWeb charge any fees for using their services?

A: Yes, TicketWeb does charge fees for using their services. The fees vary depending on the event and can include a delivery fee, service fee, and/or convenience fee.