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Is Upwork Legitimate? Uncovering the Truth Behind Popular Freelancing


Think freelancing’s a way to get cash? Doubt Upwork’s legit? Here’s the scoop! In this blog, the facts on Upwork are unraveled. So, you can decide if it’s right for you.

Quick facts: Is Upwork Legit

  • ✅ Upwork is legitimate and a safe platform, with a wide array of freelance opportunities. Source: Forbes
  • ✅ Upwork has a 3.7 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, based on over 4,000 reviews. Source: Trustpilot
  • ✅ Almost 1.3 Billion job proposals were made on Upwork in 2018. Source: Upwork
  • ✅ Upwork saw a 51% growth in job postings in the first quarter of 2019. Source: Upwork
  • ✅ Upwork has over 12 million registered freelancers. Source: Upwork
  • Introduction

    Is Upwork a legitimate resource for freelancers? It’s one of the world’s most popular freelance sites. It’s an online platform that helps companies hire freelancers from anywhere in the world. Clients and freelancers can easily connect, negotiate, and work together.

    But is it legit? It depends who you ask. Our review shows it is. Many people have had great success with it. They use it to find freelance jobs or hire talent. Others have faced problems with payments and communication.

    Overall, Upwork is an awesome resource if you need freelance work or someone to outsource projects.

    Overview of Upwork

    Upwork was established in 2015. It connects employers with freelancers from various fields, such as web dev, graphics, accounting, copywriting and SEO.

    The company offers one of the biggest talent pools of freelancers in the world. Business owners can hire these freelancers from over 180 countries and 4 million independent professionals.

    Upwork provides an easy and clear way to recruit help without any recruiting costs or hidden fees. You can search for freelancers based on their desired rate, portfolio and reviews.

    Plus, Upwork has support services like pay rolling, contract management, and automated invoicing payments. To ensure safety when it comes to paying freelancers, Upwork has a payment protection feature. This holds client payment securely until they are happy with the service.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros and cons of using Upwork must be thought about when deciding if it is the right choice for you. On the plus side, you can find work from all around the world. Connecting with clients through their platform is fast. And, you can get paid quickly for your services. You also have access to project boards with many jobs. Plus, ratings and reviews help build your freelancing profile. Also, skills tests can boost your rankings in the search results.

    On the negative side, there are fees such as 20% service fee, or membership fees. The competition for projects and applications is tough, so you need good skills. Some users say customer support can be slow, so if something goes wrong, you may have to wait for help.

    Pros of Upwork

    Upwork is a great platform that links employers and remote workers. Its flexibility is one of the major pros; you can do as much or as little work as you want and make your own schedule.

    Payment options are also convenient. You can use PayPal, direct bank transfers, or Upwork’s Payoneer system for workers outside the US. This makes payments easier and safer.

    Plus, you don’t need to pay a membership fee or any other hidden costs. Most jobs posted on the site are either pay-as-you-go or fixed rate. This makes it simpler for freelancers to budget their income.

    Cons of Upwork

    Upwork is a popular platform for freelancers, but it has some cons. It charges a 20% commission fee from freelancer and client. This takes away income that could be earned on other platforms like Gotogate.

    Upwork’s customer service is slow and unhelpful. Freelancers face problems getting their payments on time and making complaints. Quality control issues with gigs and clients are not addressed.

    Freelancers may not get paid for jobs that didn’t meet expectations or were cancelled due to lack of communication or quality assurance by Upwork:

    • Payments not received on time.
    • Complaints not addressed.
    • Gigs and clients with quality control issues.
    • Jobs not meeting expectations.
    • Jobs cancelled due to lack of communication or quality assurance.

    Is Upwork Legitimate?

    Is Upwork legit? It’s a common query amongst freelancers who are thinking about joining the well-known online job platform. The answer? Yes! Upwork is a secure platform with lots of contented freelancers who use it daily. People from all backgrounds and professions have found success on Upwork. This has enabled them to become financially independent.

    Upwork has various protections to guarantee the legitimacy of the platform. Clients can use safeguards like payment protection, dispute resolution services and feedback ratings to make sure they get quality work from reliable employees. Freelancers can also protect themselves against fraud by making sure payments are processed properly before starting work or by checking qualifications for a project before taking it on.

    In conclusion, if you do your research and understand the risks associated with working on any online job platform, then Upwork can be an excellent source of income for any business or freelancer looking for legit jobs.

