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Is Viagogo Legitimate? Investigating the Legitimacy of the


Are you pondering buying tickets via Viagogo? Wonder if it’s safe? Look into this article to discover the truth. Step into the mysterious realm of ticket reselling and find out if Viagogo is genuine. Get the facts, and allay any worries you may have.

Quick facts: Is Viagogo Legit

  • ✅Viagogo was accused of misleading customers with hidden fees, according to the BBC. (Source: BBC)
  • ✅Viagogo was also subject to legal action by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in 2019. (Source: The Guardian)
  • ✅Viagogo has been criticised for not providing enough information about tickets to customers. (Source: BBC)
  • ✅Viagogo has faced criticism for its customer service standards, with reports of customers waiting up to 4 months for refunds. (Source: The Guardian)
  • ✅Viagogo was ordered to make changes to its practices in 2019 by the CMA and the regulator has since monitored the company. (Source: BBC)


Viagogo is a global ticket market. It lets fans buy and sell tickets for different events. It promises a safe and legal market site, but many customers say they were tricked. This article looks at Viagogo’s legitimacy. It also looks at customer service and security. Plus, it compares Viagogo to other ticket websites. This includes pricing, customer satisfaction, and more.

In the end, readers can decide if Viagogo is legit.

What is Viagogo?

Viagogo is a Swiss ticketing platform. It connects consumers to sellers of tickets for live events. It gives people a place to buy/sell tickets to things like concerts, theatre, festivals, etc. Payment and delivery depend on the type of event.

Critics have questioned if Viagogo is legit. Since 2006, it’s been a good resource for hard-to-find or last-minute tickets. Viagogo has tried to increase transparency by giving buyers info on their seller partners, and making refunds easier if an event is cancelled.

History of Viagogo

Viagogo is an ecommerce platform, founded in 2006 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. It sells tickets for sports, music, theatre, and the arts.

Since its launch, it has been controversial due to its business practices and lack of transparency. Governments and consumer protection groups have investigated Viagogo, criticizing it for not informing customers how ticket prices are set and not offering an exchange or refund policy.

In 2016, the UK Competition and Market Authority (CMA) investigated and found that Viagogo had breached consumer protection regulations. It had to make changes, like being more transparent about who is selling tickets and introducing customer guarantees, such as allowing cancellations up to 48 hours before an event, and giving refunds for cancelled or delayed events.

In 2020, Viagogo was bought by StubHub for $4 billion USD.

What Services Does Viagogo Offer?

Product Quality-Is Viagogo Legitimate? Investigating the Legitimacy of the

Viagogo is an online ticket reseller. They have tickets for events all over the world. Viagogo promises their tickets are real and valid. Plus, they have a safe checkout process. And, at many events, you can get electronic delivery of your tickets.

Payment options include credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. There’s a customer service line for questions about their services or the event. Plus, if the event gets cancelled or postponed, you can get a refund with their money-back guarantee. Lastly, they have an affiliate program where partners get commission for promoting Viagogo.

Is Viagogo Legitimate?

Viagogo is an online ticket marketplace. It lets customers buy and sell tickets for concerts, festivals, sports, theatre events and other live entertainment. Recently, Viagogo has become a popular choice. People find it fast and efficient.

However, there have been numerous complaints. These range from issues with ticket validity, to hidden fees and unfair policies. This has caused doubt over Viagogo’s legitimacy.

In order to investigate, we must look at consumer reviews, security measures and compliance with consumer protection laws. Examining these can help customers decide if it’s safe to use Viagogo or if they should try alternatives.

Pros and Cons of Viagogo

Viagogo is an online ticket marketplace. It allows people to buy and sell tickets for events all over the world. It is popular as it offers a secure and quick way to get tickets. It is legitimate, however, there are still pros and cons of using their services.

The advantages include:

  • A variety of tickets available
  • Discounts on select events and products
  • Good customer service
  • Secure online measures to protect personal information

The disadvantage:

  • Difficult to verify ticket authenticity
  • Chances of being scammed are higher
  • Hidden fees, making them more expensive than other sites.


Is Viagogo legit? It’s tricky to answer this.

  • On one hand, it gives people the chance to buy tickets from a secondary market without worrying about scams.
  • But, there have been bad reviews about the company and its sellers, such as higher ticket prices and bad customer service.
  • Still, it protects against ticketing fraud and scalping.

It’s up to each person to decide whether Viagogo is legit or not. Before buying, it’s important to research the company and take precautions to make sure you’re safe.

FAQs about: Is Viagogo Legit


Q: Is Viagogo a legitimate ticket company?

A: Yes, Viagogo is a legitimate ticket company and has been in business since 2006. Viagogo is a secondary ticket marketplace where fans can buy and sell tickets to events around the world.

Q: Does Viagogo guarantee the tickets are valid?

A: Yes, Viagogo guarantees that all tickets sold through the platform will be valid for entry. In the rare case that tickets are not valid, Viagogo offers a guarantee to customers that they will either be provided with comparable tickets or be refunded the full cost of the tickets.

Q: Does Viagogo have customer service?

A: Yes, Viagogo has an extensive customer service team available to help with any questions or issues related to tickets purchased through the platform. Customers can contact Viagogo via email, phone, or through the website’s live chat.