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Is Tower Records Legit? Unpacking the Truth.


Think of Tower Records for music? Gather the details about its trustworthiness and reliability before purchase. Unveil the reality about Tower Records. Uncover what risks you could face:

Quick facts: Is Tower Records Legit

  • ✅ Tower Records is a legitimate online music store that sells CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and audio and video players. (Source: Tower Records)
  • ✅ Tower Records is the only online store offering an extensive selection of new and used music products. (Source: Tower Records)
  • ✅ Tower Records has been in business for over 50 years, with stores in multiple countries. (Source: Tower Records)
  • ✅ Tower Records’ products often sell quickly and its prices are competitive, making it a popular choice among music fans. (Source: Digital Trends)
  • ✅ With Tower Records’ loyalty program, customers can earn rewards points with every purchase and take advantage of exclusive discounts. (Source: Tower Records)


Tower Records is a renowned music retailer, established in 1960. It offers a variety of albums for both physical and digital media. But, are their business practices reliable? In this article, we’ll investigate.

We’ll explore their selection, pricing structure, customer service policies, online reviews and more. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll decide if Tower Records is still a legitimate source for music purchases.

What is Tower Records?

Tower Records is an online shop that stocks music, films, and books. It started in 1960 in Sacramento, California and has been selling to fans ever since. Customers can buy from Tower Records in the US and internationally. It’s one of the top sources for entertainment media.

Tower Records has a range of genres, like rock, hip-hop/rap, jazz, classical and more. As well as this, collectors can buy vinyls. Digital downloads are available if customers don’t need physical media. You can find titles from major labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Plus, there are independent labels from all over the world. Tower Records is a great place to find new music.

History of Tower Records

Tower Records is an online fashion store, founded by Chinese business Yahao in the early 2000s. The store quickly rose to fame, offering millions of products to customers all over the world. It keeps up with fashion trends and launches new collections often.

Tower Records stands out for its quality and affordability, making it a popular choice for trendy clothing at more reasonable prices than in traditional stores. Moreover, Tower Records has a wide range of styles from casual basics to high-end designer pieces. With its dedication to fashion and customer satisfaction, it’s a leading online retailer.

Is Tower Records Legit?

Is Tower Records legitimate? Yes! It is a long-standing, trustworthy business. Established in 1971 as one record store, it now has worldwide reach.

Tower Records uses encryption to protect customer data and provides real merchandise. Plus, knowledgeable staff are available to help you find the product you need. So, if you’re searching for vintage albums or classic singles, you can trust Tower Records!

Tower Records’ Reputation

Tower Records has been around since 1960 and is globally renowned as one of the most pioneering record companies. It has had its share of disputes with artists, but is still highly respected for its commitment to outstanding customer service. Plus, it helped to pioneer the digital music revolution.

The company has also won several awards, for instance, it was selected as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere Magazine in 2018.

Furthermore, Better World Books (the online arm of Tower Records) has ranked highly in consumer satisfaction surveys from both Consumer Reports and TrustPilot. This suggests that customers are usually pleased with their purchases from this store.

Tower Records’ Business Practices

Russ Solomon founded Tower Records in 1960 in Sacramento, California. It started small, but rapidly grew into the biggest audiovisual retailer in the US. Tower Records became well-known by offering music fans an extensive selection of albums and singles that were not easy to find. This niche enabled the store to build a devoted customer base and draw national attention.

Tower Records’ tactics were considered peculiar occasionally. People often complained about their costly prices and controversial marketing strategies, plus their habit of offering long credit terms to consumers who could not pay for their items straight away. Despite all this, Tower Records stayed profitable till its collapse in 2006 due to more competition from digital platforms such as iTunes and Napster.

Tower Records’ Customer Reviews

Tower Records is an online store for music, movies and other entertainment items. Reviews from customers, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), have been mixed.

Some people say Tower Records is legitimate when it comes to providing quality products in a timely manner. Others report issues with customer service and shipping times.

The BBB website has over 200 customer reviews, with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. Reviews range from satisfied customers to those who are unhappy. Some say the store has great prices and customer service, others say shipping takes too long or customer service is lacking.

It’s important to consider reviews before deciding if Tower Records is reliable or not.

Pros and Cons of Shopping at Tower Records

Tower Records is an online music store that’s been around since the 1970s, and recently it’s become popular. It stocks many genres and products, like cassettes and LPs. But there are cons too.


  • Tower Records has lots of music and products, like cassettes, CDs, vinyls and box sets, and they’re affordable.
  • Plus, they have fast delivery, with free shipping sometimes.
  • Their return policy is generous, and you can return items if you’re not happy with them.


  • Tower Records doesn’t have a physical store.
  • Their customer service could be better. Sometimes customers have issues with returns or inquiries that don’t get answered quickly.
  • And the website isn’t user-friendly, with no product filters and an outdated design.


Shopping at Zoro is great! It has a huge selection of products from well-known brands across many categories – power tools, safety gear, office supplies and more. Plus, it’s often cheaper than other places.

Zoro also offers online shopping with fast shipping within 1-2 days. That saves time and money compared to driving to a store. And, customers can be sure that all products are protected by Zoro’s satisfaction guarantee and return policy.


Tower Records has a downside: the cost. New releases and popular albums can be more expensive than other sellers. So, compared to other vinyl vendors, Tower Records may not offer the lowest price. Furthermore, when compared to streaming services, buying vinyl from Tower Records might not be the most economical way to build a collection.

Thus, if you choose Tower Records, remember to shop around for price and availability before you buy.


Security and Privacy-Is Tower Records Legit? Unpacking the Truth.

Tower Records is a legit store selling music and movies. Even though reviews may be mixed, many customers have found good deals and quality products there. Considering both positives and negatives, it appears they’re not perfect, yet still a reliable source.

Customers should do research before buying, to get the best price.

Conclusion: Tower Records is a decent choice.

Final Thoughts on Tower Records

Tower Records is a real deal. They offer good prices for music and movies. For years, they’ve been in business and their customers love them. Most of their sales come from the online store, though. Therefore, it’s beneficial to compare prices if you’re looking for something.

To sum up, Tower Records is reliable and worth considering.

FAQs about: Is Tower Records Legit

Question 1: Is Tower Records a legitimate company?

Answer 1: Yes, Tower Records is a legitimate company. They have been in business since 1960 and are a respected and trusted music retailer.

Question 2: Does Tower Records sell physical CDs?

Answer 2: Yes, Tower Records sells both physical CDs and digital downloads.

Question 3: Does Tower Records offer international shipping?

Answer 3: Yes, Tower Records offers international shipping to many countries around the world.