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Is Toywiz Legit? A Comprehensive Look at the Online Toy Store


Need a toy? Heard of Toywiz? This article will help you decide if they’re legit. Let’s take an in-depth look at Toywiz so you can make a wise decision before buying.

Quick facts: Is Toywiz Legit

  • ✅ Toywiz has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot, with over 4,000 customer reviews – TrustPilot
  • ✅ Toywiz is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating – Better Business Bureau
  • ✅ Toywiz has been in business since 2002 – Toywiz Website
  • ✅ Toywiz offers over 25,000 items in their catalog – Toywiz Website
  • ✅ Toywiz offers free shipping on orders over $79 – Toywiz Website

Overview of Toywiz

Toywiz is an online toy store that has been around since 1998. It offers customers a wide selection of toys, games, puzzles, and other items. Customers can find over 250,000 products in stock and get them shipped within 24 hours. Toywiz also features rare and limited edition items.

They have quick shipping times and customer service representatives are available seven days a week. Toywiz also has their own secure checkout system for transactions. They have won awards for customer service and have high ratings from shoppers across the US.

All orders have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers can return or exchange items within 30 days if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

History of the company

Toywiz started out in 1999, created by Peter Yoon in California. It was made to be a one-stop shop for action figures and sports collectibles. Now, it’s one of the top online toy retailers. They carry products from Mattel, Hasbro, and Lego.

Toywiz has competitive prices and discounts on select items. Plus, orders over $75 get free shipping! Due to its great customer service and selection, Toywiz has become a trusted online toy store.

Product selection

Toywiz has a great selection of toys and collectibles for any age!

  • Plush animals for toddlers
  • Board games, sports equipment, puzzles and models for adults
  • Plus blind boxes, action figures, and popular movie and TV items.

Every week they add new stuff – so you can find the newest franchise or an old classic. Plus, orders over $50 get free shipping and no-hassle returns.

Shipping and returns

When shopping online, shipping and returns are important. Toywiz offers domestic shipping in the continental United States. Costs depend on the order size and destination. Customers in the contiguous US can choose an expedited option if they need the order faster. For international orders, Toywiz works with MyUS, a third-party shipper.

Return policies vary by item and can change. Generally, customers have 30 days to return products for most unused items in their original packaging. Tags must be attached. There may be a restocking fee of 20%. Read product descriptions carefully before placing an order.

Customer Reviews

To know if an online store is reliable, customer reviews are key. Read through the feedback from people who have bought from them. Positive reviews show they are trustworthy. Negative reviews mean they are not worth time or money.

Toywiz has a good reputation. 80% of reviews on Trustpilot say “Excellent”. 94% recommend the toy store. Customers love Toywiz’s variety of products, prices and shipping.

Positive reviews

ToyWiz – an online store for toys, action figures, and figurines – is receiving raves for their customer service and speedy shipping. Plus, their website is user-friendly, making it simple to find products. It’s not hard to see why ToyWiz is such a popular choice when shopping online for toys and figurines! Their selection is large and hard to find in physical stores. Customers love it!

Negative reviews

Customers have reported Toywiz negatively. Toys arriving damaged or not as described. Orders late or never arrived. Slow customer service when trying to return items. Incorrect amounts charged or missing discounts. Generally negative reviews. But many said the customer service team was responsive and helpful.

Consumers should read reviews before making a purchase. Ensure they get what they expect.

Social media feedback

We researched Toywiz by looking at their social media pages. Firstly, we checked their Facebook page for customer feedback. Most reviews were positive; praising their selection and delivery process. Plus, customers said the customer service was helpful!

We also looked at their Instagram page. We found posts showcasing products and a behind-the-scenes look at the warehouse and storerooms. The comments were mostly positive; customers loving the variety of toys available!

It looks like social media feedback for Toywiz is positive. Customers are happy with their experiences shopping there!

Payment Options

Toywiz offers several payment options. Credit card is the most popular choice. PayPal and online banking transfer are also available. All bank info is secure, processed via the PayPal Payment Gateway. Gift cards, prepaid cards, and debit cards are accepted, too. Mail orders (cashier’s check or money order) are possible, but it takes longer to process. All purchases must be paid for in full before shipment, no exceptions!

Credit cards

Credit cards are an option instead of flash rewards. These are handy for easy shopping. With credit cards, buyers can use them at registered places. Credit card firms usually provide rewards points or bonuses for certain buys. This is a great way to save and have a record of purchases. It’s perfect if you’re searching for an online toy store that doesn’t accept cash, such as Toywiz.