    Legitimacy of Upwork’s Business Model

    Upwork is a reliable platform that links freelance professionals with businesses who need help with short-term roles, projects or long-term contracts. It’s an established business system that successfully unites employers and jobseekers. Upwork’s processes ensure the rights of both employers and freelancers are guarded. Businesses are cautiously checked before they can post jobs. Payments are verified to maintain security during transactions.

    Upwork is widely known as a dependable freelancing platform. It also has many beneficial features such as job alerts and portfolio reviews. These aid users in finding the right candidates quickly, saving time. With its strong standing and useful resources, it’s clear why Upwork is a popular choice for freelance work.

    Legitimacy of Upwork’s Payment System

    Upwork’s payment system is a critical aspect in finding out if the platform is genuine. It charges a fee for employers and freelancers to be linked, and this is split between the employer’s project cost and the freelancer’s earnings. They have no boundaries on how much each side can pay, it is up to them to agree a fair price.

    Upwork also has a Payment Protection Program for employers and freelancers. This guards against fraud or non-payment of services in case of any issues during the project. To add to the security, Upwork does background checks on its users. These steps guarantee that users are treated fairly with payments, which makes Upwork reliable and legitimate.

    Upwork Alternatives

    Company Overview-Is Upwork Legitimate? Uncovering the Truth Behind Popular Freelancing

    Upwork Alternatives offer other ways to freelancer. Evaluate each platform to find the perfect fit for your goals. Popular options include Guru, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Toptal and Freelancer. Each is different. For instance, Toptal focuses on professionals who pass a screening process. Fiverr is ideal for ‘gig-style’ jobs, like logo design or web development. Carefully review the features of each platform to decide if it’s better than Upwork.


    Fiverr is another popular freelancer/client platform. It works similarly to Upwork, but it’s much smaller – this means fewer choices and a tighter competition. Fiverr has an advantage: its low fees. Freelancers pay only 5%, compared to the 20% charged by Upwork. Furthermore, Fiverr has more flexibility when it comes to prices. Freelancers can set their own rates, making it easier to be competitive and earn more.

    However, Fiverr has less quality control than Upwork, who screens profiles and guards against scams. This is why many experienced professionals avoid Fiverr, favoring more reliable options like Upwork.


    Freelancer is an online platform for finding work. It’s a great place for freelancers to show off their skills and experience. Employers can search profiles and pick the right person for their project.

    Using Upwork is free. But it takes time to build up a dependable network of clients. Networking is key. You get to know people who may be interested in your services or even refer you to others.

    Remember to factor in upfront payment when setting your rates. Most projects require this before you begin.


    Guru is an online platform that connects freelancers and employers. It’s a web-based platform where employers post job requirements. Freelancers can then bid to offer services for those jobs. It helps join professionals who want freelance work, with employers looking for these services.

    Guru has many categories. These include project management, web design, virtual assistance, customer service, and graphic design. Employers can search for qualified workers in different fields via the site’s search function. This makes finding the right person for the job much easier.

    Besides that, employers can rate and review their experience with particular freelancers. This allows other potential employers to read these reviews before they hire someone. This ensures they get quality work from a freelancer they can trust.


    Generally, Upwork is reliable for freelancers. People often have great results on the website. There can be a few problems but they will be solved with proper communication and comprehension between the two sides.

    The main points to remember when using Upwork are:

    • Your capabilities
    • Good communication
    • Knowing the terms of service
    • Watching out for scams

    If you consider these things carefully, you can be successful with Upwork as a freelancer or an employer.

    FAQs about: Is Upwork Legit

    Q: Is Upwork a legitimate freelance website?

    A: Yes, Upwork is a legitimate freelance website that can be used to find freelance work and to hire freelancers. Upwork is one of the largest freelance networks in the world and is used by millions of people.

    Q: Is Upwork safe to use?

    A: Yes, Upwork is safe to use and is compliant with the highest international standards. Upwork has a verified payment system, secure messaging system, and a dispute resolution process to ensure that all users can use the platform safely.

    Q: How do I get paid on Upwork?

    A: You can get paid on Upwork by setting up a payment method of your choice. Upwork supports payments via PayPal, Skrill, direct deposit, and more. You can also set up a payment schedule with your client to determine the terms of payment.