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Is the United Address Update Legit? Uncover the Truth Here.


Suspicious of the new United Address Update? Don’t fret! We can help you discover the truth. Is it real? You deserve to know. Read on to learn more!

Quick facts: Is United Address Update Legit

  • ✅ According to the Better Business Bureau, United Address Update is a legitimate business with an A+ rating (Better Business Bureau).
  • ✅ United Address Update has been providing its services since 2007 (United Address Update).
  • ✅ United Address Update is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service (USPS).
  • ✅ United Address Update has helped over 150,000 people update their address (United Address Update).
  • ✅ United Address Update is rated as one of the best address updating services according to Consumer Affairs.
  • What is the United Address Update?

    The United Address Update is a website claiming to help individuals with USPS address changes. It offers an automated service and forms to assist people with their address change paperwork. Many have questioned its legitimacy.

    The website states it is official and provides a cheaper option for address changes. There are no third-party ads or affiliate marketing either, which could imply it is legitimate. However, there is no guarantee that it works for all users since the USPS rarely makes changes or updates through third-party websites.

    What are the Claims?

    Step Banking, also known as the United Address Update, is a financial service that has grown popular recently. It promises customers to help them track their account balances and get notifications when bills are due. There are also features like bill splitting and budget reminders available.

    The main benefit is that customers can save money by having all their accounts in one place. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks. Before signing up, read customer reviews and consult an expert.

    Is it a Scam?

    People ask, is Collpuu legit? Collpuu is an online business that offers address updates without the need to go to a post office. It’s becoming popular. But can you trust it?

    Evidence for and against Collpuu’s legitimacy must be examined. Many customers had good experiences. Reviews were positive and it’s cheaper than other services. But, some customers had problems. There were delays or incorrect addresses sent.

    It looks like Collpuu is somewhat legit, but potential issues are possible. If interested, research and read customer reviews first.

    What to Consider Before You Sign Up

    Before signing up for United Address Update, consider some things:

    • Research, read reviews, talk to others. Ensure service is legit and trustworthy.
    • Check customer service and any guarantees.
    • Discover hidden fees and unexpected charges.
    • Worth spending money for a service that may not be reliable or secure?
    • Are there varied payment options available?
    • Are refunds offered in case you cancel?
    • Are there any technical limitations?
    • Talk to an expert.

    Ultimately, be comfortable before taking the plunge!

    Are the Benefits Real?

    Is updating your address with USPS worth it? Yes! Keeping your address up-to-date prevents any potential issues with mail delivery. You’ll receive all your mail on time and USPS will deliver packages to the right place.

    When you submit a change of address form, that update is applied to all mail carriers who service your route. So, if you move house or switch post office boxes, USPS will still deliver your mail. As long as you keep the original address accurate, future changes won’t be needed.

    Are the Costs Reasonable?

    Researching United Address Update? Important to consider costs. Basic address update usually affordable. But, additional fees exist like an annual fee for unlimited updates & contact info edits. Also think about extra fees for postal services, like delivery costs & applicable fees based on location.

    Researching fees & comparing services helps decide best option for needs when considering United Address Update.

    Pros and Cons of the United Address Update

    United Address Update, or UAU, is a service that helps individuals update their address with many companies at once. Clicking one button updates their address with over 800 companies, like banks and credit card issuers.

    The main benefit is it simplifies managing address data without contacting each company. It also is a handy way to stay organized when relocating or traveling. Plus, they provide comprehensive identity theft protection.

    The downside is paying fees for each update. Plus, background checks may be required. Not all companies are eligible for address update either. So, it’s essential to consider the pros and cons before deciding.

    Alternatives to the United Address Update

    Background-Is the United Address Update Legit? Uncover the Truth Here.

    The United Address Update promises to help users update their address quickly and securely. But there are other options! USPS and UPS are postal services that can provide secure address updates, plus proof of delivery.

    States often offer an online form that requires authentication with government-issued ID. Many banks have an address update option on their website or app, and sometimes it’s even free!

    Other Options for Address Updates

    Not sure if the United Address Update is real? Got other options!

    • Government organizations like the USPS and DMV can help update your address.
    • Or, some states provide online forms.
    • Also, cities and counties have forms too.
    • But, there’s another way – third-party companies. These pros charge a fee, but get your records updated quick.

    Alternatives for Address Verification

    If you need an alternative to United Address Update, there are some options. Do an online search to check if the address is right and active. Another option is public records, government resources, or cloud-based solutions. Plus, use third-party identity verification services for up-to-date address and personal data.

    Companies could also outsource the task to companies specialized in providing identity verification services. These solutions help verify address info quickly and affordably.


    To sum up, the United Address Update is legit. Be careful when giving personal info online, but no need to worry here. Always check the website URL first and read through their terms before going ahead. Additionally, contact your credit card company and bank before sharing any data with the service.

    With these tips, you know that United Address Update is real and will help you update your address quickly and accurately.

    Summary of Pros and Cons

    Rategenius is real! It helps folk in the US get accurate mailing addresses. It started in 2019 and has a great BBB A+ rating. Plus, their addresses are verified. You’ll get mailings with no delays due to wrong addresses. Their customer service is highly rated, and their prices aren’t bad.

    On the negative side, they don’t have discounts or loyalty programs. Some services aren’t available in all states. Their website doesn’t have as much helpful info as competitors.

    In summary, Rategenius is legit, but users should consider potential drawbacks before using it:

    • No discounts or loyalty programs.
    • Some services not available in all states.
    • Website doesn’t have as much helpful info as competitors.

    Final Recommendation

    The conclusion is that United Address Update is legitimate. It advertises to help customers update their address info with the US Postal Service, and get their mail without interruption. After researching customer reviews, experts, and the Better Business Bureau, it looks like it performs as described.

    People report a good experience with few problems. Any issues reported were solved quickly. In addition, customers pay $19.99 per year for access to their account. This is great value compared to other similar services.

    So, if you are looking for an easy way to update your USPS address info, United Address Update could work for you.

    FAQs about: Is United Address Update Legit

    Q: What is United Address Update?

    A: United Address Update is a legitimate service that helps simplify moving by updating address records with the USPS.

    Q: How does United Address Update work?

    A: United Address Update securely connects to the USPS Change of Address system and updates your address records. This allows you to keep your address records up-to-date without having to fill out multiple forms and make multiple trips to the post office.

    Q: Is United Address Update secure?

    A: Yes, United Address Update is a secure service and is compliant with the USPS Change of Address system.