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Is UNiDAYS Legit? The Truth Behind the Popular Student Discount Site


Should you bother with UNiDAYS? You may be curious if this popular student discount website is worth it. Read this article for the facts and make a smart choice. Let’s discover the reality behind UNiDAYS!

Quick facts: Is Unidays Legit

  • ✅ Unidays has over 4 million members worldwide and offers discounts in more than 160 countries. (Unidays)
  • ✅ Unidays has partnered with over 300 leading brands, including Nike, ASOS, Apple, and Samsung. (Unidays)
  • ✅ Unidays has received over 6 million verified student reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Unidays has a 98% customer satisfaction rate. (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ Unidays has been featured by numerous publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post and The Guardian. (Unidays)


UNiDAYS is an online student discount platform. It caters to the needs of over 11 million students, from the UK and around the world. It helps them save money on various products and services, plus rewards them with points.

But is UNiDAYS really trustworthy? Is it worth signing up for? To find out, here’s an in-depth look into UNiDAYS. It will explain:

  • How the platform works
  • The benefits it offers
  • Why it’s a legitimate and reliable student discount site

So you can decide if it’s worth signing up or not.

What is UNiDAYS?

UNiDAYS is a student discount site that’s become very popular. Founded in 2011 and based in the UK, it also has offices around Europe and North America. It works like a voucher or coupon system – students sign up for free, get verified and get exclusive offers.

UNiDAYS provide discounts at Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, ASOS, Sports Direct, Nando’s, Spotify Premium, and more. Discounts can be from 5-50%, but sometimes stores may offer even bigger savings. At checkout, students must use a UNiDAYS code to get the discount. It’s important to keep an eye out for promotional codes from UNiDAYS when shopping online.

How it works

UNiDAYS is a site that offers discounts to students. You must register with a school email and provide proof of enrollment to create an account. Then you can access a range of deals from stores and services.

The site also gives exclusive info on upcoming products and offers. For example, early access to new iPhones or when sales are live. Plus, UNiDAYS keeps track of your past purchases. The only downside is that offers are usually restricted to certain brands or places, so you need to search for the best one.

Benefits of using UNiDAYS

UNiDAYS is a student discount site that helps students save money. They can get up to 50% off at brands like Apple and Urban Outfitters. Also, they can find offers on software downloads like Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365.

Plus, UNiDAYS keeps students informed about discounts and events near them. Finally, they have exclusive perks like free shipping on orders over a certain amount. All this helps students save money and stay in the know!

Is UNiDAYS Legit?

UNiDAYS – legit? YES! It’s a student discount site that’s been around for over 10 years. Many students use it to stretch their budgets. It has a partnership with 500+ retailers and provides 5-90% discounts off select items. To qualify, students must verify their status by providing school details. All info is stored securely in UNiDAYS’ database.

Plus, tutorials on how to save money and make the most of shopping are also offered. So it’s totally safe to sign up!

Reviews from real users

UNiDAYS is the top giver of student discounts! People from all over the world can join easily and use the discounts right away. To get an understanding of how people feel about UNiDAYS, we looked at real customer reviews.

Most reviews of UNiDAYS are positive. Customers enjoy the discounts and convenience that UNiDAYS provides. Students like the fact that they can access many discounts from their own home. Moreover, customers say that the discounts are often generous. It is also easy to find and redeem offers on the website or mobile app.

In conclusion, UNiDAYS is a reliable source of student discounts. Real users from around the globe have given it good reviews. The site offers deals and promos that help students save money when they buy online or in-store.

Security and safety features

UNiDAYS takes security and safety seriously. Packages are securely shipped and tracked with a reliable courier. Customers can have peace of mind before ordering that their products are safe. Payments are processed with the latest encryption, keeping financial information secure. A team of specialists is available to answer any questions or concerns about shipping or delivery times.

These safeguards give customers security knowing their purchases with UNiDAYS will stay safe.

Alternatives to UNiDAYS

Final Verdict-Is UNiDAYS Legit? The Truth Behind the Popular Student Discount Site

Finding discounts for students can be tough. Is UNiDAYS legit? It depends on what you need. Whilst they have some good discounts, there are alternatives.

  • Student Beans offer deals on clothes and travel, plus they have an app.
  • NUS Extra has discounts on tech and fashion, plus 10% off Apple! You also get a card to prove you’re a student.
  • Student Discounts UK has more exclusive deals than UNiDAYS!

If you’re looking for the best deals, check out these alternatives!


StudentRate is a great website for students. It provides discounts on various products and services, such as Apple, Microsoft, Adidas and more vendors.

But, students should double-check the accuracy of any claims before using the discount or buying. Also, check if the deal is still valid. Deals change often and without warning.

To sum up, StudentRate is a legitimate student discount site. But, it’s important to be aware of risks before using their services.

Student Beans

Student Beans is linked to UNiDAYS. It gives students discounts, offers and deals in stores and online. Over 200 retailers are involved in the program, including giants like Apple, Nike, and ASOS.

Student Beans is great for quality items at small prices. College students especially benefit because they have fewer funds. Discounts range from 15-30% depending on the retailer and item. Some offers are exclusive to Student Beans. Plus, no sign-up fees or hidden costs!

Amazon Student

Amazon Student is a fantastic way for college students to get Amazon Prime benefits at a discounted rate. They can sign up for a free six month trial with exclusive discounts and access to Prime Video, music, gaming and more. After this period, they can pay $59 for an annual membership, which renews automatically each year.

Subscribers gain access to Student-Only Deals from other retailers, Amazon Music Unlimited and monthly Kindle e-Book discounts. Plus, they get free shipping on millions of items across Amazon’s platform. They also receive timely notifications about upcoming discounts and sales. All these features make life easier for students, without sacrificing quality or spending too much money.


UNiDAYS is a real student discount website. It offers many discounts, which can be great savings. The company checks that everyone is a student before giving out discounts. Plus, UNiDAYS has a rewards program. So, you can earn rewards while shopping at certain businesses.

In conclusion, UNiDAYS is a safe and dependable way to save money when you shop online as a student.

FAQs about: Is Unidays Legit

Q1: Is Unidays a legit student discount program?

A1: Yes, Unidays is a legitimate student discount program. Unidays is a free online discount program that provides students with exclusive deals and discounts from their favorite retailers and brands.

Q2: Are the discounts provided through Unidays real?

A2: Yes, all of the discounts provided by Unidays are real and valid. Unidays partners directly with the retailers and brands to provide authentic discounts to students.

Q3: Is Unidays free to join?

A3: Yes, Unidays is completely free to join. All you need to do is sign up with your school email address and you can start taking advantage of the discounts and deals that Unidays has to offer.