When buying with a credit card, be sure to:

  • Pay on time and
  • Keep the balance up-to-date.

This way, you’ll avoid late fees and interest charges.


PayPal is a secure way to pay online. To use it on Toywiz, customers must have a PayPal account connected to their Toywiz one. This adds safety for buyers. People can trust that all payments will be secure and done properly.

Moreover, PayPal helps customers to monitor their transactions with the store. In the “My Account” section of Toywiz, customers can view past payments and make sure all transactions were valid. In addition, customers can contact TransUnion if they have questions or need help with payments or billing info.

Gift cards

SeatGeek’s gift cards are issued by third-party providers and there is no fee. However, seat availability may be limited. So it is important to visit SeatGeek before making a purchase. SeatGeek does not guarantee ticket availability with their gift cards. They also may not be used for all SeatGeek services, such as partner sites.

Additionally, these gift cards must be redeemed within two years of purchase. They may not be valid in certain countries or jurisdictions either. Although these gift cards don’t expire, they have some restrictions. Gift cards can be a great way to give a loved one the gift of attending an event.


Is Drizly Legit?-Is Toywiz Legit? A Comprehensive Look at the Online Toy Store

Toywiz understands how vital security is when shopping online. That’s why they take it seriously. The latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology is used to keep your info safe. Each page where personal or payment info is entered will have a “lock” icon near the address bar of your browser. This indicates Toywiz is using industry-standard encryption protocols. Plus, they review their security measures regularly to stay ahead of online threats.

No credit card numbers are stored on Toywiz servers. Transactions are instead processed through third parties like PayPal and Stripe who are renowned for secure online payments. Shop with confidence – Toywiz has got you covered.

SSL certificate

Toywiz is a safe online toy store. To keep their customers secure, they use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This technology encrypts the info sent between a web browser and server. It prevents anyone from stealing, changing or seeing any data. This ensures privacy and security for shoppers.

Toywiz has fraud protection to stop scams. Plus, they meet the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) rules for credit card safety. So, Toywiz provides a safe shopping atmosphere!

Privacy policy

Toywiz is a legit online toy store, with great prices for top quality toys. Their privacy policy is crystal clear and thorough, so customers can be sure their personal info is safe. Toywiz won’t sell or rent any details. They won’t contact customers without permission. All orders are processed securely. Credit card transactions meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Toywiz takes the steps needed to protect customers and give a great experience.

Encryption methods

Encryption is super important for online security. Toywiz uses the highest level available – 256-bit SSL. This scrambles info like credit card numbers and address, so it can’t be seen by third parties during the checkout process.

Plus, Toywiz has Verified by Visa program to help stop unauthorized use of Visa cards. All in all, Toywiz takes extra steps to make sure customers feel safe when shopping on their site. Robust encryption methods and fraud prevention features make it happen.

Final Verdict

Toywiz is a legit online store that has a great selection of toys, games and collectibles. The website is simple to use and full of popular products. Shipping costs are fair and they often have sales and promos. Customers usually have a good experience with customer service. The only drawback is that delivery times can be up to two weeks.

All things considered, Toywiz stands out from other stores with its vast selection and great prices. It’s definitely worth looking at for those looking for their next toy or game!

Pros and cons

Toywiz is an online toy store with many different brands and items to choose from. It’s website is easy to use and there’s free shipping on orders over $35. Plus, they have a rewards program which gives customers discounts.

However, their prices tend to be higher than other online retailers. They also have a strict return policy and customer service can be slow. Some shoppers have had issues with delivery or getting the wrong product.

Despite this, Toywiz is great for shoppers looking for a variety of toys – both educational and collectible.


StartEngine is an online toy store. It’s been around since 2008 and is based in the U.S. Prices are competitive and customer service is excellent. Free shipping is offered on orders over $50.

The selection of toys and games is comprehensive. There’s a loyalty program available for additional discounts and free shipping on future orders.

We recommend StartEngine. It’s safe, reliable and offers great deals. A great option to consider when shopping for toys online.

FAQs about: Is Toywiz Legit

Q1: Is ToyWiz a legitimate company?

A1: Yes, ToyWiz is a legitimate business that has been providing customers with toys and games since 2002.

Q2: Does ToyWiz accept returns?

A2: Yes, ToyWiz offers a 30-day return policy on their products.

Q3: Does ToyWiz offer free shipping?

A3: Yes, ToyWiz offers free shipping on orders over $99.