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Is Tyler Henry the Legitimate Psychic Medium?


Exploring the facts around Tyler Henry’s alleged psychic powers can be tricky. You’ve likely heard of him – he’s been on TV and made some bold predictions – but are they accurate? Let’s check out the evidence and find out.

Quick facts: Is Tyler Henry Legit

  • ✅ Tyler Henry is an American media personality and clairvoyant medium. (CBS News)
  • ✅ Henry has become one of the most popular paranormal figures in the United States. (The New York Times)
  • ✅ Henry gained fame after appearing on the E! Series Hollywood Medium. (Forbes)
  • ✅ Henry has been featured in multiple publications, including USA Today, People magazine, and Rolling Stone. (Rolling Stone)
  • ✅ In 2018, Henry was a guest at Oprah Winfrey’s Supersoul Conversations event. (Oprah Winfrey Network)


Is Tyler Henry the real deal when it comes to psychic mediumship? On one hand, some think he is. His fans say he has a genuine gift. On the other, some are skeptical. They ask if his readings are scripted or edited.

Tyler Henry is an American clairvoyant medium. He stars in E!’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, a reality show. It shows his encounters with celebrities. He provides touching and accurate readings. He connects people with their departed loved ones. He helps those seeking answers.

It is up to you to decide about Tyler Henry. But you can learn from his story, whether you believe or not.

Tyler Henry’s Background

Tyler Henry is a clairvoyant medium and the star of hit reality show “Hollywood Medium” on E!. He has been using his mediumship abilities since ten years old.

Tyler Henry’s extraordinary gifts have enabled him to go beyond what many deem possible. At 23, Tyler is already a successful Psychic Medium. He’s an internationally recognized spiritual figure.

His amazing abilities are featured in each episode of his show. He assists celebrities with issues like reconciling with friends, obtaining closure with passed loved ones and offering insight into their personal lives.

He’s also written two New York Times Bestselling books about his experiences with clients and his journey to Spirituality.

Early Life

Tyler Henry was born in 1995 in Hanford, California. He felt he had special gifts, but kept quiet about it until high school. He then researched this phenomenon.

At 17, Tyler was accepted into the Certified Psychic Medium Association of Los Angeles. He graduated in 2014 with a degree in Metaphysics and Psychic Mediumship.

Tyler’s fame increased when he appeared on “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” on E! and other shows, including Celebrity Big Brother UK.

Now, Tyler works hard to help people comprehend their lives better through his psychic medium readings.

Education and Career

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Tyler’s Abilities

Tyler Henry is famous as a real psychic medium. He can connect to the spirit realms and get info about others. His skill has been tested under controlled conditions by experts.

During readings, Tyler feels the energy of spirits in the room. He also notices physical changes in his customers. He knows codes and symbols from beyond and gives insight into unanswered questions. Tyler can get detailed messages from spirit guides, relating them to people in his customer’s life who have passed away. His accuracy has given him respect from skeptics and believers.

Claims of Legitimate Psychic Abilities

Tyler Henry’s psychic powers have been doubted by skeptics, some claiming his readings wrong and his methods fake. It’s thought some could be tricked into believing they are receiving genuine messages from a psychic, when they’re actually being deceived.

To show his abilities, Tyler Henry has released videos and TV specials, and featured in interviews on CNN and Fox News. However, it’s tough to prove Tyler Henry or any other alleged psychic mediums are genuine, without proper proof and scientific studies. As a result, many are still unconvinced, as evidence for real psychic powers is still missing from tests conducted by scientific institutions.

Evidence of Legitimacy

Tyler Henry has provided irrefutable evidence of his legitimacy as a psychic medium. He has made accurate predictions which were validated by himself and the families he worked with. For instance, Tyler predicted a death in Wiz Khalifa’s family on his show “Hollywood Medium” – this prediction came true shortly after.

To ensure no foul play or manipulation of evidence, Tyler has a full-time documentary crew follow him during each segment. He also uses scientific tools such as biometric scanning to validate unfalsifiable info from spirits. Celebrities test Tyler on-air, asking questions only close friends and family would know.

This evidence proves the validity of Tyler Henry’s psychic medium abilities.

Criticism and Doubts

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Critics doubt Tyler Henry’s legitimacy as a psychic medium. They point out his many reality TV show appearances and how he gives readings with cold and hot readings. They say his predictions are too generic to apply to anyone. They also mention missteps like when he said wrong names and gave vague predictions.

Skeptics question if his ability comes from paranormal forces or just instinct and intuition. Despite this, many still believe in him due to the accuracy of his predictions and their personal experiences.

Skeptics and Their Arguments

Skeptics of Tyler Henry’s abilities say he relies too much on cold reading techniques. Cold reading is when the reader guesses about a person or situation using body language and other clues. They adjust the guess until it seems like it comes from supernatural knowledge.

Critics also suggest he manipulates people by appealing to their emotions. Tyler Henry has been accused of being coached and exploiting people’s vulnerabilities.

Still, many people believe Tyler Henry has genuine gifts as a psychic medium. This is seen in his shows and in customer testimonies.

Evidence of Fraud

Evidence of fraud has been discovered in Tyler Henry’s career as a psychic medium. Many doubt his abilities due to his inaccurate readings. Several high-profile court cases have resulted in lawsuits against him.

Prompting, leading questions, and other tactics to shape readings are seen as fraudulent behavior. Critics argue that Tyler Henry takes advantage of people’s emotional vulnerabilities. He is accused of suggesting false hope and exploiting weaknesses for financial gain.

Studies suggest that scientific evidence for psychic ability is inconclusive. This leads many to believe that Tyler Henry is not a legitimate psychic medium.


Tyler Henry seems to be a real psychic medium. He has predicted past events accurately, and his readings seem true judging by the testimonies of many happy customers. Even though there’s no scientific proof that psychic powers exist, famous people and entertainers have confirmed Tyler’s ability to get into someone’s emotional state and give insight and comfort.

It’s up to you if you believe Tyler and his readings or not, but due to his accurate predictions and satisfied customers, it looks like he’s a genuine psychic medium.

FAQs about: Is Tyler Henry Legit

Q1: Is Tyler Henry a real psychic?

A1: Yes, Tyler Henry is a real psychic and the star of E!’s Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.

Q2: How did Tyler Henry become a psychic?

A2: Tyler Henry began having psychic visions at a young age and has since developed his abilities through intense study and practice.

Q3: Does Tyler Henry offer private readings?

A3: Yes, Tyler Henry offers private readings and can be contacted through his website at